Furnace Room Fun

We had just finished an emergency call (I’m an EMT), and it was about 3:30am when we returned to base. “We” was my partner, our “ride-along”, and myself. My partner decided to go to bed as he was tired, but the ride-along (we’ll call her Monica, a 18 year old nursing student) and I were still riding the adrenaline rush of the call and decided to stay up and watch TV. We get HBO (great place to work eh?), and the movie Poison Ivy 2 was on; it wasn’t all that good, but there was quite a bit of sex, so it was good.

Monica and I had been flirting each time she went on calls with us, and tonight was no exception. I looked over at her and noticed her left hand was discreetly stroking the front of her pants! It was such a turn on to know she was as turned on as I was! I got up and walked over, and she pretended that she wasn’t doing anything. I dropped down on my knees in front of her and stared into her eyes. “Keep watching the show,” I told her as I undid her pants. She was shocked but offered no resistance as I slid her pants and panties down enough to access her sex. I lent down and teased her with my nose and tongue, exploring her thighs and pubic hair.

I could smell her scent and it drove me wild! I had just started to part her lips with my tongue when we heard my partner in the next room walking towards us! I pulled away and sat on the floor, and she threw a blanket over her lap. He stuck his head in long enough to tell us to turn the TV down, and then went back to bed. When I turned back to her she had already slipped to the floor, pants around her ankles. We embraced passionately, kissing like each of us held the last breath of oxygen in the world. I knew we would probably be caught if we continued here, so I pulled her to her feet and quickly got her dressed, then told her to follow me.

We walked through the ambulance garage and went into the storage/furnace room. It is a stark room, with cinder block walls and a concrete floor, but at least it was private. When I turned back to Monica she was already half naked, standing there in just her bra and panties. She smiled nervously, “I feel like I’m in a medieval dungeon,” she said. “Are you going to torture me?” she winked. Taking her lead I smiled wickedly, “Crawl to me slave, and prepare to serve your Master.” She dropped to her knees, and slowly crawled on all fours towards me. I felt my heart race as I watched her tight young body move seductively across the cold floor towards me. When she stopped in front of me I reached down and pulled her firmly upwards, so that she was standing in front of me. I deftly undid her bra and let it fall as I slid her panties down to her knees. She moaned softly, pressing herself against me, her hands rubbing my body through my clothes.

I covered her neck and shoulders with kisses as my hands explored her sides and back. I slide one hand between us and started to fondle her breasts. She moaned louder, and slipped her hand into my pants, firmly grasping my hardness and pumping it slowly. I knew that it wouldn’t take much of that, so after a few minutes I spun her around so she was facing away from me. I pulled her arms up and draped them over my shoulders. She shuddered. My hands explored her belly and breasts as my lips caressed the nape of her neck, ear, and jaw line. I slid a hand down and cupped her sex, she gasped, and I felt her heat and wetness in my palm. I began to gently masturbate her while my free hand played with her erect nipples. My cock was so hard feeling her naked body wiggling against me.

After a few minutes of this she grabbed the hair on the back of my head with both hands and twisted to look at me. “I want to feel you inside me” It was a simple but profound statement. I guided her over to a spare cot nearby and pulled her down on top of me. She deftly stripped me and climbed onto me, lowering herself slowly onto my hardness, both of us gasping as she enveloped me. Slowly she rode me, with my hips rising to meet her with each downward stroke.

She smiled down at me and then lent over to the nearby shelf and grabbed a package of roller gauze. Ripping the package open she unwound the roll and with practiced hands she tied my wrists to the head-bar of the cot. I thought about resisting, but decide this could be more fun. When I was helpless she continued her ride, her fingers gently scrapping my chest and tweaking my nipples. It felt like forever, but both of us began to breath harder and become more vocal, our grunts and moans echoing of the cinder block walls. All of a sudden the alert siren went off in the garage, telling us that we had another call. We stared into each other’s eyes and bucked one last time hard and long, pushing us both over the edge in a pair mind-blowing orgasms. She collapsed on top of me, our hearts pounding.

After a very quick kiss she untied the gauze from the bar, and we scrambled to get ready, managing to get into the garage as my partner sleepily walked out of the crew quarters. He looked at me weird, and asked what was on my wrists. I looked down and I still had the gauze tied to my wrists! I muttered something about practicing “violent patient restraints”; he shrugged and climbed into the rig. I quickly pulled the gauze off as Monica laughed.