Strip Twister

Dave and I were good friends in Virginia and we used to hang around all the time together. I moved down to Florida and married Judy. Several years later Dave moved to Florida and we had him stay with us until his place was ready. One evening we were watching a game show and they mentioned the game Twister. I mentioned to Dave that we still had our game in the closet from years ago. We decided to play the game. The three of us took turns spinning and played several games while we did some pretty heavy drinking. I’m not sure who mentioned it but we decided to play strip twister. Judy and Dave were playing and I was spinning. We decided that every time that a certain color came up an article of clothing had to be removed while the feet remained on the colors. Hands could be removed.

It wasn’t long before both were totally naked on the floor. I was really getting turned on watching their bodies wrapped around each other. I could tell that Dave was enjoying it also. Judy made one move that caused her to reach under his legs and her shoulder was pressed against his erection. She commented how hard he was and that was all it took. He started to cum all over her arm. She jumped up knocking them both over into a pile on the floor. The both started laughing about it as she wiped her arm on his belly and said “YUK”. He apologized and said being so close to her naked body he couldn’t help it. We sat around and drank a little bit more; nobody bothered to dress then we headed for bed. Judy and I had fantastic sex and we talked about how she felt being naked with David. She said that it really turned her on. I said that she should have done something about it and she said that she was afraid that I would have gotten angry. I told her that I would have enjoyed watching them and that if the chance came up to jump at it. We made love again and fantasized about her and David while we did.

The next few days were normal except that Judy made no attempt to hide her body from Dave. She showered and dressed with the doors open; often times coming into the living room while we were watching tv wrapped in a short towel. She wasn’t hiding very much. A few times she’d walk around totally naked. We were going away for the weekend. We had reservations at a hotel on the beach. We asked Dave to join us – the room had two queen beds in it.

At the beach we partied on the strip until after 2am and headed back to our hotel. We all showered and climbed into bed. Judy whispered in my ear that she wanted to fuck David tonight I told her to go for it. She crawled out of our bed and climbed into his. There was enough light through the window for me to watch the show. It didn’t take long for David to get into it. I watched him take one of Judy’s nipples into his mouth and start sucking while his hand went down between her legs. I watched as Judy spread her legs to let his fingers enter. She was moaning softly and I could tell when she first came. She stiffened and raised her hips off the bed as he pushed deeper inside of her. She had his dick in her hand and was pulling on it. He started to kiss down her stomach and was licking her mound and she was grinding her him into his face as he ate her. I could see his tongue licking her as she pumped into his face. And she came again. He crawled on top of her and she spread her legs to let him in. I couldn’t believe that I was watching another man fuck my wife! I was so turned on! He was pumping deep inside of her and I could hear his balls slapping against her. They rolled over and she was sitting on top of his dick and riding him like a horse. He was playing with her tits. She arched back and came for the third time in just a few minutes. He stiffened and I knew that he was filling her with his cum. Judy laid down next to him and the two of them slept together. I was so turned on that I came just watching them fuck.

The next morning I woke before them and called for room service for coffee and pastries. I let the food in while they laid naked and half exposed in the bed. The room service boy got a good eyeful.

When they woke Dave seemed a bit awkward until I told him that it was great. We decided that we would play this out the entire weekend. Judy would sleep with David as if they were a couple. I would get to watch. They showered together and we dressed for the beach. Judy wore her skimpiest thong suit and since we were at South Beach didn’t even plan on bringing the top. At the beach we all frolicked in the surf and soaked up the sun. Before the day was out Judy was convinced to remove her thong and go completely nude. After a bit so did Dave and I. Watching Judy naked with all the gawkers watching her and taking pictures of her turned me on all the more.

That evening we partied on the strip and found our way back at a wild night club. Judy was wearing a very short skirt and a tiny tank top. She came out of the ladies room and handed Dave her panties and she never wears a bra; so , she had little covering her. I watched her on the dance floor with Dave as he slid her skirt up to rub her bare ass for all to see. He had it up so high you could see her pubic hair in the front when she wasn’t grinding into him.

We left the club and headed back to the hotel. We didn’t even get out of the parking lot before they tossed Judy’s top into the front seat followed shortly by her skirt. She was riding his dick as we drove up the strip to the hotel. We parked and Judy and David finished. We were parked right by a side entrance and I used my key card to open the door for them. Judy got out of the car naked, leaving her clothes in the front seat. David was dressed. We walked to the elevator and rode up to our floor without anybody seeing us. We got into the room and Judy wrapped herself around Dave as she pulled him to the bed. She knelt down in front of him and unzipped his fly and removed his belt and slid down his pants and began to suck him. I know that David was in seventh heaven because I know how good Judy does that! While she sucked she removed his pants and shirt and the two of them were naked in front of me. He sat back on the bed and she climbed up on top of him and placed his dick under her and she looked right into my eyes as she slid his dick inside of her. She looked straight at me as she pumped up and down. She asked me if I liked this and I nodded yes. She said good, because she did, too and she was going to do a lot of it now that she knew that it turned me on so. She turned and looked at David and told him that she expected him to fuck her at least weekly. There was no argument from him. I couldn’t believe that she was talking like this! She looked at me and asked if there was anybody else I wanted her to fuck. She drank a lot and I wondered if it was the rum talking; I was later to find out that it wasn’t!

She was fucking my best friend in front of me with all the lights on and talking about fucking my other friends! This was turning out to be a great weekend. We still had Sunday and Monday to go!