Housewifes Tale

Hi readers, this is my first time posting and it may be my last, but my life has changed over the past few years and I’m looking for an outlet for some memories. (I guess I am also looking for a way to replay them in my mind!) So here goes . this will be written as a letter from me to you.

First off I need to tell you a bit about me, not who I am today but who I was for the 7 years I spent chasing higher education. I had come from a small high school, where I did not deserve the reputation that I was given. The truth is, I fell in love and pursued those feelings. The trouble was that I fell for a boy with an inferiority complex (undeserved) who needed to act like a big man around his friends. Anyway, he talked and I paid the social cost. These things happen.

But they were not going to happen to me while I was in school. I am a fairly driven person and I had planned on competing in athletics, graduating near or at the top of my class, and getting accepted to a graduate program. A serious boyfriend would make this impossible by taking up time, making it difficult to apply to distant programs, and all the rest. So, no boys for me. No problem, right?

Wrong. It was easy for a while but eventually I missed the feeling of being on a date, of being held, of all of that. Well I was (and am) stubborn, so I hatched my own little plan that wouldn’t force me to go back on the promise that I had made to myself. Please don’t think poorly of me, but I decided to answer a few of those free adult Internet ads just for the attention.

It was a lot of fun at first, but then grew tiresome after the millionth guy mentioned for the millionth time that he wanted to do this or that with me and that he would do it with his monster . I think you get the picture. Anyway, a lot of bad email conversation without the personal contact that I was missing.

Then I started to play games, and this is really where the story begins. Do you know how interested a man will be in you if he thinks you are married, a bit lonesome, and refuse to leave your husband? It was unbelievable, not only will guys write back, but they tend to be kinder than kind, and do not write the same trashy emails that I had grown to dislike. I became Sandy, the 19 year-old housewife (and I was 18 at the time!), and this is the story of my first ‘extra-marital’ relationship.

It started after I emailed a guy in his 30s who said in his ad that he was only posting one (and one with a pretty revealing photo!) because of a dare. I emailed him, made a joke about how he will probably have to deal with a lot of attention for the silly dare, and told him about my situation. We chatted via email frequently for a couple of weeks, and he sent me a number of photos (fully dressed unlike his ad).

This was a very cute man – about 6 foot tall, 180 pounds, dark hair, blue eyes, and athletic. He was very understanding of my situation, claimed to want a platonic friendship, and tried several times to have me call him or meet him for coffee. (One good thing about being a ‘married housewife’ – guys are very careful to keep things secret and don’t suggest meeting at crazy times.)

I was going to stop emailing but then I decided, ‘why not’. I agreed to meet him at a coffee shop a couple of towns over from the University for lunch. What do you wear to such an event? And how do you dress like a housewife? Things were pretty complicated in a funny way, but I was going to play this out. For the record, I didn’t expect anything physical to happen. Actually, I definitely planned on making sure that nothing happened!

I arrived at the shop a little late, but dressed nicely if not a bit too casual. I’m a swimmer so I stay fit, and I’ve always felt that I look good in jeans, so I just put on my favorite pair and topped it off with a sweater. (It was perhaps a bit on the tight side but nothing offensive.) I didn’t often wear make-up at the time so all I added in that department was a bit of lip-gloss. The most important part of the outfit came from my grandmother – the engagement and wedding rings actually looked good on me!

Sorry, I just realized that I am being rude. You don’t have any idea what I look like. At the time (and today, but a bit more mature) I looked very much like the happy, athletic, but not anorexic girl that every guy knows but usually doesn’t date in high school.

I have sandy blond hair, green eyes, stand 5’3″, and weighed about 108 lbs at the time. The weight was (and is) distributed well, which is to say that after puberty no one ever confused me with a boy. (Sorry, but I’m not going to go into much more detail on this right here – I know some of you guys want me to be of porn star proportions, with flaming red lips, dressed in a leather micro-mini skirt, and teetering on 8″ stiletto heals. But I wasn’t – sheesh, I’m pretty sure I was wearing sneakers!)

So back to my date. He was lovely, and smart, and strong, and very much my senior. He was 36 at the time, which was double my age, and I felt a bit overmatched in terms of intellect and experience. Still, he was very kind and polite. We chatted for almost 2 hours and when I said I had to go and stood up to do so, he gave me a hug and a small kiss on the cheek and said that he lived close by if I wanted to continue our conversation for a bit longer. I couldn’t believe what I said next, “I have to be home by 4:30 to start dinner, but I could hang out for another hour if you want”! He wanted.

He had a beautiful apartment with a lovely view of the bridge. He came up behind me as I was admiring it and slowly ran his hands up the outside of my legs, past my hips, and along the side of my breasts – his confidence was spectacular! My heart was racing, I’m certain I wasn’t thinking strait, and I just let him turn me around and kiss me. And what a kiss! He whispered in my ear that I was beautiful and that he could be my secret. I was totally overcome. And in about 30 seconds, I was totally naked with this beast.

I had never liked hairy chests until that moment, I had never liked older guys until that moment, and I had never wanted to become someone else’s fantasy until that moment. He took such good care of me! I have a very sensitive body and he picked up on that quickly. He very softly made love to my body with his mouth, seemingly savoring every square inch before making me climax for the first time (at least as violently).

Although clearly under-experienced I was determined to love this man. I stroked his hardness for a short time and then took him into my mouth. He was long and hard and clean and I was so happy, and so determined to make him happy. After too short a time (I was loving this) he pulled me gently, but firmly, closer to him and released into my mouth.

I must have been special to him because he didn’t miss a beat, he didn’t need a break, and he didn’t plan to stop at all. I felt very small, but loved, in his arms as he rolled me over and positioned himself above me. I felt his penis pushing against me, and when he found the spot he stopped, looked at me, teased me a bit, then kissed me as he pushed himself into my body. It took a few minutes, he would move a little distance and then wait, but eventually he had me.

I had never felt that full! I had never felt that lost in a man, never. I was clearly his as he took me slowly at first, then built speed, and finally took me with long, strong thrusts. I had orgasmed so many times that I lost count by the time I felt him tighten up. Afterward I was amazed, but during the moment I wrapped my legs around him and made him come deep inside me. It was everything I wanted it to be!

After about 15 minutes I left him sleeping in his apartment. I never saw him again – I was a housewife remember – but he taught me something about myself that indulged from time to time for the next 7 years.

Let me know if you are interested in hearing about my other adventures.