Dear Diary

Well it finally happened, and not at all like I ever imagined or fantasized it would happen. What, you ask am I talking about diary?

Until yesterday, I had never cheated on my husband of 21 years. For that matter, he is the only man I have ever had sex with in my life, since I was 16 and a virgin when we first met. That all ended yesterday and I still can’t believe it. Oh sure I’ve had the usual fantasies where I meet a handsome stranger while my husband and kids are out of town. He takes me out on the town and romances me then takes me back to his luxury hotel suite and makes love to me all night long. Well he was a stranger and very handsome but that’s where the similarities end. In fact it gets pretty sick and perverted but you, dear diary, have heard it all before.

I should at least give you some background. I am a 41-year- old woman, married with two kids who live an upper middle class life in a town that I won’t mention. I don’t have the body of a 21 year old but I haven’t let myself go either. I am 5’3″ natural blonde and I weigh 135lbs. I don’t know about best but my most noticeable feature is my chest. I wear a 36 DD and fill out every inch of it. And yes, they are real. Anyway diary, this all started when my husband and I took my oldest son to college. He is a freshman this year at a state university. While none of us had ever met his roommate David, my son Andy had talked to him on the phone several times. He referred to him as nice but kind of quiet.

When we hit the dorm about 2:00 in the afternoon, it was mass pandemonium with students looking bewildered and parents looking frustrated. Since there was no parking for blocks around, it was decided that I would take the key and some cleaning supplies up to get started while my husband and son found a parking spot and started unloading my son’s things.

I walked in to my son’s room, and met David. He was about 5’10”, 150 lbs with dark hair and was possibly the most beautiful person I have ever seen. I introduced myself as Andy’s mom and stuck out my hand. He smiled shyly, shook my hand but his eyes never left my chest. This neither surprises nor offends me as I have seen this reaction for so many years I hardly even notice. I certainly wasn’t dressed to kill, wearing a simple mid thigh white skirt and red blouse that buttons down the front.

What did surprise me was the fact that he had yet to speak. Oh well, I thought, the strong silent type. I went to work unloading the cleaning supplies and scrubbing the sink area.

Once or twice I saw him staring at me but didn’t pay a whole lot of attention to it. When I was standing on my tiptoes straining to reach the storage area over the closet, David walked up behind me and placed both hands on my breast.

I was outraged and decided to put an end to this right away. I grabbed his hands in mine and pulled them away from my breast, turned around to let him have a piece of my mine and that’s when I received the shock of my life. He had pulled his gym shorts to the side and was showing me at least 8 solid inches of rock hard cock. I stopped for a minute to consider the best was of handling this and when I did, his hands went back to massaging my tits.

Now I have been hit on before and know how to shoot those guys down with ease but this kid was throwing me off my game a bit. He had yet to say a single word but had already gone further with me than any man since I married.

He wasn’t hitting on or propositioning me however his intentions, as well as his state of excitability were quiet obvious. I again grabbed his hands with mine only this time he turned the tables and took my right hand in his left hand and placed it on his visibly twitching cock.

I knew I had to do something because even though I didn’t feel threatened or scared, I knew this kid was going to try to fuck me. I started stroking his dick slowly and rubbing the head figuring he would cum pretty quick and I would be out of this situation. Instead, he started moving his left hand up the back of my thigh. The bad thing was, I was starting to get turned on.

All kind of thoughts were rushing through my head, not the least of which, was that my son and husband would be coming up to the room as soon as they found a parking spot. I tried to squirm to prevent his hand from reaching my pussy because on top of every thing else, I was getting wetter than I had ever been in my life. Try as I might, his middle finger found my pussy and went right to my clit. My knees buckled as I had a mini orgasm right there as he fingered me.

In the next instant I lost all control and my animal instincts took over. I pushed him back onto the bare mattress that my son would be sleeping on, pulled his gym shorts down to his ankles and straddled him with my knees beside his hips and his monster cock 2 inches in front of my pussy. I pulled my panties to one side, grabbed his cock and shoved it into my throbbing pussy and immediately started rocking up and down on his shaft. I had in the matter of minutes changed from respectable mom to cock hound.

I had a little orgasm immediately upon his dick sliding into me and another big one complete with moaning about 30 seconds later. Shortly after that second orgasm, he spoke his only words to me. “Show me your tits”. What the hell, in for a penny, in for a pound. Besides, I needed this kid to hurry up and cum before we had company knocking on the door. I unbuttoned my blouse, unclasped my bra and let my tits tumble out. I leaned forward and mashed my tits into his face while I continued to rock up and down back and forth on his cock.

Almost immediately I felt him tense and then he shot his entire load up into my pussy. I gathered my thoughts, clasped my bra and pulled my panties back over my pussy lips. I went into the bathroom that they would share with two other boys and cleaned my self up. While I was in there, with his sperm running down my leg I heard my husband and son arrive and knock on the door. While I was cleaning the trail that was running down my leg and washing out my panties, I could here the introductions going on between my husband, my son and his room mate who I had just finished fucking. The guilt and shame began to over take me and tears started to flow. When I exited the bathroom, they laughed at me for being so emotional about my baby going away to college.

Well diary, there it is. I don’t think this incident has turned me into a wanton slut; however, I have had an interesting fantasy life since this event.

While I was writing this down, my son called and told me he was going to bring Dave home for the Labor Day weekend. This may take some thinking.