Hot Tub Fun

Edwina could suck cock as good as any person I ever had blow me. First of all, she did it with an enthusiasm that made me know that she was aware of the feelings that were going through my body and she acted as if she were feeling the excitement in her own body right along with me. In fact, she came during one of my climaxes even though she had one hand on my shaft and the other under and around my balls.

She was sitting next to me with her knees together and as she told me later, she could come if she were excited enough and she squeezed her legs together rhythmically. Her method was to run her hot mouth firmly down my rod to the base and then slowly withdraw it with enough suction to make a pop when the head slipped out. Then she would slowly run her tongue over the shiny blue head curling the tip so that it moved around just under the edge of the cap, stopping at the seam on the bottom.

Flicking her tongue ever so rapidly, along the seam, she would find the hole where the clear fluid was coming out and it would feel like she was trying to get her tongue into that little sensitive hole. Then she would stop and wait, just long enough for the thrill to course through my body and once more down the shaft, each time bringing me closer to an explosion.

Finally, and she knew when the time was right, she would omit the tip licking and just concentrate on the up and down motion, holding my cock tightly in her mouth and moving at an ever faster rate as my orgasm progressed. Then, she never changed pace when the come spasms started, moving up and down just like a machine and she would keep that motion up at the same speed until I indicated that I was ready to rest.

I can’t speak for you, but nothing hurts me worse than to have my sucker stop when there are still throbs left in my body. It has happened to me so many times, that I now ask anyone blowing me to stay with it till I signal, enough. If they still stop too soon, I grab my cock and jack the rest of it off in order to get over that feeling of being left up on the mountain.

While Edwina didn’t like to swallow come, she didn’t mind the flavor and would roll it around in her mouth before letting it drip slowly out of her mouth and drip on my belly and cock. Sometimes she would kiss me with a load in her mouth, and pass part of it for me to taste. Try it. Kind of fun and exciting.

Now Edwina had a sister-in-law that I had met at a dance, but because their last names were different I never connected the two until I had known them both for quite some time. This gal’s name was Martina and we had had good sex from the time we met.

While I enjoy a blow job as you now know, it is not the be all that ends all as far as sex is concerned. In fact, I like to get on top and just fuck the old fashioned way if the girl is enjoying it. I support my weight on my elbows and keep most of my weight off the pelvis so that I can curl my hips in a smooth even rhythm and after I get by the frantic drive of the first orgasm, I can control myself so that I can continue the pace whether the girl is coming or not, and do it for as long as my partner wants me to.

Now Martina liked to do it this way, but what she really liked was for me to go down on her. Because there is nothing I enjoy more than eating pussy, we got along pretty well. I would usually start the activity by getting her off with my tongue because it made her more sensitive when we fucked and once she came the first time, she would have just one long continuous orgasm as my body moved up and down in coitus.

Finally we would get to the good part for her. I would stretch out flat on my belly between her legs; put my arms under and around those beautiful thighs so that my hands were flat on her stomach. Then I would take my fingers and place the tips on each side of her vagina and spread the thick lips so far apart that the little man stood straight up.

Hers was just a very tiny little point but it was so sensitive that she would come if I just flicked it tenderly with the tip of my tongue. I would then make an “O” with my lips and place it on the flat area around her clit and inside her cunt-lips. Then holding her heavenly legs tightly in my arms, I would start massaging that tiny shaft of hers.

When she started to come she would buck so violently that I would have gotten a bruised lip if I failed to hold her legs so that she stayed pressed against my mouth. She could come like this for at least half an hour before tiring herself so much that she would have to beg for rest. While she rested, I would leave my mouth in place and just not touch my tongue to her clit. When she had caught up with her breathing, once again the soft clitoris massage, and immediately her hips were in the air again, FUN.

One evening I phoned Edwina and asked her to come over to my place for some hot tub. During the conversation she mentioned Martina and the fact that they were related by marriage. My response was to suggest that we pick her up and make the pool party a little bigger. Either the idea of a threesome sounded good to Edwina or she didn’t realize the kind of pool party that I had in mind, because she agreed immediately.

