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Meeting An Old Friend

I always did like a good fucking – just the way I am, I guess. Nothing like good dick in my pussy to make me happy. I was thinking that that day while I walked.

I was in the supermarket of the town I grew up in when I heard a voice behind me. It said “Jenny! Jenny Shores is that you?” I looked behind me and it was Mr. Jones the neighbor that lived across the road from us when I was growing up!

I hadn’t seen him in years but he still looked good, he was beginning to go grey around the temples but mixed with his afro carribbean features it suited him. His family was nice. I had many happy memories of hanging out in their house and playing with there kids. He was the first black man I had ever met and I remember having sexual thoughts about him in my early teens but I don’t think he ever regarded me as anything more than a kid. It was different now though. His eyes were all over me staring at me hungrily, and he said “Look at you! you’re all grown up, it seems like only yesterday you where running around in your underwear and sucking on a licorice stick!” I said “well I still like to suck on licorice sticks especially the big fat ones and if you want to see me running around in my underwear I’m sure it can be arranged…”