Brides Night

Rebecca admired herself in the mirror. In a week she would become Mrs. Richard Peña in the wedding she had always dreamed of, but for now she could have a sneak preview of herself as a vision in white.

The dress was perfect. The patterned lace clung to her upper body and enveloped her arms, leaving her shoulders bare to the touch. The layers of material covering her legs made her laugh, but rustled pleasingly as she practiced walking down the aisle. And when she put on the tiara, she did indeed feel like a princess.

“No fucking way!” screamed Jenny as she stormed into the room.

Rebecca giggled at her maid of honor. “What’s the problem?”

Jenny slapped at her bridesmaid dress. “This is a nightmare! No fucking way am I going to wear this!”

By now Sara and Beth wandered in, matching Jenny’s outfit but not as angry – just resigned.

“Honestly, Jenny,” chimed in Sara. “This shade of blue could be making a comeback…”

“Bullshit!” she growled back. “This color was buried with lots of other toxic waste and laws were specifically passed against it.”

Beth pointed to the bunched-up material near her shoulder. “The flower-thing may have been going too far.”

Rebecca rolled her eyes. “Geeze, guys! It’s only for a day. Besides, everyone’s going to be looking at me, anyway!” she winked.

Jenny crossed her arms. “That’s it. We’re going on strike. We’re not being shown the proper respect with these dresses.”

Rebecca gasped. “Hey!”

“No. You brought this on yourself,” Jenny insisted. “I knew that bridesmaid gowns where supposed to be ugly, but you crossed the line, Becky.”

Rebecca narrowed her eyes. “You know, you can be replaced.” She turned to Sara. “You’re my new maid of honor, Lefty!”

Sara smiled broadly and clapped her hands for joy. Beth gave her a congratulatory hug and kiss on the cheek.

Jenny caved.

“O.K.,” grumbled the original maid of honor. “I won’t strike. But you’ve got a lot of making up to do for this.”

Rebecca hugged her friend. “I’d kiss your feet if it would make you feel better.”

Jenny smiled slyly and nudged Rebecca to the floor. “Actually Becky, it would.”

Rebecca hadn’t really intended to do such a thing, but feeling playful she figured it couldn’t hurt. Besides, the dresses were pretty scary. The wedding dress rustled some more and spread out around her as the bride-to-be got down on her knees.

Jenny’s feet were bare for padding around the house while trying on her new dress, as were their two friends. Rebecca figured that she’d need better access, so to make things comfortable for them both, she grabbed her friend’s hips and guided her back to the bed to sit down. She’d done this many times before with Richard to give him a blow job, and found herself getting short of breath in anticipation now as she had then. Locking eyes with Jenny, she got a feeling that her friend was picking up a similar sensual vibe.

Sara and Beth looked at each other and shrugged over this power play.

Rebecca slid her hands down Jenny’s thighs, noting how firm they were to the touch, and picked up her feet. She settled in the right one and leaned forward to plant a gentle kiss on it. The plan was for just one and then calling them even, but the feeling of Jenny’s skin against her lips was very pleasant, so she dwelled a little longer, kissing along the top and sides of the foot. Jenny jerked back a little and inhaled sharply at the tickling sensation.

Rebecca stopped and looked up with a sly smile. “Is it good for you?”

“It’s a start,” purred Jenny.

By now, the other two sat down on the bed, mesmerized.

Emboldened, Rebecca thought she would shock her friends and started sucking on Jenny’s toes. But rather than laugh and wrap up the teasing, Jenny sighed deliciously and wriggled her toes across Becky’s caressing tongue. Rebecca started to hunger for more and picked up the other foot, kissing and licking it without caring how it would look. Gazing up, she saw that Jenny’s eyes were half closed with pleasure and her nipples were fully erect, poking through the dress. At least the material was good, she thought.

With that joke, Rebecca snapped out of it and stopped.

“You two want us to leave?” joked Beth. Sara giggled.

