The Wifes A Beach

Caroline loves to display herself on beaches, but won’t admit it. “Not another nude beach. I don’t think I could stand being perved at,” she said peevishly.

“Come on, darling. It won’t be too bad I promise.”

We set off down the track in the cane fields of Kauai. It was a beautiful sunny day, and she soon forgot her qualms. As usual, she had no bra on – no bikini top either, as we knew it was a nude beach. As a walked behind her, I massaged her tits, and then started unbuttoning her short. The lack of resistance told me she was already aroused, and soon she was parading down the track with her shirt open and her breasts swinging freely.

After ten minutes or so the track narrowed and descended to the beach through some ironwoods, a beautiful crescent shaped bay with white sand and wild surf, with no development in sight. There were two couples already there, both naked, plus the usual collection of gay men that seem to frequent these places. There were lots of nooks in the bushes, but the best ones were occupied by the gays. We couples had to content ourselves with the open beach. Both the others seemed to be enjoying themselves but looked shy.

Anyway, we found a spot that was partly private to the rear of a large bush. I say partly private, because we couldn’t see anyone else when we lay down. If they or we stood up, the privacy was gone. One of the other couples was not ten yards away, on the other side of the bush. Caroline stripped, and I followed. We set off down the beach to size up today’s scene. The gays were doing whatever gays do, and being generally harmless.

There were one or two clothed males as well. They were probably voyeurs, by the way they ogled Caroline. She doesn’t care for that much, but never minds the other nude couples sneaking a peak at her well shaped tits and stiff nipples, her flat belly and hot ass. She specialises in inspecting the guys’ dicks, and is always delighted if she finds one aroused. I always make sure my cock is just shy of an erection, so no-one can really be sure. She loves that.

It was hot, so we took a dip in the wild surf. We went back to our towels behind the bush, lay down, warmed up and dozed off. After a while I awoke, and saw Caroline, eyes closed, legs slightly apart, pussy pouting and clearly aroused. People walking past must have seen the outer lips, the inner lips and right inside. “Why don’t you masturbate” I said, knowing that she was hot. “No one can see you if you’re lying down.”

She started slowly, caressing her pussy, parting her lips and finding her clit. I leaned over and started massaging her tits. She played with my dick with her spare hand. It didn’t matter: my dick was already hard as a rock. The only thing that turns me on more than be nude on a beach is having sex on it, particularly if you might be seen. I could see others further down the beach taking some interest: they knew what she was doing, but kept their distance lest they interrupt the show.

She was really hot now, and started rubbing harder and faster, and hard and faster still. Her cunt juice was dribbling down her fingers. Her eyes were closed, her body taut and straining. Her tits had goosebumps, and her nipples were so stiff that her big smooth areolae had all but disappeared. When her nipples get that stiff, she sends me nuts. They are over half an inch long when erect, so long they look freakish.

After what seemed an age, she finally convulsed into a massive orgasm, shoving three fingers into her pussy as she did, and let out a series of moans that just had to have been heard above the surf. Half a dozen queers and two couples had just heard, and perhaps seen, the beautiful Caroline bring herself to a mind shattering orgasm. I had never been so turned on in my life.

“Fuck me. Just fuck me,” she said as she lay flat on her back, her legs stretched wide, her pussy and clit swollen and dripping juices.

I didn’t need even that encouragement. I rammed my cock up that hot pussy, completely ignoring the fact that I was almost certainly in view of others, and came not long after, grunting and groaning as I did, and withdrawing at the same time to spurt come all over her belly and tits. She didn’t even wipe it off, as we left our makeshift campsite to wash down in the ocean. One couple smiled at us, and the other looked amazed as semen oozed out of her cunt and down her leg.

After a well earned snooze, we took off and back to the hotel for lunch.

Our next day was our last in Kauai, and Caroline needed no encouragement when I suggested a farewell trip to this very special beach. We got there earlier than the previous day. There were fewer people there, only three or four. They were clothed. Must be voyeurs: the word probably got out as a result of yesterday’s performance. They seemed pleased to see us!

Caroline didn’t really notice, which was just as well. There were no other women there, which she did notice. But hell, it was our last day. We stripped down, and went for a wander. The men took intense interest in Caroline’s body, particularly a heavy set native Hawaiian who ogled her in an almost sinister way, his eyes following her as she walked down the beach.

We found a very private spot in the bushes, and laid out our stuff. Then we went for a dip and I shot a whole lot of happy snaps of my naked redhead. When we were back at the towels, we thought we were completely private. Caroline didn’t hold back – she lay naked on the towel, legs apart.

“Can I take more photos?”

“Do whatever you want,” came the reply.

I took some more snaps.

“Suck my cock.”

She instantly obliged, taking as much as her mouth would allow.

“Open your legs. I’m going to eat your cunt.”

Again she obliged, and we flicked around into a 69, getting hotter by the moment.

I decided it was time to fuck her. As I crawled off her I looked into the darkness of the bushes behind. As I did so, I saw a silhouette, a human form in the darkness. As my eyes adjusted, I made out the shape. He was not ten yards away in the gloom of the bushes. He had his cock out and was stroking himself. It had to be the Hawaiian.

I experienced a momentary panic, but we were too far gone. I plunged my cock into Caroline’s wet cunt and we both went at it like there was no tomorrow. I presume we put on a good show. By the time, we’d finished, the Hawaiian had disappeared, doubtless well satisfied.

We went back to the water to wash. Once again, cum oozed from Caroline’s cunt down her leg. She walked straight past the Hawaiian, unaware that he must have seen the whole performance. We saw smiles on the other three men there too. They must have been watching as well: we just didn’t see them.

“Do you realise I just fucked your brains out in front of four men?”

“What the…?” She looked at the smiles, and realised what had happened. Then she laughed, playfully nodding at them as she tossed her wet hair over her head. She looked straight at them, smiled, put two fingers in her pussy, and then gently massaged both breasts in as provocative a way as she could. “I think we made their day.”

“No, YOU made their day!” We both laughed, and headed back to the car.

On the way to the hotel, she remembered she was going to the hairdresser, and decided she needed to put a bra and panties on. Off came the top, and her tits swung free as we headed down the highway to Kapa’a. The shorts followed, and there she was totally nude in the car. And in broad daylight, with a reasonable amount of traffic.

“Oh you hot little tart,” I said, as I slipped my fingers between her legs and started playing with her clit.

“Stop! This is indecent. I need to get dressed. There are cars everywhere!”

“Well you took them off, sunshine.”

I soon felt the familiar contractions, as she had another gentle orgasm. Five minutes and a couple of happy truck drivers later, on went the bra and panties and the show was over. Oh, I forgot to mention: the car was a convertible!