The Dirty Dance Floor

When I saw them dancing out on the floor together, I didn’t think anything of it. Girls can dance together all the time and people don’t give it a second thought. In fact, it made them look available and care free. The light show enveloped them, and the dark corners seemed to be their playground. I watched as the strobe made their movements surreal, downed a couple of beers and went out onto the floor.

Dancing nearby, I began to see the stares coming from all around the room. Other men and women were watching them with fascination. Their bodies swam in fluid sensuality and my heart started to pound when they moved over to me. Their movements enveloped my own. The taller girl leaned over to me and introduced herself as Jen in a husky voice. Jen was a brunette dressed in a short dark skirt and gray baby-t. Her breasts bounced freely as if no bra restrained them. She gestured to her friend and told me her name was Laura. Laura glanced around and looked relieved that my presence had gotten rid of some discomforting stares and gave me a welcoming smile. Laura appeared less at ease with her body than Jen, but still looked hot in her fitted black jeans and a black top that was only held closed by a single button between her breasts. The cleavage she showed led me to believe she wore a push-up and my eyes were drawn to her breasts repeatedly. . I told them my name was Jon then began to dance near them, my nervous energy being released as I let myself move in time with the driving beat of the music. I could feel the bass thumping the floor beneath me, and I could feel myself growing aroused watching the two of them eye one another, then sweep their gaze down my long form.

Jen soon began to grind her hips in time to the music then turned and pressed her well-shaped ass against my crotch. As the music slowed down a little, her hips ground in a circular motion, rubbing my growing cock against the rough fabric of my jeans. Laura faced Jen now, and began to steer us into a darker corner. Laura gave me another bright smile then danced with Jen more intimately, sliding her thigh between Jen’s. I moved my hands to Jen’s hips and could feel Laura pressing her body tightly against them. If anyone was still looking in our direction I couldn’t tell. I took a risk and slid my hands up under Jen’s top. Her breasts were bare as I thought, and her nipples taut. I could feel the small points becoming more firm between my thumb and fore finger, then Laura pressed herself more firmly against us and I could feel her breasts, too. Jen showed no sign of stopping me, and I slid my lips against her neck, darting my tongue against her warm salty skin. God, I was getting hot.

My cock was solid now, the shaft hard along my button fly and the head poking out of the waist band of my jeans. I ground my hips more furiously against Jen now, glad that I was wearing a long t-shirt that would hide the mess I was surely making. I heard her groan as I bit down on her neck, her long hair soft against my face. My hands cupped her breasts more lovingly then slid the top up above them. Laura’s hands covered mine as I continued to toy with Jen’s nipples. When Laura shifted positions to suck on one, I took my opportunity to press my right thigh between Jen’s legs. I could feel how hot she was already, her cunt growing wet and soaking through her nylons.

God, she felt ready for me right then, her head thrown back, making soft grunts as I slid her skirt up her thighs. Laura backed us farther against the wall now, my back bumping against it as we sunk into the deeper blackness on the outskirts of the dance floor. I undid the top buttons of my jeans and let the head of my cock press out into the sticky air surrounding us. Bending Jen slightly forward, I pressed the head of my cock against her ass, and she groaned audibly, pushing against me in a frenzy.

Laura stopped sucking Jen’s tits and cupped her mound, causing another groan to escape Jen’s lips. Jen reached up and undid the single button on Laura’s top. The fabric slid away to expose a sheer flesh colored push up bra. Jen’s fingers quickly found the front clasp on that bra and freed her breasts, letting them spring forth, high and firm. Jen pulled Laura to her, pressing their breasts together and began to kiss one another feverishly.

I slid my hands down to cup Jen’s ass, then slid my hand all the way forward until I could feel Laura’s hot cunt through her jeans. My cock felt like it was going to explode. Pushing a finger sgainst Jen’s nylons, I felt the fabric give way and knew she wore nothing beneath. I lingeringly tore a hole in them from the crotch to Jen’s perfect ass, and pressed my cock inside that hole.

The juices of my own arousal made my shaft slick as I slid it up and down Jen’s crack. I tightened my ass as my cock was tightly held between her muscular butt cheeks. “I could cum just like this”, I whispered into her ear. “No, lover, I want you inside me”, Jen replied as she turned her face towards mine to kiss me deeply.

Who could refuse? I bent Jen forward a little more and bent my knees, allowing my cock to slide down and enter her, the remainder of my buttons coming undone from the pressure. I pumped up into her, thick and hard. Her wetness engulfed me and I could feel the pressure mounting. A hand reached between my thighs and I saw Laura was kneeling down now, cupping my balls as she licked Jen’s clit. I couldn’t wait much longer.

I slowed my strokes and Jen’s body arched back, her bare breasts gleaming in the white light of a strobe as she climaxed. Her cunt muscles squeezed my cock and I drilled into her for a moment longer. My load shot out and my ass clenched. I felt a pair of wet lips and tongue on my balls as I climaxed and felt myself cumming again. My heart stopped a moment and I felt lightheaded. I had never cum like that before.

Jen turned her head to kiss me and Laura slid up Jen’s body to kiss first Jen then me. I could taste the sweet juices on her lips and tongue, then she gave me her winning smile again and said “Me next?”

I knew it would be a tiring night, but one I (and most of the more inquisitive bar patrons) would remember for a long time to come.


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