“No, I think that should take care of it – shouldn’t it, Jenny?” Rebecca patted her friend’s calf.

Jenny gazed square into her eyes. “Kiss my ass.”

She said it as a command, but with no hostility, almost a beckoning.

The four friends sat still for a moment, waiting for the bride to respond – letting them know if it was a joke taken too far and playtime was over, or if doors were opening between them than would sweep them up into uncharted territory.

Without a word, Rebecca slid her hands up Jenny’s legs and flipped her over, pulling up her dress and revealing thong underwear exposing her firm bare ass.

Rebecca had gotten so used to Richard’s hairy butt that she forgot how round and smooth a woman’s bottom could be. She stroked Jenny’s skin, admiring it before leaning forward (with more rustling) and nestling her two lips against a cheek and quietly circling around with a series of kisses. Rebecca could feel her corseted breasts pressing up against the edge of the bed, her nipples stirring to attention.

Jenny writhed and reached out, grabbing Sara’s hand for contact.

Beth got up and slowly backed towards the door.

“You don’t have to go,” Jenny cooed from the bed.

“I’ll be right back,” whispered Beth. “I’ve got some things that might be useful.”

Sara stroked Jenny’s hair and absent-mindedly kissed her hand. She then got an idea and rose from the bed and to rummage in Rebecca’s dresser.

“Becky, stop for a moment. Try this,” Sara said as she tapped Rebecca on her shoulder.

The bride lifted her head dreamily and smiled. Sara brushed Rebecca’s hair from her face and leaned in with a tube of deep red lipstick. Rebecca laughed and spread her mouth open, noticing that Sara’s face was flushed with excitement as she tilted closer to get a good look while cradling Rebecca’s face to steady her shaky hand. Layer and layer of lipstick went on, Sara’s face getting closer and closer. Then she smiled and kissed Rebecca’s nose. “All done. Now you’ll leave your mark.”

Rebecca smiled and put kiss after kiss all over Jenny’s ass, smacking noisily – which made Jenny sigh all the more. Sara watched quietly, slowly stroking her own swelling breasts.

Beth came back in and gasped, maneuvering over for a better look at Rebecca’s handiwork. “Oh my God, Jenny! Your ass is just covered.”

Rebecca laughed and swept her hair away from her face, causing Sara to look at her and burst out laughing.

“What?” Rebecca pleaded. By now, Beth and Jenny had taken a good look at Rebecca and were cackling as well.

Rebecca ran over to the mirror and could see what was so funny. The lipstick as smeared around her mouth and made her look like a clown. A clown in a pretty wedding gown with mussed up hair and a tiara very much askew.

Jenny rose clumsily from the bed and sauntered over to her, wrapping her arms around the bride’s waist and leaning into her. “Hmmm, you’re beautiful.”

Rebecca smiled and hugged her friend’s arms. “Thank you.”

Sara walked over and took Rebecca by the cheek, bringing her face close. “But you’re not finished until you take care of all your bridesmaids.” And with that she kissed Rebecca full on the lips and slipped her tongue inside.

It had been years since Rebecca had kissed another woman. Even then, it was just another girl and they were giggling and practicing for when they’d have to kiss boys. This time, it wasn’t play-acting. A woman was kissing her – and she was kissing back.

Beth guided Rebecca’s mouth towards hers, and now the bride was getting lost in the new sensations of so many women: the lips, the perfume, the hair, the ugly dresses.

“We’ve got to get you all out of these,” she muttered around Beth’s tongue while she tugged at her dress.

“Tell you what,” cooed Jenny, nuzzling her neck and pressing up against her back. “Getting us out of these monstrosities is your job. But you have to keep wearing your gown. You’re too cute in it.”

With that, Rebecca pulled the dress off of Beth’s shoulders and over her breasts, letting it fall to the floor. Becky cautiously slid her hands down Beth’s chest to circle her fingers around the other woman’s nipples, luxuriating in their firmness and finding her own tightening in empathy.

