Mommy Daughter Frat Party

This is true story that was pasted to me by a women “friend” while we were lying in bed after making love. It was in response to a question I asked her about any interesting experiences she had had and could share with me. Her husband is not aware of this event or the times that we have shared together.

My daughter and I have always been best of friends; even through high school we were able to share with each other all our experiences and concerns. When she left for her freshman year at college 150 miles away I felt a hole in my life with her absents. About six weeks after she started school I decided to visit her for a long weekend. I ask my husband if he wanted to go with me, but he declined telling me it would ruin Kim’s and my opportunity to send quality time together. I was happy that he declined because this left Kim and myself free to talk and spend time together as mother-daughter, best friends. I left to visit Kim on Thursday afternoon knowing that she would have class on Friday for part of the time and I could look around the campus. Our plans were for me to stay in her room and be part of the college crowd again, even if just for the weekend. When I arrived I met Kim and was introduced to the other girls in her dorm. I felt like a young college student again, having to share a common bathroom and hearing the constant girl talk in the hallway.

I asked Kim and her friends if there were any big plans for the weekend and one of her friends said that some of the group was planning to go to a local frat party off campus. I asked Kim if she had planned to go and she “no” because she thought I wouldn’t be interested in a frat party, with a lot of drinking and loud music. After a short pause I told her that I wouldn’t mind going, if she wouldn’t be embarrassed having be there. So the plan was to go to a college frat party on Friday night, my first college party in many years.

When Friday night rolled around Kim picked out her outfit, confiding in me that she had been dating and having sex with one of the brothers from this house. She planned to dress in a sexy outfit to look good on his arm and show off for his frat brothers. I didn’t want to be an old fuddy-duddy and look out of place in my conservative clothes, so I had Kim pick a sexy outfit for me from her wardrobe. Kim and I are both the same size, even though I am 40 and Kim is 19. We are both 5’8″ with small 36B breasts, even thou mine sag a little move then hers. Kim picked out my outfit; a short plaid mini-skirt, white blouse, see through bra and panties, along with white thigh high stockings that just come up to the bottom of the skirt. When I dressed in her young style clothes I felt like a slut even though the outfit made me look and feel 10 years younger.

7 PM and we were off to the frat house. Kim wasn’t going to introduce me as her mother, but a new ‘older’ student, so she could move around more freely and I wouldn’t be ostracized. The frat house was an older house with large rooms on the first floor and smaller bedrooms on the second and third floor. When we entered the house her boyfriend and several other frat brothers met us. She moved off into her own circle of friends and I moved towards the open bar. I got a drink and introduced myself to four of the older, senior, frat brothers. I felt sluttish as if I was cheating on my husband even though I was doing nothing wrong. One of the brothers asked me if I wanted to dance, I took his hand and we moved into the other room joining the small group of couples dancing. We danced several dances and moved back to the bar for another drink, the whole time he was guiding me with he hands on my waist. I felt great, Joe, my husband hadn’t paid this much attention to me in years.

Several drinks later we were back on the dance floor slow dancing. John’s hands were firmly on my butt, pulling my crotch into his, pressing his obvious erection into my pelvic area. One of his frat brothers at the bar came over and cut-in. John stepped aside and Mark moved in to replace him. We dance slowly as Mark, ground his erect cock into my crotch, as one of his hands moved up between us onto my breast. The thrill of a young man wanting to use my body excited me and even thou I knew it was wrong I wanted his to continue exploring me. By 11 PM we were back at the bar getting another drink with his buddies and I was starting to feel relaxed. Mark approached with the question that I knew was coming after our last dancing. He asked me if I would go to his room with him for some privacy. Between the drinks and having my body caressed by a young handsome stud, I accepted his request, knowing it was going to get me into trouble.

Mark led me up to his room on the second floor and closed the room behind us as we entered. He grabbed me by the waist and spun me around, face to face. His lips met mine and his tongue probed into my month as our bodies pulled together and I responded with my tongue. I knew that this was all wrong, my husband was waiting at home for me and my daughter was somewhere in the frat house; but my desire was to experience his young body.

