Anal In Law

My wife’s mom moved with us when she divorced my father-in-law. Sheila is a very sexy woman of forty-five. She works out at the gym every day to keep her body firm and shapely.Even her daughter has little advantage over her in terms of body appeal.

One night,while Sheila was out, Tanya and I availed ourselves to an evening of a good old,knockdown, dragout sexfest. Anal sex is one of our favorite variations, and thats what we were doing when Tanya’s mother saw us.

Taking the empty house for granted, we had’nt bothered to close our bedroom door,and Sheila came home earlier than she was suppose to.

Tanya and I had our backs to the door as I pumped my cock in and out of her ass. Tanya was on the bed on her hands and knees, and I caught her mom’s reflection in the bureau mirror. Sheila didn’t know I could see her, and stood there fo quite a while with a look of surprise as well as fascination on her face.

I got incredibly turned on knowing my mother-in-law was watching me fuck her daughters tight ass. I jockeyed our angle just enough so that Sheila could see my thick cock each time I pulled out, only to slam back into Tanya’s ass right down to my ball’s. Then I started telling Tanya how good her ass felt surrounding my cock. This got Tanya extra excited too, and soon we were coming with loud shrieks of pleasure.

Sheila had disappeared by the time Tanya and I were done.

The next morning I was having breakfast with Sheila. Tanya had already left to work.We didn’t talk much, but I was enjoying the memory of how she’d stared so hungrily at my dick thrusting in and out of her daughter’s shitter. Sheila was still wearing her robe and was showing plenty of her large breast’s. My dick got hard while I pictured her taking off her robe and finally letting me see that sexy body in all it’s naked glory.

Having an overwhelming desire to jack off, I hurriedly finished eating and went to take a shower. I was right in the middle of lathering up my hard-on when Sheila came in,saying,”It’s only me.”

We have a glass door on the shower and with the steam she couldn’t see much detail. I could see her trying to get a better look and deciding to be bold I opened the door and asked,”Want a closer look?”

She watched intently as I slowly stroked my shaft. Getting a little bolder I suggested she take off her robe and join me,telling her at the same time, “If your a good girl, you can have a little of what I was giving your daughter last night.”

“You knew I was watching?” she asked, looking humiliated.

I told her how much it turned me on knowing she was watching me fuck her daughter’s ass.Then I told Sheila that she too had a nice ass, ripe for fucking.I told her how I’d like to pump her hot and hard from behind while I played with her gorgeous tit’s at the same time. It was easy to see how excited she was getting by the way I was talking to her, and soon she was standing naked with me in the shower.

We spent a long time just kissing and feeling each others bodies. She massaged my raging dick and balls with both hands while I was feeling her big tit’s and working a few of my fingers up her excited cunt.

After a while, she grabbed my dick and started lathering it up again. “I want you now, do it now please,” she begged.

“Do what?” I said being cocky. “I want you to say it Sheila.”

“Fuck me..Fuck me now in my ass!”

“Your so sexy talking dirty,” I said, while I turned her around and started sliding my prick up and down the cleft of her firm ass.”I want you to tell how much you love it when I stuff my cock up inside that beautiful ass of yours”.

I bent her forward and placed the tip of my dick at the entrance of her butthole. She froze slightly as I slowly penatrated her ass, but as she grew accustomed to my anal invader,she started moaning and moving her hip’s around while I fucked her. I reached around and started playing with her tit’s and she responded by talking dirty to me.

I was grinding my stiff cock in and out of her tight ass while Sheila got more and more excited.”Ooo yes, plug my little ass full of dick!” she cried out at one point. Her ass was so hot I couldn’t take much more.

I started thrusting faster as my orgasm neared.”Take it bitch, Take my hot load up that horny ass of yours!”I came like an erupting volcano, with my mother-in-law furiously rubbing her clit as she came with me.She was the first woman I’d fucked besides my wife in almost six years, and I shot a load that made my head swim. I pumped eagerly up her tight hole until I was completely drained. She then turned around and gave me a deep excited kiss, mashing her huge tit’t against my chest.

“God I really needed that,” she said,adding it had been a long time since she felt so satisfied.

When Sheila first moved in Tanya was worried I would get tired of having her around the house all the time. After what had just transpired, I wish Sheila would have moved in sooner….


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