My Wife Fucks Her Old Classmates

My wife Debbie had received an invitation to her high school reunion, it was to be held in a small town in Florida. We thought it’d be fun to see how well her old classmates were doing so we planned to attend.

It was interesting to watch Debbie getting ready, she was all nervous and tried on at least 10 different outfits before deciding on a short black body clinging knit dress, black stockings and heels. Even black panties, and bra. Her red hair had been freshly styled and she looked great!

Debbie was by far the best-dressed and best-looking woman there. A well-dressed black man approached Debbie; he had a broad smile, “Remember me?” he asked.

Debbie hugged him tightly, his name was Terry and they’d been school chums back in the old days. Debbie and Terry talked about their senior year, recalling the senior prom. Then soon another black guy approached, and I watched as she hugged him like an old friend. Then the three of them continued to reminisce about prom night and high school happening.

To my surprise their conversation came around to after the prom and the fact that several of the guys had gone up to a lake where a beer party was being held. Apparently Debbie and Terry had gone there but they ended up in Terry’s car making out and soon they both were naked in the back seat.

My jaw dropped when Terry recalled how he had enjoyed seeing her tits and red hair-clad pussy. He went on to say that he had just about gotten half way in her cunt when someone had shown a flashlight through the car window. It was a Sheriff.

He continued with his story and the bitter end to the tale was that the Sheriff made the two teens get dressed and he took them to the sheriff’s office where Debbie’s parents were told what had happened and been summoned down to pick her up.

Needless to say, Debbie wasn’t allowed to go out again until after she’d graduated.

After the reunion was over Debbie invited Terry and Jeff to our motel room to continue the reminiscing of their school days.

We arrived back at the room and Debbie took off her dress and put on a negligee. I went to retrieve a twelve pack of beer from the cooler and we were relaxed. Debbie told Terry she was sorry that they hadn’t had the chance to finish what they’d started.

Terry was surprised when I suggested a foursome. “You know, to make up for old disappointments,” I said. To keep Terry’s attention Debbie took off her negligee and panties and lay back on the bed naked. The she said in a low sexy tone, “C’mon Terry, lets finish it now.”

I soon realized that Terry had a pretty big cock. He didn’t need further encouragement, and was soon as naked as my wife. I was a little surprised that he didn’t say something to me, (they usually do.) but he didn’t seem to care that he was naked with my wife and his buddy Jeff and I were watching them.

He began to finger Debbie’s pussy, saying, “Oh yeah honey, let me check this bootie out. Oh yeah baby you got a nice one. Now I am going to do something I’ve wanted to do ever since we were just in grade school.” And he mounted her, guiding his big think black cock into her red-haired pussy. He pushed his cockhead to her opening and he slowly worked the head inside of her cunt. Then with a quick hard thrust he was in her balls deep. I watched his toes dig in to the sheets as he tried to jamb his big cock even farther up her cunt.

They fucked back at each other furiously while Jeff and I watched then, slowly stroking our own cocks.

Then as I watched Terry’s shiny black body stiffened and he grunted as he let his load go. Debbie knew what was happening and clutched at him humping wildly back at his motionless stiff body.

Then suddenly Terry was slamming into her hard again making her groan as his black balls smacked against her brown asshole. Debbie screamed in ecstasy as she came on his slick sticky cock as he continued to pound her into the sweaty mattress.

That day Terry fucked her three more times before Jeff feed her cunt his nine-inches of his cockmeat. They both took turns fucking her, making her come over and over again until she was finally all fucked out.

But Terry wanted it one more time. And when he finally pulled out the last time he left Debbie with a gaping stretched out cunt. She was totally exhausted and almost in a daze by then.

The next day Debbie said her cunt was sore and bruised from being slammed by such huge cocks. I thoroughly enjoyed the whole event. The only downside was that I had to wait a week before I could fuck her, she was that sore.

But when the time came I fucked her brains out over and over again with the vision of the two big black men using my wife the a common whore, and the vision of her begging for more…