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Housewifes Tale

Hi readers, this is my first time posting and it may be my last, but my life has changed over the past few years and I’m looking for an outlet for some memories. (I guess I am also looking for a way to replay them in my mind!) So here goes . this will be written as a letter from me to you.

First off I need to tell you a bit about me, not who I am today but who I was for the 7 years I spent chasing higher education. I had come from a small high school, where I did not deserve the reputation that I was given. The truth is, I fell in love and pursued those feelings. The trouble was that I fell for a boy with an inferiority complex (undeserved) who needed to act like a big man around his friends. Anyway, he talked and I paid the social cost. These things happen.

But they were not going to happen to me while I was in school. I am a fairly driven person and I had planned on competing in athletics, graduating near or at the top of my class, and getting accepted to a graduate program. A serious boyfriend would make this impossible by taking up time, making it difficult to apply to distant programs, and all the rest. So, no boys for me. No problem, right?

Wrong. It was easy for a while but eventually I missed the feeling of being on a date, of being held, of all of that. Well I was (and am) stubborn, so I hatched my own little plan that wouldn’t force me to go back on the promise that I had made to myself. Please don’t think poorly of me, but I decided to answer a few of those free adult Internet ads just for the attention.