Slowly Mark unbuttoned my blouse and slid one of my nipples out from my bra; he moved his mouth down and sucked it like an infant. I wanted him and I wanted him now. I pushed him off my nipple, knelt down and opened his pants, revealing his youthful erect penis, as I moved down onto his cock with my mouth I licked it’s tip as I gently rolled his balls in my hand. I coated his cock with saliva giving it a luscious sheen. I was ready to take 9-inch cock into my cunt and let him deposit his sperm deep inside me. Mark helped me up as I we undressed, leaving only my white stockings on. His cock was pressing between my legs as we stood in our pre-sex embrace.

The quilt that I felt earlier was now replaced by my strong sexual need. The hell with my husband and daughter, I was going to take what I needed from this young body. We slid back holding our embrace as he lowered me onto the bed. Slowly he kissed his way down my body stop at each of my breasts and abdomen. Then he moved down to the ‘V’ between my legs taking his pleasure from my already swollen labia. He inserted several fingers inside me as he flicked my clitoris with his tongue; he was experienced beyond his years. At last he move over me and placed his manhood at the entrance to my vagina. I reached down and guided him into me as he slowly pressed his attack forward. This was the most sensual experience I have ever had. Once we were completely engaged he increased the pace of his attach and I experience orgasm after orgasm, locking my arms and legs around his young frame. Finally, he whisper in my ear, “I’m Cumming”, and with one final deep thrust he started empting his semen filled balls into my eager cunt. I held on as I climaxed to match him.

He lay there holding me in his arms for the next ten minutes before he ask his question, “Who are you? If you were a student I would have noticed you already. You are the sexiest woman I have ever seen or had.” With an impish smirk I responded back that I would tell him only after he fulfilled one of my wildest fantasy. He smiled and told me that he was mine and that he would do whatever I wanted.

When he had physically recovered from our lovemaking, he turned his face towards mine and asked me what fantasy I needed to fulfill. I whispered back in his ear that I had never had anal sex and that I wanted to lose my anal virginity to his. He quickly assured me that he was willing to meet my ever need and request.

Slowly he guide me to a position kneeling on pillow, on the floor, with upper torso laying on the bed; he moved behind me as he retrieved some K-Y jell from dresser and assured me that he would be gentle. He applied K-y jell to my never before sexually used anus and wiped the excess on his youthful erection. Then he slid directly behind me and pressed his cock head against my anal opening. He pulled me back to an upright kneeling position by grabbed my tits and raised me up to kiss me one last time before he continued. As I lay back down on my stomach, he whispered in my ear, asking me if I was sure I wanted to continue, as he pressed his cock into my eager body.

He slowly and gently entered me pushing himself inch by inch deeper, as my body adjusted to accept the large girth of his penis. This was a completely new experience for me and I was enjoying the stimulation that his anal penetration was giving. When he was completely in me he laid forward on my back and cupped my breasts. He started kissing the nape of my neck as he gentle rolled my nipples between his fingers. Slow he started moving his cock out of my ass still holding tightly again me. My first orgasm started contracting in my womb and I knew the fulfillment of my fantasy was going to me my greatest sexual experience yet.

As Mark felt my orgasms start he picked up his pace withdrawing and then ramming his cock into my ass while his balls slapped against my sloppy cunt opening. At last I could feel his cock starting to swell and his ball tighten as he pumped his sticky sperm into my ass. I nearly passed out as I reached my ultimate climax.

When he was done empting his cum into me, he laid forward on my back and once again whispered in my ear, “Who are you?” Slyly I turned my face to the side looking back at his, while his semi-hard cock was still buried deep in my ass and answered his nagging question; “My name is Martha, I am Kim’s mother.” I could read the look of shock on his face caused by my answer, as he quickly withdrew his cock from my ass, allowing his fresh hot semen to roll down my legs. He pulled back from me just long enough for me to turn and face him. As I looked into his eyes I told him I wanted to spend the night with him, so he could fuck me as many times as possible.

The next morning, I felt like a new woman, after three more lovemaking sessions. We went down stairs only to find my daughter in the kitchen having coffee. She smiled at Mark and me as we sat having our first coffee of the day and I knew that this was going to bring our mother-daughters relationship to a whole new level.