After we reached the house, and we reached the tub side sans clothes I thought that I must be one of the luckiest guys in the world to have two such beautiful nude bodies sharing the tub with me. Of course I had a lot more sharing ideas in mind but I was fully prepared to lose on that one. I’d heard of two gals and one guy making it, but I never really believed that it could happen.

Well we talked and laughed and got better acquainted and because of the air and bubbles in the water, I was able to reach over and touch Edwina’s bottom side without it showing on the surface. She realized that and was enjoying the fun. After a time I reached across and started moving my other hand up the inside of Martina’s leg. No resistance so I moved up to the point where I could feel those wonderful cunt lips and I gently stroked and explored the crack between.

Pretty soon I took Martina’s hand and put it over on my hard cock and was please when there was no resistance. Now I reached out and took Edwina’s hand and brought it up under my balls. To my delight, both girls were exploring and soon enough they discovered that they were “sharing”. Both of them jerked away at the surprise contact then, they started to giggle and as I had one hand between each girl’s legs, we were still in contact in a way.

I laughed with them and the once again put Edwina’s hand back on my tool and I then put Martina’s hand right on top of Edwina’s. This time lots of giggling and hand action but no withdrawing. Now lots of body contact with my arms around both girls and I pulled them close so that there were four breasts pressed against my hard body.

Without a word we all rose from the pool and started drying off and we fell immediately on the pads beside the pool, me in the center with a hunk of soft smooth beautiful girl on each side of me. Martina was first and as soon as she was close enough I started massaging a breast and delightedly watched as she spread her legs for action.

As Edwina started to settle down I sort of forced her into the 69 position. You could see that she was puzzled and perhaps disappointed when it looked as if she would be the second to get attention. She had only a short worry however, because I wet my prick and immediately mounted Martina and as soon as I was all the way in, I pressed on Edwina’s legs so that she guessed immediately what was going to happen next. Her legs spread apart and I dropped my head in her lovely perfumed crotch.

My arm went around her pelvis so that my hand fitted right up into her crack and I pushed on her little pucker as my tongue sought her succulent clit. When I got her fat little man between my lips, I started the massage action and then thought about what was happening to me inside Martina’s hot body. She was hot literally, her cunt was just boiling! I started a steady in and out pace and felt her instant response.

Her hips were rising several inches off the beach mat and she was strong enough to lift me with her. She was ready to fuck and she wanted to get off right away. I didn’t have to do a thing but stay on top and wait. That allowed me to give all my thought to Edwina’s cunt and I decided that I would try to give her the best ever.

I hadn’t counted on so much help from Martina. Her body thrusts were throwing me against Edwina in a steady sexual rhythm and when she started to moan no one could have kept control of their sex drive.

Her cries were low at first and deep in her belly then they got louder and more plaintive and then she started to beg and plead, “Fuck me. FUCK ME! Fuck my cunt deeper! Deeper, deeper, oh please… deeper! Fuck me deeper and harder!” She was pleading with such desperation that it affected both Edwina and myself. Then Edwina started shouting, “Don’t stop now! Don’t stop for god’s sake don’t stop! I’m coming I’m coming! Oh there it is, suck me now!”

All the while Martina is just whimpering and crying fuck me fuck me fuuuuuck me. My orgasm had started along there somewhere but I didn’t know when so I pulled my face out of Edwina’s cunt looked down at Martina and said baby this one is for you. With that the thrusts began, each one harder and faster than the last and jizz was flying into her cunt with every stroke. Just for fun, I pulled it out and shot one string up Martina’s belly then thrust it back into her cunt to finish the load and slowly my strokes tapered off.

We stopped for a drink and a little rest and then we reversed the procedure. I got on top of Edwina put my prick into her wet hole and put my face down between Martina’s beautiful legs. And we were off to the races again. What a beautiful sharing friendship.

Like to try it? Just ask two girls to share your hot tub!