Wifes First Swallow

What turned my wife into a blowjob specialist?

I ask my wife the other night what made her crave sucking cock so much and this is what she told me.

First off she is a master of blowjobs. She says that sucking cock can actually bring her close to an orgasm. It doesn’t matter, stranger or me, to her the feeling of taking a wad in the face is pure bliss.

This is how she told me it started.

Suzan, her boyfriend at the time, Joe, her friend Kate and Kate’s boyfriend were sitting on a hill over looking the bay area. The sun had just gone down and they we getting ready to start the car to leave and go to Kate’s boyfriend’s apartment. Suzan was 18 at the time. All of a sudden a San Mateo patrol car pulled up behind them.

The large police officer got out of his car and shined his light into the window. “You kids are out late. Please step out of the car.”

Shaking with fear all four complied. This was the mid eighties and Suzan dressed exactly as you might think got out in her white skirt and white halter. The cop looked all of them over, “You got any drugs in there?”

“No sir.” Joe replied.

“It looks like you are all out after curfew, you boys head home now, and you two I will take home.” He said.

Joe said “Ok, Suzan, I will call you tomorrow.”

“Now” the large black officer said.

This is a good time to add that Suzan dated only black men to this point in her life since she is mixed and felt that white men would not have interest. But we have found out from our other stories that come after this little tale this was not the case.

Joe climbed back into his car with Kate’s boyfriend. Kate climbed into the back seat and Suzan was following.

The cop said, “Stop you up front.” to Suzan.

Suzan climbed into the front seat. Her young mind not sure of why she would have to sit upfront.

The cop climbed in. “Where do you live?” he said looking in the read view mirror.

“4536 Maple, San Mateo.” Kate said shyly. Kate was scared she had never been in trouble before.

“Do your parents know where either of you are tonight.” He asked.

Suzan shook her head “No sir.”

“What were you doing up there tonight?” The cop asked.

“Just talking sir,” Kate answered.

“I will take you home, where do you live sweetie?” He asked staring at me.

Suzan started to feel a little better; he was starting to not sound so pissed.

“67894 Blossom hill, San Jose.” Suzan answered.

“Ok you first.” he said staring in the rear view mirror.

The car zoomed towards Kate’s house. Some banter kept sounding out on the radio as the three rode in silence. Suzan told me that she would catch the cop stealing glances at her from time to time.

The patrol car stopped three houses from Kate’s house. The cop said, “Consider this a warning.” He turned to face her “Don’t let me catch you out after curfew again.”

Kate said, “You wont.” She climbed out of the car and he watched her hurry home.

“San Jose eh?” He questioned.

“Yeah, Blossom Hill.” Suzan answered. In the streetlights Suzan could see him adjust himself in his seat and remove his seat belt.

“I am going to ask you one more time, what where you doing up there?” he continued to question her.

“We were just hanging out.” Suzan stated matter of fatly. “And by the way, I am 18, so curfew doesnt apply.”

He chuckled “Well that does change things doesn’t it.”

“Change what?” Suzan answered getting worried he would pull right into the drive way and her parent’s would know she wasn’t spending the night at Kate’s house. Since her parents were very strict she still couldn’t be out late with boys. “Please drop me off away from my house like you did for Kate.”

“I will if you do me a favor.” He answered.

“You will never catch me out again, I swear it, with anyone under 18” Suzan said.

“That is good but that isn’t the favor I am talking about.” He said turning the patrol car onto Hwy. 101.

The cop pulled on the mike to his radio. He called in what appeared to be some kind of late dinner break.

I then asked Suzan to describe him as the boner in my boxer was growing.

She said he was probably a rookie looking back, maybe mid to late twenties. Short dark hair, tightly shaved and no facial hair, he was heavily muscled and had a pleasant smell. He car was clean and his uniform void of any stains or wrinkles. He was also very tall and she never really got his name.

Ok back to the tale.

“The favor I need is something I am sure you will be able to handle. You look like you have been around the block a couple times and you have to be the hottest girl I have seen in a long time.” He said as he winked at Suzan setting her at ease.

“Really” Suzan stammered.

“Yes, and you don’t have much of a choice. I want a quick blowjob and you are free to go. While I drive of course.” He then said with a stern voice.

