My Wife in The Back Seat

This is a true account of an event that my wife and I shared a few years back. My wife and I had been married about 16 years at this point. We had often discussed my desire to watch her fucking and sucking other men. Over the years there have been some opportunities but nothing ever materialized. At least not up until the story that I’m about to relay.

My wife was 32 at the time. She was attractive then and I must say that she is more attractive now. She is about 5’6” and 125 pounds, very nice and suckable breasts with large nipples, smooth white thighs that lead to a very sweet and moist pussy, and a small cute ass. She’s very talented in the bedroom. An excellent cocksucker and the biggest turn on is watching her getting herself so hot as she sucks a hard cock. It always makes her cunt so wet.

One evening we ended up at a nightclub called JW’s. We often went there so my wife could dance the night away and for me, to watch her with other men. In the previous times that we went there she was often hit on by both Black and White men. Like I said before she never acted. Although there was one time that she got picked up by two sailors and as soon as they found that she was married, they chickened out.

On this faithful night the place was packed. We must of got there a bit late. We got ourselves some drinks, my wife loves kalua and milk, and basically found a place to stand. We ended up near the back next to a bar that was not being used. From this vantage point I could easily see the dance floor.

My wife was in the mood to dance. Leaving her purse and drink with me she headed out to find herself a dance partner. I soon spotted her hauling a guy to the floor. The crowd swallowed them up quickly and I just continued to sip on my beer. A few minutes later, probably enough time to dance a couple of songs, my wife returned. She then relayed to me that the guy she was dancing with was very drunk and could barely walk, let alone dance.

After some small talk my wife headed for the bar to freshen up her drink. While she was waiting for the bartender she struck up a conversation with a Black guy sitting there. I watched innocently from across the way. When she returned, she set her drink down saying that a guy had asked her to dance. Again she headed for the bar, picked up Frank (the Black guy) and then they both made way for the dance floor. Just like the last time the crowd swallowed them up.

This time my wife was gone for a long time. I knew that she loved to dance and figured the she was having a hell of a time, and me, I was thinking dirty. When she finally returned I could tell that something was up. She acted a bit nervous and was shaking. I prompted her for the reason that she acting so strange. When she finally told me I was shocked.

She told me the guy’s name and then went on to say how funny he was. Then she told me that she had asked him if he wanted to go for a ride. I guess that he was ready to go on the spot but then she stopped him and told him that I would have to drive. To her surprise, he was still willing. At this point my wife is trying to figure out why she even asked him. I then asked her if she really wanted to go with him and she said that she did.

My wife then returned to Frank to say that everything was green. I looked on from across the room as the two of them talked. I could see Frank’s hands rubbing her tight ass as she stood between his legs. I was really getting excited knowing that I was about to witness something that I had dreamed about for so long. When she returned to me, my wife said that we were to leave JW’s and that Frank would follow us to the car.

My wife and I gathered our belongings and left the nightclub. I looked back as we crossed the parking lot and there was Frank following us. I told my wife to walk with Frank and that I would get the car. She agreed and went for Frank. Still walking towards the car I stole another peek and found them walking slowly arm in arm..

Now, it’s just my luck that when I finally get to the car that it’s completely blocked in. There is no way that I am going to get the car out of it’s spot. Frank then offers to let me drive his car while he and my wife frolic in the backseat. Frank soon returns with his little car, I think it was a Chevy Cavalier or something.

We hop into the car, I drive and Frank and my wife get cozy in the backseat. I head north on Dorchester feeling very nervous and highly aroused. Being that it was so dark I couldn’t see anything in the rear view mirror. I could figure out that they were very close to each other and kissing. My cock by the way was rock hard.

Continuing north I started hearing alot of movement behind me. Looking in the mirror I could see my wife moving onto Frank’s lap. A few minutes later I noticed that she was moving up and down and started hearing her familiar moans. Not believing that my wife was already fucking him I reached back with my right hand. I found my wife’s bare ass and felt her riding Frank’s hard Black cock. It took alot for me not to “cream my jeans” right then.

I was so busy trying to hear every moan and see what I could that I missed my turn. I took the next right as my wife continued to ride Frank’s cock. She was fucking him so hard at one point that I swear the ass end of the car was bouncing up and down. Maybe I should of told Frank afterwards that he possibly had some worn rear shocks. I didn’t and we continued down the road now heading east.

Then the fucking stopped. I was a little disappointed that it appeared to be over. Looking in the mirror I expected to see two heads but only saw one. Turning the mirror down and with the help of passing street lights I soon saw my wife’s head bobbing up and down in Frank’s lap. Now that was a great feeling in my groin. I couldn’t see it but I knew that my wife had a mouthful of Black cock. She was making a lot of muffled noise as she sucked his cock. He appeared to really enjoy my slutty wife’s talents. It was at this point that I started looking for a place to pull over. Not being real familiar with the area and still a little nervous about the whole thing I failed to do so. To this day, I regret not stopping.

