Meeting An Old Friend

I always did like a good fucking – just the way I am, I guess. Nothing like good dick in my pussy to make me happy. I was thinking that that day while I walked.

I was in the supermarket of the town I grew up in when I heard a voice behind me. It said “Jenny! Jenny Shores is that you?” I looked behind me and it was Mr. Jones the neighbor that lived across the road from us when I was growing up!

I hadn’t seen him in years but he still looked good, he was beginning to go grey around the temples but mixed with his afro carribbean features it suited him. His family was nice. I had many happy memories of hanging out in their house and playing with there kids. He was the first black man I had ever met and I remember having sexual thoughts about him in my early teens but I don’t think he ever regarded me as anything more than a kid. It was different now though. His eyes were all over me staring at me hungrily, and he said “Look at you! you’re all grown up, it seems like only yesterday you where running around in your underwear and sucking on a licorice stick!” I said “well I still like to suck on licorice sticks especially the big fat ones and if you want to see me running around in my underwear I’m sure it can be arranged…”

He was quite taken aback by my forwardness and emitted a nervous laugh. He asked me what I was doing in town and I told him I was house sitting my parents place while they where on holiday.He filled me in on what had been going on with him over the last few years and was just about to go when he said “Oh I have some tools belonging to your old man that I borrowed a while ago and I really should return them while I remember.” I said “Fine bring them round later this afternoon”,and he agreed. Later that afternoon I was working on my college assignment and I heard the doorbell ring. I looked out the window and it was Mr. Jones. I told him to come in the door was open and I would be with him in a minute. I went upstairs and slipped into my laciest most flimsy transparent bra and panties and came downstairs . I thought his eyes were going to pop right out of his head when he saw what I was wearing. I said “Well here I am in my underwear do you have any liquorice sticks to suck on?” He said, “My you surely have grown!” I said: “In all the right places, I hope..” and he said : “Oh Yeh!” He sat down in an armchair and I went and stood in front of him he was looking me up and down like I was the golden prize. I said “Mr. Jones do you remember when I was a little girl and I used to sit on your lap and you would tell me a story?” He gulped and said “Yes.” I said: “Well, can I sit on your lap now?” He agreed and I sat on his lap. I started to kiss him and my hand moved up and started to rub his crotch, I said “How would you like me to suck this liquorice stick?” He was a big boy and I could feel him getting bigger. He suddenly broke away from my kiss just as I started to unbuckle his belt and he said “Do you still have the school uniform I used to see you going to school in ? And if you do can you put it on ?” Knowing that my mother never threw anything away I knew it probably would be hanging in my wardrobe so I went upstairs and put it on. It felt strange. My training bra didn’t fit anymore because my breasts had gotten too large for it so I went braless.I noticed as I was tying my tie that you could just make out my nipples through the white blouse. I slipped on the white cotton panties, my white ankle socks and my white tennies. I looked in the mirror- it was a real throwback! I looked just like a schoolgirl..well it wasn’t surprising,really.I was only eighteen after all. I tied my hair in pigtails and went downstairs. Mr. Jones said “Ahhhh! this is more how I remember you, come here!”I walked up to him and he pushed me gently down onto my knees. I started to lightly kiss his crotch area while unbuckling his belt and unzipping his trousers. I pulled down his slacks he was wearing boxers and I could see the head of his penis sticking out one of the leg holes.

I started to playfully lick it and kiss it, and precum was oozing out and onto his leg.I licked it off. I could see he was really enjoying it, and then he said:”You’re driving me crazy! Suck the damn thing if you’re going to , but stop teasing my cockhead!”I pulled down his boxers and my nostrils w ere instantly filled with the musky smell of cock.I could feel a twinge in my pussy, I got a look at his full erection for the first time. He was a big boy, not the biggest I’ve had but beautifully shaped.I couldn’t wait to suck it! I started to lick his balls and he grabbed my head and forced it onto his cock. I started to suck on it slowly, he moaned lightly then he picked up the phone and started to ring his wife. She answered the phone and he said to her:”Hi honey something has come up I may be a while.” While he was talking to her I was slowly picking up the pace as I was sucking his magnificent cock. I was beginning to make sucking sounds as his raven black member disappeared in and out between my extended lips. I wondered if his wife could hear the sucking noises on the other end of the phone or what she would say if she knew what I was doing to her old man. He said “Honey can you hang on a second?”He put his hand over the mouthpiece and said to me “Jen, can you please make a little less noise -I’m trying to talk to my wife here.” I stopped sucking but kept his cockhead in my mouth and started to wank him off. He hung up the phone and put his hand on the back of my head. I felt him start to tense and he ejaculated he shuddered and his grip on my head tightened as he tried to push as much cock as he could into my mouth.I tasted his warm salty sperm and it felt heavenly. He came an absolute bucketload too so I assumed he mustn’t have had sex for a while. I stood up and wiped my mouth, he held out his hand and said ” Now its time to really get started.”I put my hand in his and he led me up to my room. My bedroom was full of stuff from my childhood,teddy bears,stuffed toys,dolls girlie pink wallpaper,Barbie duvet cover,that sort of thing.As I mentioned before my Mum never threw anything away and after I left home she had turned it into a sort of shrine to my childhood. Mr. Jones told me to put my hands on the railing at the end of my bed. I did and he grabbed my old skipping rope from my side table,pulled my hands behind my back and bound them together.

