Taking Care Of The Pool Man

A lot of people don’t realize, but frosted glass is see-through. Only when it is daylight outside does it work as it is supposed to. If its night, and you turn a light on, anyone outside can see straight inside. My wife and I found this out a few years ago, when a female neighbor came and told us we should close the curtains on our bathroom, as she could see right through our window as clear as anything. Apparently she had a nineteen year old son who was having a good time looking through our window at my wife soaping herself in the shower, and no doubt bending over to put her knickers on as well. The thought of some pimply teenage boy pulling his hardon while staring in at my trim and prudish little Asian wife in her birthday suit turned me on no end.

My wife is Malay, and generally is very careful about covering her body and would never even step outside in shorts. But surprisingly, she wasn’t that worried about having been seen naked by some horny young man who no doubt came all over his hands while thinking about what it would be like to stick his sausage in my wife’s tight little cunt or bumhole. She felt if he had seen her like that, that was just his good luck and she hoped he enjoyed himself. This got me thinking, and I said to her, “Well, if you leave the blinds up, and some poor guy gets all hot and bothered because of it, then the next time that happens I think it’s only fair that you take care of it for him.” Feeling myself get hard, I told her that she must promise that if any guy ever came to the door and said he had seen her naked in the shower, she was to pull him in through the door, apologize and ask if she could take care of it for him. The she would drop to her knees, unzip his fly and pull his cock out and take it in her mouth, bringing him off. Shocking, my wife agreed to all this, although I of course just assumed that she was playing along with my fantasy and the situation would never actually arise. It was many years later that I realized how wrong I had been.

By the time this story takes place, my wife was in her late thirties and we had moved to a new area. We were renting, and my wife spent a lot of time at home alone as a housewife with the kids at school. I guess our sex life was not what it once was, with both of us exhausted most of the time. The shock of this story, which my wife confessed to me after I returned from work one day, shook our lives up forever.

Our neighbours have a large swimming pool, and because both of them work they have a pool service come in to clean it every Tuesday morning. Their pool filter box is at the rear of their property, and from a certain angle if you are standing just right, you get a clear view directly into our bathroom shower cubicle. It seems this day, my wife had decided to have a shower, and had opened up the window to let the steam out. As she stripped her pyjamas off, hopped in the shower and scrubbed her soft brown body with the flannel, it appears the neighbor’s pool guy got a real eyeful. He even whipped out his handphone, and snapped a few shots as my wife rinsed off the soap.

Anyway, next thing my wife knew, she was stepping out of the shower when she heard the door bell ringing. Slipping into a sarong and a dressing gown, she hopped downstairs and opened the door, toweling off her hair at the same time. The pool guy was there, grinning like mad in his tight stubby shorts and singlet, and workboots on his feet. He told her how he had seen her through the window, and showed her the photos to prove it. My wife blushed with shame as she looked at the photos of her flat little chest and shaven pussy covered in soap and moisture.

He asked her if he could come in. At this point, my wife should have slammed the door and locked it tight. However, whether because of what we had agreed years before or because she was afraid who he might show the photos to, she grabbed him by the arm and pulled him inside, locking the door behind him. Dropping to her knees, she grabbed at the waistband of his tight shorts, and pulled them down. I don’t know what that pool guy had been hoping for, but his greasy little face must have lit up when he saw this milk chocolate MILF kneeling in from of him on the door mat with her face at the level of his waist while his shorts pooled around his ankles. My wife gasped at the nine inch erection which pressed tightly against the white briefs he was wearing. I don’t know what was going through her head, but she immediately reached up and lowered them down to his thighs. His penis bobbed out, smacking her on her cute Asian forehead. My wife leant forward and placed her moist lips on his big, uncut dickhead, kissing his shiny helmet. She had made a promise all those years ago, and as she took his huge erection into her mouth she was determined to do a good job and take care of this young man to make up for exposing her nakedness and distracting him from his work.

Although before this point my wife had never so much as kissed another man on the lips before, she was an accomplished fellatrix after years of practicing on my tool. She swirled her tongue around the head of his prick as she sucked him, cupping his ample nutsack in her soft little hands as she did so. The pool guy moaned and reached forward with his hands, opening up my wife’s dressing gown and revealing her dark brown nipples to his touch. My wife is not well endowed in the chest department, with AA cups at best, but she has big, sensitive nipples and these hardened as he manipulated them between his fingers. She must have thought he was going to cum quite quickly as she felt herself become aroused, but just then he pulled his dick out of her mouth and pulled her to her feet. He pushed her dressing gown off her shoulders and there was my wife, standing there in just a sarong with her whole upper body exposed to a stranger’s eyes – and hands – when no man other than me had even seen her knees before.

Without saying a word, he stooped down and picked my diminutive wife up and hoisted her in a fireman’s lift so her whole upper body was hanging over his shoulder. At this point she started panicking, realizing that he probably wanted more than just a blowjob. Shaking his shorts and undies over his boots, he carried my squealing wife upstairs, looking for the bedroom. Despite my wife’s pleading for him to stop, he found our marital bed and threw her down on it. During her kicking around, her sarong had fallen loose, and the pool guy looked down to see my completely naked wife lying on her back with her legs splayed apart, blushing furiously. Grabbing her knees, he pulled her calves over his shoulders and kissed her directly on her obviously aroused snatch. My wife is a sucker for cunnilingus (if you pardon the pun) and as he stuck his big strong tongue on her protruding clit any resistance melted away. Groaning with pleasure, she twisted her nipples between her fingers as her body filled with lust. All thoughts of remaining a faithful wife went out the window as this young stud licked and kissed the heart of her womanhood.

I can only imagine what they must have looked like, this horny little Malay housewife moaning and groaning on her back, rubbing her own nipples furiously as this white tradesman still in his workboots kissed her tight little cunt. My wife usually cums quickly when she is being licked, and apparently this was no exception – it seems one tongue is as good as another when it’s stroking your stiff little clitoris. I don’t think even she knows why, however, at the point of her orgasm, she begged him to shove his big white cock in her and fill her up with cum. But whether it was just a habit (she often does this when we make love as well) or whether she really wanted to break her marriage vows, as her body climbed down from its orgasm, he took her at her word. She felt herself convulse in pleasure as the pool boy’s huge white dick pressed against her labia, entering a place where no other man besides me had come close to going before.

My wife said she couldn’t remember all the details of the next few minutes, just that she felt fuller than she had ever felt before. My dick is an average six inches, but this guy was not only thicker and longer, he had the energy of someone ten years younger who is used to doing physical labour all day. All she remembers is panting and gasping like a common whore as he fucked her relentlessly, thrusting in and out of my wife’s vagina on our marital bed. She admitted that my little tool had never made her feel that out of control and that it was the best sex she had ever had. After a few minutes, she felt her insides flush with warmth as he exploded his copious sperm into her womb, grunting as he defiled our marriage with his superior manhood. Pulling his dick out, he grabbed my wife and slid her body down so her mouth was level with his prick. Holding her nose, he forced her mouth open and shoved his dick inside, forcing her to clean the mixture of his cum and her juices off with her tongue. After that, he strode downstairs, pulled his briefs and shorts up and went back to his work.

It was later that evening that my anxious wife reported what had happened to her that morning. She was afraid I might have been angry, and I admit I was taken aback. But as I said to her, I couldn’t complain since I had basically given her permission to do what she did after the incident with the neighbour all those years before. I was more annoyed that he hadn’t even remembered to ask him to delete those nude photos of her. Secretly though, I was actually highly aroused by the thought of my cute little wife being serviced by such a stud. Perhaps I am a cuckold after all.