Beth sighed and arched her back, giving Rebecca all the motivation she needed to swoop down and wrap her lips around each pink nipple. Sara came up from behind Beth and supported her, while Jenny leaned gently against the bride, her hands massaging around Becky’s hips and thighs – the dress rustling more and more.

Sara guided them to the bed and lay Beth down, kissing her deeply on the mouth as Rebecca started to explore down her belly towards her panties.

Rebecca had pulled down Richard’s shorts many times, often kissing around his throbbing cock until his grinding hips made the erect member pound against the sides of her face and he clawed at her upper arms in frustration over her teasing. But Beth’s flower printed (and quite damp) panties were a new world for her. “I could still stop,” she thought. “I could sneeze and burst out laughing and we’d all move on and never talk about this again. But she smells so good and her breathing is so excited and Sara looks so hot kissing her like that and Jenny – my God, the way she’s touching me back there…”

Jenny was riding up the many layers of white material, brushing them against Rebecca’s legs as she peeled away the covering to eventually reveal her garter stockinged legs and no panties – well, she had to dress the way she would for Richard – and then Jenny would be playing with her pussy before Becky could work up the nerve to explore Beth’s. And that was one competition she wasn’t going to lose.

Rebecca wrenched down Beth’s panties and buried her mouth into her vagina. Beth yelped in surprise, then laughed and ground her crotch into Rebecca’s face. Sara looked over and smiled, her hand wandering over to Beth’s heaving breasts before sliding her tongue back into her waiting mouth.

The musk overwhelmed Rebecca at first, followed by the moistness. She had to take a moment to wipe her chin, but slowly she reinserted her tongue and dabbed it around Beth’s clit. Beth moaned, the sigh of pleasure muffled by Sara’s mouth, who moaned back. Rebecca found herself moaning, too – in part as a way to retract her quickly fatiguing tongue. “I don’t know how Richard is able to keep this tonguing up for so long. I owe him a great deal for that. Maybe I’ll make him come all over my face and lick it all up. I bet that’s just what he’d like.” She smiled over that, her lips brushing against Beth’s lips, both so alive to the touch that both shivered at the sensation.

“Someone’s dressing like a naughty girl,” cooed Jenny.

“Damn! She’d completely lifted my dress and I wasn’t paying attention. Now they’ll all know I’m not wearing any underwear,” thought Rebecca. Then she realized that they were all probably past that given their various states of entanglement.

She tilted her head around and rested it against Beth’s writhing belly. “Well, a girl’s gotta give her man a little thrill on the wedding night.”

Jenny smiled and was having none of that. “I think this makes you a bad girl.” And she lightly slapped the bride on her bare ass. “A bad, bad girl.” And emphasized that with a few more spanks, each one a little harder.

Rebecca laughed and shook her ass a little, then got back to eating out Beth. Jenny stroked Becky’s lightly reddened cheeks a little then repositioned herself and gave a more serious spank. Rebecca gasped, but wanted more and licked Beth’s crotch hungrily.

Not being stopped, Jenny rubbed her ass a little more and spanked again. Then gave the cheek a little kiss and spanked it even harder and continued. Rebecca jolted at each blow, took the sting in and directed it towards Beth’s clit, sliding a finger into her hole to further massage her. Beth was close to coming and Sara was caught up in the moment. And then with a final slap from Jenny, Beth bucked up from the bed and stiffened, her legs twisting closed to protect her now extremely sensitive nub. Rebecca couldn’t help herself and kept massaging with her finger and licking whatever part of her body was in front of her, Beth’s whimpers again muffling through Sara’s mouth.

“Ah, Ahh, Ahhh!” gasped Beth before collapsing into a puddle on the bed. Sara stroked her breasts while Jenny stood quietly, one hand gently stroking the bride’s ass, the other rubbing her own crotch.

