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After the Wedding

I had a hectic Saturday night with all my shows out and I was short an assistant DJ for my show. I had a wedding to do in Rockford and it was going to be a big group and an assistant was really important. Fortunately, my wife had the night free so we drove down to the hotel and set up. The show was a huge success and the bride and groom had a great group of guests. All through the night we interacted with the guests and the bridal party, even accepting requests to dance. By the end of the night we had had as much fun as the guests did!

As we were tearing down our equipment after the last dance, the bride and groom were saying their goodbyes to the last of the family. Once we were done, we went over to them to wish them good luck and say good night. Jeff and Lynn (the groom and bride) were there with three of the groomsmen. They asked if we would care to join them in a little relaxation so they could wind down before trying to sleep. We had so much fun throughout the night; we accepted and followed them to their suite. The groomsmen were Pete, Jack and Mike and we remembered them as all being pretty good guys.

Jeff and Lynn had a beautiful suite with a sofa, two chairs and a huge king sized bed. There was a small stocked bar and refrigerator, and a nice entertainment system. Jeff went to the bar and started taking orders and Lynn turned on the stereo and put on a CD. We were all talking about the fun we had at the reception and Lynn complained that she did not get to dance very much since everyone kept talking to her all night. Jeff told Mike to dance with her while he made the drinks and Pete asked my wife if she would like to dance. She said sure and left me on the sofa to relax. I had been on my feet for the last 7 hours and it felt good to kick back. One of the nice things about being an assistant, Kathi (my wife) had the opportunity to sit down several times during the evening so her legs and feet were not tired yet.

Jeff passed around the drinks and gave me Kathi’s vodka & sour and my diet Pepsi since I don’t drink. He sat down on the edge of the bed and had some of his drink while Mike danced with his new bride and chatted with Jack and myself about various things. Lynn must have put in a disc of slow jams because the next song was another good one and Lynn grabbed Jeff and pulled him out to dance with her. Kathi & Pete came back over and grabbed their drinks and sat down. Jack asked Kathi if she would dance with him too, so she quickly downed her drink and grabbed his hand and pulled him out of his chair.