First Black Man

Joni and I had been married several years when the subject of Black men first came up. She told me one night, while we were fucking, that she had fantasized about fucking a extremely well hung Black man. She said she had always wondered if what they said about Black men’s cocks was true. I told her what I had seen in the showers on-board ship while I was in the Navy. Some of those guys had cocks that would make a horse green with envy. This really turned her on. She got on top of my cock, shut her eyes and fucked my brains out. I could tell by her frenzied pace that she was thinking about what I had told her.

Quickly she started to come, I could feel her juices flowing down onto my balls as her first orgasm turned into her second. Then I started thinking about watching her get thoroughly fucked by a big Black cock. After about ten seconds of this I started cumming with her. Afterward we both calmed down and talked about the fantasy. She admitted that someday she would like to fuck a Black cock and sheepishly I told her I would like to watch. This was the first time we had ever discussed swinging. For several weeks after that we fantasized about it, but then it sorta faded away.

Several months later we were at a college football game. We got to the game early and were drinking from a flask Joni had in her purse. A couple of Black men came to claim their seats next to Joni. As one passed in front of Joni, his crotch was merely inches from her face. He had on very thin running shorts and she could easily see the outline of a huge cock. She stared at it with great interest. She looked up and saw that he had seen her and she quickly looked away. After a moment she looked at me and realized I also had seen her.

She quietly asked me if I was mad and I told her no. The incident was forgotten as the game started and we got involved in it. I started to watch Joni, she was trying to sneak looks at his crotch without him catching her, she was not doing a very good job. But I could tell buy the way she was pressing her legs together she was starting to get turned on. Apparently the Black man noticed too because the next time Joni looked at the field, I saw him reach in his shorts and pull his cock down his leg. It was a monster. Joni looked again and gasped. She just stared at it and grabbed my leg. She looked away, at me, at him and then back at his cock. His cock was starting to swell, as it did her hand on my leg got tighter and tighter. Just as things were starting to get interesting two girls, apparently their dates, came up. He stood up, his cock slide back in his shorts with the ridged outline still apparent to Joni and greeted the girls. He looked down at Joni and winked. She was frozen, she did not say or do anything for a moment then she leaned over to me and said that she wanted me to fuck her…now!

She explained that it would be right here if we did not leave now, from the gaze in her eyes I could tell she meant it. As we went through the turnstiles I let my had slide between her legs. The crotch of her shorts were so wet, it was almost as if she had pissed in them. As my hand brushed her clit I felt her shudder. As soon as we got to the car she had my long since hard cock in her mouth and started to work on it with a vengeance. It was all I could do to get the car started. As we left the parking lot we passed a highway patrolman directing traffic, he saw what was going on and yelled something. I shoved my hand between her legs and started to rub her cunt.

By the time we hit the first stop light she was cumming in my hand and just as the light turned green I filled her mouth and throat with what felt like a bucket of come. I also left about 5000 miles worth of tire on the road as my foot jammed on the accelerator. We got home and spent the rest of the afternoon and most of the night fucking and talking about Black men. I asked her if she really wanted to try Black cock but she would only say it was a fantasy. I must admit, the idea of watching her get fucked really was having a positive effect on my cock.

Without Joni knowing I began trying to find a willing third to fulfill our fantasy. I went and bought a local Black swingers guide and answered some of the ads. Mostly the response was disappointing, but one man answered my letter with additional pictures and his phone number. I called him and explained the fantasy to him, he seemed interested but wanted to meet for lunch or drinks. I met him for lunch and took with me pictures of Joni. He was a little upset that Joni was not with me but I explained that I wanted to surprise her on her Birthday the next week. After looking at Joni’s pictures he agreed and we discussed my plans for the surprise.

On the day of Joni’s birthday I got a baby sitter and took her out to dinner at a local dinner club. We danced and drank for a couple of hours after dinner. As we danced I starting telling her about a Black man that I had met that might be interested in fulfilling her fantasy. At the very mention of that she pushed her crotch into mine and kissed me. I told her a little about him and she was intrigued. As we sat down at the table she grabbed my cock and asked where her gift was. I told I was embarrassed because I had left it at the house. She looked a little disappointed.

I mentioned that I had reservations at a hotel and we need to get there soon or we would lose our room(another football game in town). We checked into the room and I broke open a bottle to set the mood. I walked over and kissed her gently on the neck. She pushed me away and told me to sit down. I did and she slowly started to undress in a very seductive way. She slowly unbuttoned her blouse revealing a Black bodice under her blouse. She ran her hands across her breasts and slowly pulled one tit from within the bodice. Her nipples were fully erect. She then unzipped her skirt and let it drop to the floor. She stood there in a bodice, Black nylons and Black high heeled pumps. She then lay on the bed and started rubbing her pussy.

