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Moria liked sex and she knew she was good in bed. So why did her boyfriend cheat on her with the slut assistant from work? How could the bastard do that to her!?

It was a drizzly night. But for Moria it was exciting. She had never done anything like this before, but it was time break out, quit playing it safe and go out and have some fun. Fuck her boyfriend, the sleazy bastard.

Moria had been with Bob since their senior year in high school. She had never even given a thought about straying away from Bob. But last night was the clincher, he had confessed all about his affair. The little shit even had the balls to ask for her forgiveness, like then everything would be alright.

Well, she made up her mind that she was going forgive him, then she needed to at least punish him and this was the way she’d decided to do it. The night was full of possibilities, the air was electric and tonight, she would cheat on her boyfriend.

She decided to start the evening out by going to a place she’d hear of from a friend at work, a kind of swinger’s bar. She had never even thought about going to a place like that before. She had driven by it many times, but tonight she was going to go in.