While the other two had found release through Beth’s orgasm, Rebecca found herself just getting started. There were two other sexy women to get off (at least once) and the night had just begun.

“You’re next, my pretty,” she purred as she crawled over Beth towards Sara.

Sara, surprisingly, backed off a little and giggled. “Play with Jenny for a bit. I’ve got something to prepare.” And she hopped off the bed.

Rebecca shrugged, gave Beth a big kiss (“So how do you like your taste? Not as much as I just did, I bet.”) and yanked Jenny on top of her.

“Whoa there, big fella!” laughed Jenny in surprise. “Easy on the rough stuff.”

“This from the bitch who thought she could spank my ass and get away with it!” growled Rebecca as she wrestled her friend beneath her. “Somebody’s gotta pay for my pains, and it might as well be you!”

Rebecca flopped her knees next to Jenny’s breasts and lowered her crotch over her maid of honor’s mouth.

Jenny started laughing. “Help! I’m being buried by taffeta!” she gasped, and then started to kiss and lick Rebecca’s snatch. The bride twisted with pleasure and started to lean forward to return the favor.

Again, Rebecca thought of Richard and how they would sixty-nine. Her hands sliding up and down his tool as she’d lick and nibble the head, all the time riding his mouth, directing his tongue to the best spot. Much as she loved Jenny knowing just where to apply the right kind of pressure, she really wished she had a nice firm cock in her hand and mouth.

“Honey, I’m home!” announced Sara, bounding in. Rebecca stopped and looked up. Beth half opened her eyes and rolled over. Jenny had to work her way through layers of white material to see what was happening.

Sara had found some of Richard’s clothes and was wearing them, a shirt and tie and loose jeans with her long black hair bunched up under a cap. She would have almost pulled it off if she wasn’t a little Asian chick with enhanced breasts instead of a six foot two Latin guy with a hairy chest.

She mocked shock at the sight of three women in various stages of ecstasy on the bed and dropped her bag. “What’s going on here, honey?”

Rebecca chuckled and dismounted Jenny. “Nothing, sweetheart! Just girl stuff.” Beth busted up and Sara almost broke character, but forged on. Jenny smiled lazily and cuddled against Beth.

“That’s nice, honey,” and “he” gave her a friendly pat on the ass – which still stung a little from Jenny’s spanking. (“Oh, she’ll pay for that.”)

Rebecca played along. “You must be tired after a long day of work, sweetie!”

Sara gave an exaggerated stretch and sat down on the bed. “Whew, you said it, pumpkin! But I’m so much better now that I’m back home with my little woman. Come here, you vixen!” And with that “he” pulled “his” bride onto his lap.

Rebecca laughed and gave “her man” a big hug. “You know bubba, I never noticed before but you have really beautiful eyes… my husband.”

“The better to see you with, honey bunch!”

Jenny and Beth were getting very amused by all this, as was Rebecca, who figured that she should give “Richard” a special treat so she slid off “his” lap onto the floor.

“And what a big chest you have, Richard,” she cooed.

“It was a growth spurt!” chortled Beth, causing Sara to break character for a moment and give her friend a playful slap for the teasing.

“Hey, I never said I didn’t buy a few improvements!” But Sara’s attention was brought back to Rebecca’s hands, which were sliding down her chest towards her pants.

“And what a big…” Becky had to stop for a moment because on reaching Sara’s zipper she discovered that there actually was a large bulge protruding under the baggy material. “Well, what a big tool you do seem to have.”

Sara smiled slyly. “The better to boink you with, wifey.”

Becky felt it out the shape through the cloth. It certainly did feel like a large erection. As she got closer to the base, to her relief she could start to make out various straps. With that she rejoined the fantasy and started to kiss the bulge as she reached for the zipper.

The other two women were curious about Becky’s pausing, so they came over to watch, gasping when the bride pulled “his” pants down and revealed a large latex penis strapped on to Sara’s groin. Rebecca smiled and hungrily slid her mouth over it.

