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Alexis Makes An Office Visit

Monday was a bright, sunny spring day. Pink and red and lavender flowers bloomed in the back of my office, as bloomed the love in my heart. My secretary was leaving early and this afternoon Alexis was coming to visit me at my office. I am in love with her. The sexual tension between us had been building all day. It started with a “Good Morning” e-mail from “Nancy” saying how much she wanted to see me. Alexis calls her pussy, “Nancy”. Alexis assured me that she was leaving as quickly after work as was possible. In response, I e-mailed her back telling her to take off her panties before she left work and instructed her to drive to my office with her skirt up to her waist, making sure her pussy was fully exposed. I also told her that under no circumstances was she to play with herself while driving to meet me at my office.

As usual, I was nervous. I expected her at any minute. I am always nervous before I see her. There is no rational reason for this, but I get butterflies in my stomach until I see her walking down the pathway to my back door. As she does, my heart leaps. I know she can barely see me because of the reflection in the window, but she knows that I am there. I see her smile.

She was wearing a light cotton skirt and, of course, sandals. She was also wearing a sleeveless turtleneck top that accentuated her thin waist and magnificent breasts. They are proud, firm and full, a true D cup. Her long wavy blond hair was in a ponytail that swung behind her head as she walked toward me. She often wears a ponytail when she visits me so that her hair doesn’t get in the way when she takes my cock into her mouth. She also wore her glasses; I think they make her look young and innocent. She was cute, adorable and very sexy.

I should point out that Alexis is only 24 years old and single; I am in my mid–fifties and married forever to a woman who is only interested in sex when she is drunk. Divorce was never an issue because my wife and I share very complex social, financial and family backgrounds. Actually, we get along very well most of the time.

Alexis is also a virgin. She has a serious young boyfriend her own age who she anticipates will propose to her one day. He is a skinny and very serious dork who thinks it is critical for both of them to be virgins when married. I rue that day as it will be the end of my affair with her.