Sam Has a Wild Night

My name is Samantha, but my friends call me Sam. I had been dating Jake for a little over a year and a half. We were both juniors at State University and had met at the end of our freshman year. He was a great guy who I was probably going to spend the rest of my life with, and the sex was absolutely amazing. Never once was there a dull moment and we always kept it exciting. This is the story of one of those nights.

I’ve always had a craving for girls that has gone unsatisfied. I love the way their skin feels to the touch, as soft as anything imaginable. Sometimes in class I would find myself daydreaming of someone I had met the weekend before, wishing I could sink my tongue into her mouth and explore her body with my hands. I had never told Jake this, because he would have pushed me to try it. It wasn’t that I needed a push, I needed the right girl. I wanted a girl who was like me, because after all, it wasn’t only for me, but for Jake too, but he didn’t know that. I knew his tastes and they complimented mine quite nicely.

You see, I’m about 5’7″ and well toned with a large B cup, shoulder length brown hair with killer hips. I mean my butt is my best asset and I love looking at ripe round asses. The only thing different about me that I like on a girl is long blonde hair. I love imagining that little tuft of barely visible blonde hair just above beautifully shaven lips. I have quite often amused myself at night to this and many similar thoughts.

Well it was Halloween weekend and Friday there was a costume party. Jake had to work until 10, so he wasn’t going to be able to make it until a little later. ‘Perfect’ I thought, this would be the night then. Tonight I would fulfill my greatest fantasy, and Jake’s as well. I knew Jake was going as a Musketeer, but he certainly did not know I was going as a Temptress. I had bought a black satin slip dress that went just pass my rounded ass, a sheer black g-string, and black thigh high stockings that I wore with my 5 inch stiletto heels. I outlined my eyes in black and looked very dark and very sexy. I was definitely on the prowl tonight.

Once at the party I had a few drinks and went to dance. After a few dances I noticed Amber. Both Jake and I knew Amber and she looked amazing. A few inches taller than me with slightly smaller tits and long blonde hair. She was dressed in a leather devil bodysuit that clung to her every curve, red stockings, and red high heels. Her. Yes, she is the one I will have.

After another drink I found her on the dance floor and started dancing with her. She was very friendly and seemingly didn’t mind my pussy grinding on her knee and my hand caressing her ass as we danced. I turned around and bent over right in front of her, nearly exposing my shaved pussy to all as it was covered by only the sheerest of material. As I stood up her hands quickly found my breasts and caressed me all the way down my thighs.

This time when I turned around our mouths met and our tongues danced. It was even better than I imagined. Her lips were so soft and gentle and her tongue whipped around my mouth expertly. I wanted her right there on the dance floor, but she knowingly whispered in my ear, “Wait for Jake, let’s get a drink.”

Well, seemingly on command Jake appeared at the bar as we were halfway through our drinks. I told him not to bother ordering anything as we were leaving in a minute.

On the walk back to my apartment, Jake and Amber exchanged pleasantries, with Jake having no idea what he was about to experience. He was only upset that he had to leave the party early. When we arrived, I told Jake to bring a chair in from the living room and position it at the foot of the bed. When he returned with the chair, Amber and I had already begun kissing and fondling each other again and Jakes jaw dropped. I sauntered over to him, kissed him deeply and said “Honey, I’ve wanted to do this for such a long time. Just sit and enjoy the show. Your turn will be coming shortly.”

At that I slid the straps of my slip off my shoulders as Amber unzipped her body suit and both he and Amber relished at the sight of my beautiful breasts being unleashed. I laid Amber down on the bed and began kissing her deeply, once again letting our tongues become entwined. I made my way down her neck and slid off her red devil suit.

To my delight she was wearing no panties and had only a small tuft of blond hair above her completely shaven lips. I began to kiss the middle of her breasts and up the right side. I gently encircled her nipple with my tongue then dove at it with my whole mouth, massaging her nipple with my tongue as my hand was doing the same to her left breast.

Not being able to resist any longer, I dove headfirst into her soaking wet pussy and lapped at her sweet juices. Jake was amazed, sitting there the whole time with his mouth open. Although, he had managed to disrobe and was stroking his rock hard cock.