Suzan gasp “I have never done that before,” she lied “and I really don’t want to.”

“I said you don’t really have a choice, we can just pull up and I will escort you to your door.” He threatened.

“I don’t know, I have never done that.” Suzan lied once again.

“Come on.” He said. He then began to unbuckle his belt and laid the ends to the sides. He then unbuttoned his pants and pulled them over his ass with his white underwear.

“Oh my god.” Suzan said “I have never seen one that big. I have only been with my boyfriend.”

“Well I won’t tell if you don’t tell, put your pretty big lips on this” he motioned to his cock.

Suzan hesitantly bent over as the car drove down 101. She planted a kiss on his cock. She said it tasted a little salty but not to bad. She had only done this once before and it turned out horribly. But this was the turning point in her life.

The cop groaned “there you go relax, take it in your mouth.”

Suzan’s lips parted allowing the large cock to slip into her mouth. Suddenly she lost sight as she closed her eyes and grabbed onto his cock with her hand as she had done to a few other boys in her school. She had given a couple hand jobs in her time and watched a porno with Joe so she decided to try and mimic those. Joe always wanted her to suck his cock but she never would. Suzan said she didn’t know what she was missing. Suzan then started to jerk on his cock with her hand while taking in as much of his cock as she could.

“That is it, bitch, I knew you had it in you.” He said gruffly.

Suzan had never been called bitch while having any type of sex. She found it to be exhilarating and not humiliating. She started to move her head faster.

“Oh yeah, you are good at that. Take me all the way in.” the officer groaned. His hand was on the back of her head forcing it into her wet mouth. Suzan told me that he mouth always waters a lot when she is giving head. The head of his cock slipped to the back of her throat causing her to gag.

“You like that, my big cock hitting your throat, keep sucking.” He said.

She did keep sucking as hard as she could. It really didn’t bother her, Suzan actually was enjoying it. She kept pulling the base of his cock with her hand bouncing her full lips off her index finger that was wrapped around his manhood. She was a girl learning quickly the art of sucking cock.

Suzan then felt the patrol car start to slow down. She could see streetlights when she would pull her head up. She guessed she was on an off ramp. The officer moved his hand from the back of her head and pushed it over her nice ass to insert a finger in her pussy.

“Damn you are wet. You like this, bitch.” He flatly stated. He kept working his finger inside her pussy. She started to squirm a little. She knew she was going to cum. No boy or man had ever made her cum before; although she had experienced it many times by her own hand. Then it hit her hard, pussy juice covered the officers hand. Suzan moaned while she kept punishing her lips and mouth with his black cock.

“Thata girl” the office smiled to himself. He then moved his hand to her tits and started playing with her nipples. Suzan at age eighteen was fully developed had pretty much the same size breast she has now, 36C. He pinched them hard “You better make me cum soon, we only have a couple miles left.”

Suzan tightened her grip applied by her mouth and hand to his cock; she knew he was close by the movement his body made. Her boyfriend made some of the same movements when he was close to cumming. “Ah yeah, that is a good girl, I am going to cum in your mouth.” He said.

At that point Suzan hadn’t thought about that since she was thinking about her own orgasm that was beginning to subside. She also thought “I better get this over with, so I don’t get in trouble.” to herself.

He grabbed the back of her head and pushed it down as far as he could until her lips pressed against her hand again. His cock pulsed and shot her first wad of cum down her throat she ever swallowed. She gagged a little.

“Swallow that shit,” he ordered.

Suzan being the people pleaser she loved to be did. She told me that she didn’t really taste a lot of it; it just slid down her throat.

After a few moments the officer pulled her head up and she settled back on her side of the car.

He looked at her “Use the mirror on the back of the sunshade to fix your make up. You look like you just sucked my cock.” he chuckled to himself.

Suzan fixed her lipstick thinking about what she just did. She was not ashamed at all but since she had an orgasm during her first blowjob she believes that is why when she gives head now she typically has an orgasm. Thanks to that officer I have a wife who loves to suck cock.

Suzan also told me that after that night she dumped Joe and quickly became very popular at school during her senior year. She would give head to guys in the parking lot all the time.

This was Suzan’s first time swallowing cum story.