Then something very strange happened. As we were heading east into Summerville and my wife was still sucking on Frank’s Black cock, I saw a cop coming from the other direction with his lights flashing. I slowed the car down as did the car in front of us and slowly started pulling over to the right. Frank must of pulled my wife off his cock because she started scrambling to get her pants on. We came to a complete stop and the cop pulled in front of the car a head of us. I’m wondering “what the hell” as Frank is telling me to go around. I finally take his advice and slowly go around the cop and the stopped car. We weren’t followed and continued on down the road. I’ve never seen a cop pull anybody over that way before… strange.

After leaving that scene my wife removed her pants again, pulled up her shirt to expose her nice tits and then went back to giving Frank a blow job. I reached back again hoping to maybe finger fuck my wife’s pussy as she continued mouthing Frank but found that he had already beat me to the punch. So, I just squeezed her nice ass and continued driving. As we neared a town the street lights were doing a fine job of lighting up the backseat. So now I could take every opportunity to watch my wife enjoy her first Black cock in her mouth. There is no better site.

Entering Summerville I heard some more movement in the backseat. The speed limit was a lot slower so I had more time to peek. Frank had my wife lay down with her head behind the passenger seat. I then watched as he went down on her briefly. I could tell something good was about to happen so I pulled off into some suburban area. The next thing that I remember and it has stuck in my head since was looking into the rearview mirror and seeing my wife’s bare feet up in the air and moving with Frank’s vigorous fucking.

At every stop sign while in Summerville I would stop and watch Frank fuck the shit out of my wife. I was amazed at how hard and fast Frank was fucking my wife. He had he so hot that she was almost begging him to fuck her harder. She kept telling him how hard he was fucking her then would start whimpering “fuck me” over and over between heavy breaths. At one point while still in town we passed another cop car pulled over along side the road as Frank continued to bang my wife in the backseat. Then, as we got back to a main road I heard my wife yell “Oh my god!” and then a long series of short grunts. I looked back and saw that Frank was still fucking her pretty hard and that she was hanging on to him real tight.

The hot action continued through Summerville all the way to Highway 26. On the highway, Frank finally shot his load into my wife’s hot pussy. From that point we were only a few minutes from home. My wife was putting herself back together as we pulled into the driveway. We got out of the car and I went up to unlock the house as Linda said her goodbyes to her Black lover. We retrieved out car the next day.

In the house, in the entranceway, I couldn’t hold back anymore. I immediately took my wife into my arms and started kissing her. I worked the zipper on her pants and reached down to feel her pussy. She was so wet and the hottest that I have ever felt her. I quickly took her into our bedroom. Once naked, I dove into her pussy with my face and went to town. After some feverish pussy licking I proceed to fuck her. I can’t tell you how hot her pussy was that night. It felt great.

The next day I asked her to review the night before. She told me how they immeadiately started making out when they got into the car. How Frank’s hands were all over her and soon down her pants fingering her wet pussy. I guess when she went for his cock she had some trouble so he helped her. She then said they spent a lot of time kissing as he finger fucked her and she stroked his hard Black cock. She doesn’t remember removing her pants or if Frank did but that she felt she just had to feel him inside her. Then while riding him she started getting another urge and that was to suck him. She then told me that while she was sucking his cock he was fingering her tight asshole. Guess I could have fingered her pussy when I tried. She then gave me the biggest surprise of the evening… after fucking her hard and fast for a while, he took it upon himself to make sure she had some Black cock in every hole. He fucked her in the ass!!!! Now she’s allowed me to fuck her in the ass three times and that was a long time ago. She said it hurt like hell at first but got better. She remembers yelling out “Oh my god!” as he penetrated her tight butt and then hung on for dear life as he fucked her ass hard also.

She went on to say that she was a little sore from all the hard fucking and tit sucking but that she really enjoyed her first Black experience. I can’t wait until the next time.


  1. Good storie I would of stoped & watched her getting fucked it would be so hot to see a black monster cock pound her

  2. Great story I bet she would luv to b taken hard from behind by my enormus thick cock and she might luv to have a threesome with a14″ black cock that would stretch any pussy as my wife has already found out to her delight

  3. I think it is great your wife liked it Im white and so is my wife and about 5 years ago we tried it and i never gold so turned on seeing this blk man screw the shit out of he my wife every so often picks up a black man and brings them home i get turned on seeing how huge they r especially when the r forcing it into my wifes pussy Keep her cumming

  4. As I have gotten older I found sharing her with
    other men sexually has become a joy for both of us. I do so love reading about others who find joy in getting other mens cocks into their wifes three openings

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