I said “Mr. Jones I think it’s a bit tight.” He said “I’ll have no back chat from you , young lady!”He then started throwing all the stuffed toys and dolls off the bed and threw me on it. I was lying on my stomach and he pushed up my skirt and ripped off my panties. He put them in his pocket and said “I’ve wanted to screw you for years you little slut! and now I’m going to make you do all the things my wife won’t do for me!”I said “I’ll do what you want but I don’t think there is any need to tie me up!”He said “You might feel differently when you know what I have in mind!”I began to feel slightly anxious but excited at the same time.He started ramming his fingers inside my pussy.I moistened on the spot.He was trying to fist me but he could only get in two fingers, he then got up and started to rummage around my room. He found a candle on my bedside table he pulled it out of it’s holder and brandished it.I thought what is he gong to do with that? He then proceeded to try and stick it up my ass.There was no lubrication and it really hurt but he didn’t seem to care.He pulled my ass cheeks apart spat into my ass and then worked his saliva in with his finger. Eventually he got the candle up there. It was quite a thick candle and it had a twirled texture on it and he started to turn it round. It hurt like hell but it felt kind of good. He said “Do you like that?” I said “I’d much rather have your cock up my ass, Mr. Jones.” He called me a filthy whore, he then rummaged again and found my curling tongs,. He brought them over and inserted them into my vagina.That really hurt because they where heavily ribbed. He started to twist them round.I orgasmed within seconds. He then took the plug from the curling tongs and plugged them into the mains.I started to get really worried.

After he plugged them in he motioned like he was going to switch on the plug. He said “Do you want me to switch it on?” I started to beg with him not to. He came and stood in front of me,his big black cock inches from my face fully erect arched like an executioners axe pre cum glistening on the head and he said to me “You and your family think that you’re really something special don’t you ? But you’re not! You’re nothing but white trash and you!!! Their precious daughter, are nothing but a little slut, look at you now whimpering with a candle up your ass, those tongs in your pussy and my seed all over your face. I’ll tell you one thing though, little slut as you may be you’re my little slut now. I will fuck you any way any time I want to, you got that?”I looked up at him and said “Okay Mr. Jones, you’re the boss.” He started to laugh evilly. I looked up at him with my baby blues and said “I’m your little slut, and now please fuck your little slut. I’m aching for your cock, Mr. Jones!” He pushed his cock into my mouth and I started to moan and suck on it slowly while looking up into his face. He said “You sure like the taste of cock, I’ve never seen anyone enjoy sucking dick like you do, and I enjoy fucking tender white pussy!”He pushed me down onto the bed and pulled out the curling tongs then turned me over onto my back. He threw my legs up into the air.He started to guide his cock into my pussy.

I said “Maybe you should put on some protection Mr.Jones I’m not using birth control.” He said “Shuttup!!! if I want to come inside you I will, and you will like it and thank me for it too, you got that!!!” He pushed his cock in slowly. I thought I was going to explode with lust. He started to pump me expertly in the way only an experienced man can and picked up pace until he was going at lightening speed.I looked up at him.He was sweating and he had my legs on his shoulders, then I looked down at his black hard velvet textured cock disappearing in and out of my Light pink by now aching pussy. I was climaxing over and over again I’d never been fucked like this before -this man was an expert! He started to unbutton my blouse and massaging my nipples that were standing out like rivets. He then grabbed me and turned me on my stomach. He managed to do this without taking his cock out of my pussy. He pulled his cock out of my vagina and started to nudge it up my ass. He was groaning heavily and grabbed hold of my tie moved it up around my face pushed it into my mouth between my jaws and pulled it tight.It acted like a gag.He was pulling the tie and basically riding me like horse. He started slapping my ass and going “Gee up!!! You are my little pony now!” He was grinding his cock in and out of my ass and pulling the tie at the same time really really fast!I was climaxing and emitting stifled groans through my gag. He said ” What’s that, bitch? You want me to fuck you even harder? Okay – you asked for it!I’m going to have to really hurt you now! And he just started to slam his dick into my ass brutally hard while simultaneously pulling the tie and the rope that bound my hands, I was trying to scream and tears were rolling down my cheeks. He said “Who would have thought it? Me fucking old man Shores’s precious daughter up the ass and her loving every minute of it and demanding more!” He then pulled his dick out of my ass and ejaculated all over my back.He then turned me over and shot the rest of his load over my breasts. He lay back on the bed and sighed deeply. I just lay there and felt completely sore. After a minute I manage to work the rope loose.I undid it from around my hands and I removed the tie from my mouth. I started to lick the residual sperm from his cock and balls. He said” You are one hell of a fuck you little slut.” I said “Thank you Mr. Jones – anytime.”