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Living Out My Fantasy

For years, I’ve been more than a little curious about sharing a sexual experience with another woman. My husband has been encouraging me to live my fantasy but I hadn’t had the courage or opportunity. But that all changed last week. So let me come out of the closet a little and give you some of the background to my fantasy and how I’ve lived it.

In addition to his regular job, Jeff is a certified massage practitioner and use to give massage lessons to singles and couples years ago. Through that work, he has a few friends in the massage business. A few months ago, after he gave me one of his wonderful sensual massages, I told him of my fantasy to give a sensual massage to a woman and see where it would go. When he was giving lessons, he sometimes used me as the model on the table for the students, but after seeing some of those great female bodies, I wanted to get my hands on one. Based on that thought, he arranged for a female friend of his, Cindy, to give me a massage. He told me she was an old friend of his and that they went to the same massage classes years ago. She had agreed to give me a massage and add some sensuality to it not normally given in a straight massage. This would give me some ideas from a woman’s point of view of what to do if I ever had a chance to live my fantasy with another woman.

I met Cindy one evening at her house. Before we got started, we talked for awhile getting acquainted. She was a very attractive woman, about 40 and easy to talk to. She said that Jeff told her that I wanted to experience a sensual massage from a woman and was that ok. I said sure thinking it would be nothing more than a slow sensual oil massage not much different than a normal one. I was hoping she would at least not drape me with a sheet like most professionals and maybe get close to my upper legs and breasts for some fantasy feelings. She then asked if it would be ok if she also was nude for the massage.