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Beth At Work

It started as any other typical day at work, I sat at my desk, toiling at the paperwork that stared me in the face. My reddish-brown hair needed to be cut, my miniskirt needed to be washed, and other errands needed to be done. A typical day, until he walked in the door. It was his first day, and my supervisor introduced me to him. “Beth, this is Chaz, he’ll be working with us.

“Hi,” he said with a smile. All I could do was smile back at him, with a slightly nervous “Hello.”

My immediate thought was, “Oh my GOD he’s so CUTE I can’t stand it!” I had to calm myself, and started to concentrate on the impending paperwork. But how could I? The cubicle next to mine was empty, and they were going to put Chaz there, I just KNEW it. God, he was so cute. He had dark hair, brown eyes, medium build, and he looked like someone famous but I wasn’t quite sure who. I wondered what he thought of me, did he think I was pretty? I had considered myself attractive, straight hair down to my shoulders, cute face, brown eyes, full, red lips, a figure with all the curves in the right places including a quite slender waist, and great legs (or at least my last boyfriend told me so!) I’d never felt like such a schoolgirl! But, duty called, and back to the grindstone, shuffle those papers…