As I massaged her clit with my tongue, my fingers found the opening of her cunt. First one, then two deep in her pussy as I sucked on her clit. She wrapped her legs around my head and began to tremble. I kept ramming her pussy with my two fingers until I could feel it start to tighten around them. “Here it comes” I thought, “This is what I’ve been waiting for.”

And she exploded all over my face. My god she tasted soooo goood. I couldn’t believe what I’d been missing out on. I greedily sucked all her juices. Then Amber sat up, kissed me deeply and said “I love the way my cum tastes, especially on your lips. I think it’s time for Jake to get in on the action. He’s been such a good boy.”

“Yes, he has. He deserves a reward.”

I told Jake to lay on the bed and I grabbed his big 8″ dick. I licked the precum off the tip then shoved the whole thing down my throat. I thought he was going to nut right there. As I began to suck Jake’s dick, and Amber gave him a deep wet kiss with her sweet cum still lingering in her mouth. She then laid down under me and began gobbling at my pussy.

“Oh god,” I mumbled through a mouth full of dick. And began furiously bobbing up and down on Jake’s member. Amber’s mouth felt so good on my pussy and I was about to cum. Her tongue was swirling around my clit as she sucked on it buried three fingers in my hot, wet hole.

“Oh shit!!! Oh my god Amber!! OOOOHHHH!!!!! I dropped Jakes dick and actually exploded on her face. She was covered in my juices and I could not wait to taste them. I quickly spun around and shot my tongue into her mouth and lapped up all of my juices I could.

Jake, taking a cue on his own, stood at the foot of the bed and positioned himself in front of Amber and placed the head of his dick at her lovehole. Seeing this I cooed “Yeah, Jake. Fuck her like you fuck me!!! Show her what an 8″ cock feels like deep in her cunt.” At this, he entered her at a teasingly slow speed as I caressed and kissed her nipples.

“Goddamnit!! Fuck me already!!” Amber screamed and Jake did just that, pounding her pussy with his dick. “I love your balls hitting my ass!! Yeah, give it to me! Fuck me! Oh yeah, I’m cumming again!”

I knew Jake loved dirty talk, but couldn’t resist the temptation of sitting on Amber’s face and kissing Jake as he fucked the hell out of our friend. After seeing the picture of us in front of him, he couldn’t last much longer and said, “I’m gonna cum.”

“All over my face baby!!! Cum in my mouth!!!” I yelled.

He withdrew and his dick spit a line of spunk straight into the back of my throat, then onto my chin and it finally landed in Amber’s tuft of beautiful blonde hair. Turning around, I was met by Amber’s lips who greedily gobbled up the jizz on my chin and whatever I hadn’t swallowed yet. Now I really wanted a dick in my pussy and I was so wet. But I knew Jake needed a breather so I hopped onto Amber in a 69 position.

I quickly lapped up Jakes sweet cream off her stomach and began sucking on her clit and she began licking at mine. After Amber and I were tongue fucking each other for five minutes I felt something against my pussy. It was Jake, and he was ready to go again.

“Now you’re going to get it Sam,” he said with a wry smile. Amber and I didn’t even bother to move. Jake just knelt above her head and started fucking me doggie style as Amber and I ate each other out. Occasionally I would feel Amber’s lips leave my pussy and hear Jake moan and I knew that she was licking his balls as they flew past her face on their way to slamming against my pussy. God I loved that feeling. Jake was really letting me have it and I was about to cum. He could feel my pussy begin to tighten around his thick dick and he couldn’t hold it any more. As I came he grabbed my hips, buried his dick in my pussy and filled my cunt with his hot cum.

“Don’t you dare move Sam,” I heard Amber say. “I want to taste that boy’s spunk as it drips out of your steaming lips.”

And as Jake withdrew she buried her face in my cunt and sucked his cream out of my pussy. When she was done, I gave her a deep kiss and could taste both my juices and Jake’s cum on her tongue.

After this we were all fucked out and passed out together on the bed, Jake in the middle, and Amber and I on either side left to dream about what may happen next time….