I could see that she was already wet. She asked me to tell her about the Black man I had met. I pulled the chair closer to the bed and began to slowly describe the way he looked. After a minute she dipped three fingers into her pussy and slowly worked them in and out. I could see her juices all over her hand. She took her other hand and started rubbing her large clit. She looked me in the eyes and asked me if he had a big cock. I told I did not know but there was a large bulge in his pants. About this time she stopped, pulled her fingers out of her pussy and reached for her purse. She took a very LARGE Black dildo out of her purse and asked me if I thought it was as big as this was.

I stuttered that I didn’t know but certainly hoped so. She had never told me that she had a dildo. I asked her how long she had been using the dildo, she said she got it shortly after the football game. With that she slowly began sucking the head of it, it barely fit in her mouth. After it was glistening with her spit she took the head of it and rubbed it along her pussy lips stopping at her clit and rotating it in small circles. She then took the head of it and pushed it into her pussy. I thought it wasn’t going to fit. It was so big it buckled as she tried to get it in. Then finally the head disappeared into her pussy. She looked at me and asked me if I wanted to see her fuck a Black cock. I told her yes and started rubbing my crotch. She then lay back on the bed and slid the dildo all the way into her pussy. The balls on the base were tight up against her ass. She pushed her hips up against the base and moaned. She then pulled it all the way out and shoved it back in to the hilt. I couldn’t believe that she could take anything that big so easily.

It must have been easily 12″ and 7″ across, not around but across. She started moving it in and out faster and faster, telling me how she wanted to be fucked by a Black man with a cock that big. Her eyes were closed and she was oblivious to everything around her. I got out of the chair and walked to the door to the adjoining hotel room. As I opened it standing there was the man I had lunch with. Apparently he had been listening through the door. He was naked and had a massive cock in his hands, slowly jerking it off.

His dick was not as big as the dildo but it was huge. He looked past me at Joni on the bed shoving that rubber cock into her pussy. She was moaning loudly and bucking on the bed like nothing I had ever seen. He winked at me and walked to the side of the bed. She still did not realize that someone else was in the room. After watching her for a moment he asked her if she wanted a real Black cock. She froze and turned beet red, I thought I had really fucked up but she instantly recovered and grabbed his rigid cock with her hand. She pulled the dildo out and tossed it on the other bed, it was almost white with her cum. She looked at me and said that this is what she really wanted. She sat up on the bed and took his cock into her mouth.

She slowly massaged his balls while trying to take his whole dick into her throat. She got most of it in but not quite. He grabbed the back of her head and shoved his cock down her throat. She took her hand from his balls and started fingering herself with four fingers, in and out. I reached down, unzipped my pants and pulled my rock hard dick out. I sat down in the chair and watched them as I jerked off. He started moaning loudly and pumped cum into her mouth and she swallowed it greedily. I could not believe what I was seeing. He pushed her back on the bed and put his head between her legs, she started moaning instantly.

She started saying,”Fuck me, Fuck me with that big Black cock”. He pulled his head from between her legs and replaced it with his still hard cock. When he put it in, he tried to shove it all in at once. I could see that it hurt her but she grabbed his ass and pulled him in. She held onto his ass and fucked him hard. He pounded his cock into her and she kept talking about his big Black cock. I was getting very close to the point of cumming when she through her head back and started having orgasm after orgasm.

They rippled through her body like shock treatments. She must have had five or six in a two minute span. I came and it shot all over the floor and chair, I was exhausted. She told him she wanted to be on top. He pulled out and I could see her cum all over his cock and balls. The bed spread under her hips was also sopping wet with her juices. He lay back and she climbed on top of him. She took his cock in her hand and pushed the head of it up against her pussy, rubbing it back and fourth.

Just as she was about to slide down onto it she moved the head against her ass hole and started to push down. She gyrated her hips in small circles trying to get it into her ass. He realized what she was trying to do and started to slowly push his cock against her ass. As they both pushed the head of his cock disappeared into her ass, she forcefully let her breath out as his cock slowly stretched her ass. Ever so slowly she lowered herself, taking more and more of his Black meat into her virgin ass.

As she impaled herself on him she looked at me and asked me if I liked what I was seeing. I stuttered yes and grabbed my cock, it was rock hard again. She began to raise and lower herself onto and off of his cock, in and out. Her head was starting to toss around as she felt more comfortable with it. He grabbed he hips and started moving her up and down, his hands were so tight on her hips they were leaving red marks.

She began to moan very deeply, as they quickened their pace her moans became higher pitched to the point of becoming a shrill. His body tightened as he started to come, she arched her back and started having orgasms.

They both were moaning and grabbing each others body. She had several more orgasms then collapsed onto his chest. Her ass was facing me and I could see his cock still twitching deep in her ass from his orgasm.

After a moment she looked at me and told me it was my turn and asked him to leave. As he went back to his room he asked us to call him again, I said we would. Joni and I spent the rest of the night fucking and sharing the experience over again.


  1. I luv’d yur story! My wife has fantasize about doing it wit a black guy, but we hav yet to find d one who turns her on. So I wait patiently!


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