Sara shrugged to Jenny. “A girl’s gotta have a hobby.”

“Well, I’m glad I’m not the only one,” chimed in Beth and pulled her bag onto the bed, turning it over to spill out an assortment of dildos and vibrators.

Rebecca was too caught up in her blow job to notice much. The feeling of the hard-on sliding in and out of her mouth was just what she needed in her ecstatic state. While her head bobbed up and down, her hands alternated between massaging the erection and caressing Sara’s thighs and belly. Sara got very much into it, thrusting “her” cock in and out and grunting.

Beth picked out a large double dildo and teased it around Jenny’s lips. Jenny needed no more coaxing and grabbed it, forcing it deep into her mouth. Beth did the same, and the three women noisily slurped away, muffled groans joining Sara’s sighs.

Sara finally got to her feet and pulled Rebecca up to make her bend over. Without a word “he” hiked up “his” bride’s dress and massaged her hole, guiding her strap-on into it. Rebecca shuddered at the size of it and let out a deep moan realizing that all of this attention to vaginas had not personally been directed at hers until this moment.

As Sara slowly started to pump Rebecca from behind, the bride watched Jenny and Beth sucking on the double dildo. “Mmmm, that looks so good,” she sighed.

Beth disengaged and smiled at Becky. “Want a taste?”

Rebecca nodded.

Beth pulled it out of Jenny’s mouth (with a wimper) and held it just out of Rebecca’s reach. By now Sara had her phallus deep into the bride and was slowly pulling it back out. Rebecca extended her lips and tongue out for just a lick, but Beth kept pulling it away at the last minute. Sara watched this and thrust her cock in and out a little faster.

“Please” panted the bride.

“All in good time,” teased Beth. With that, she pushed Jenny flat on her back and pulled her hips closer. Beth then slid one end of the double dong into Jenny’s snatch, who writhed with pleasure, and wiggled the other end in Rebecca’s direction, but still out of reach. Smiling Beth started to give Jenny a blow job, sliding her mouth up and down the dildo as she slid it in and out of Jenny. Jenny arched her back and moaned deeply.

“Oh, damn! That looks so hot…” muttered Rebecca as she started grinding against Sara’s thrusts. She’d never done more than one man before – let alone fucked a woman or so many at once, but the thought of a cock in her mouth and snatch was making her tremble with pleasure. She started to claw at the blanket near Jenny and soon grabbed her foot. Reaching behind her, she nudged Sara to follow her onto the bed as she crawled towards Beth and Jenny. On reaching them, she leaned her face near Beth’s and guided the dildo out of her mouth and into her own. At the same time, Sara reinserted hers and Rebecca almost came on the spot. Instead she buckled down and sucked harder and writhed with Sara’s thrusts.

Beth, in the meantime, lay down on the bed and slid under the bride, loosening her bodice enough to get at her breasts, showering them with kisses and suckling.

And the orgasm started. Deep at the base of her skull and firing through her throbbing clit, dancing around her moistened nipples and setting off charges on her lips. “Oh!” she muffled around the dildo in her mouth. “Ohhh!” she repeated, pounding back against Sara. “AHHH!” she screamed, her mouth popping off the dildo as she buried her face into Jenny’s thigh. And she bucked and shrieked, Sara thrusting her home and Beth and Jenny both caressing the bride as her body convulsed again and again with mounting explosions inside until she could barely see the stars that scattered behind her eyelids and had to melt into a sweaty puddle and soak in the afterglow.


Thankfully, the dress could be repaired and dry cleaned with no questions asked.

The bridesmaids ended up with much more tasteful dresses for the wedding itself.

Everyone commented on how radiant the bride looked, especially a few days before the wedding when she had a certain “glow.”

And Richard discovered on their honeymoon that his wife was insatiable and he’d have to work very hard to keep up with her.