Adult Book Store

Hi, my name is Kathy, and this story is one I’ve wanted to relate to the group for some time. Hope you like it.

About 5-6 years ago, I walked into my first “Adult Book Store”. To say that I was apprehensive would have been an understatement. I was anxious to see what these “Book Stores” were all about though… so I went along with my husband.

Wearing my low cut, wrap around dress with no bra and underwear as my husband had requested, we entered the store. There must have been 7-10 guys browsing through the magazine racks. All of the magazines had “graphic” type pictures on them, such as women with “big tits”, some with “milking breasts”, others being fucked in the ass, some being gang-banged, and others with other women etc. We browsed through a few, when he made the sug- gestion that we should go in the back to see some “movies”. As we walked up to the counter to get some quarters for the machines, I couldn’t help notice all of the toys (dildos, creams, games, inflatable dolls) that were in the glass counter. After getting our 5 dollars worth of quarters we stepped into the back.

Walking down a narrow aisle of about 10 feet, we came upon 3 bulletin boards that listed the movies along with some pictures and the number of the booth that they were being shown in. Walking down the 3-4 aisles we finally came to one of the booths that had a movie that we had chosen to watch. We entered the dark booth and somehow he found the slot to put the quarters in. This movie showed a girl with two guys, she was on her knees sucking one guy’s cock while the other was fucking her from behind. After a couple minutes of fucking and sucking them, they climbed up on to the couch. With the first guy laying down, she slowly sat on him, guiding his cock into her cunt. Once again they started fucking. The other guy walked up and started to rub Vaseline all over his cock and started to play with her ass.

About that time the movie stopped, so my mate had to put in more quarters. As the movie resumed the camera zoomed in to a close-up shot of the first guy’s cock sliding in and out of the lady’s pussy. After a couple more minutes the second guy decided to mount the girl. Continuing the close up shot, the 2nd guy slipped his cock into her ass. Even though it was thoroughly lubricated, it took some time before he finally had it stuffed all the way up her ass.

The movie scene must have had a “turning-on” effect with my husband because he started to play with my breasts, at first he was just massaging them through the thin material, but soon he unwrapped my dress and started to massage them from behind. For a reason that I wouldn’t know till later, he turned me away from the movie and had me face one of the walls.

Reaching from behind he swung my dress to the side exposing my naked body to the wall and slowly put his cock into me. After a couple minutes, the movie ended and instead of putting in more quarters, we dressed and left the booth to find another one.

We quickly found another booth and inserted a couple quarters, this second movie showed a guy fucking a woman in the ass, nothing special until he pulled out, I couldn’t believe the size of his cock. It must have been 13 inches long (found out later that he was John Holmes) after a few minutes the girl started to suck his cock. Of course because of his size she couldn’t take all of him, but she was trying. Watching her trying to deep throat this “horse” made me all excited and I soon dropped to my knees and I pulled my husband’s cock free from his pants. As I continued to suck on his cock he once again pointed me in the direction of a wall. As the door to the booth was both locked and dark, and with only the light from the movie showing on us, I allowed him to once again unwrap my dress and to play with my tits.

Once again the movie ended and he inserted more quar- ters. As I continued to suck on his cock he reached for my hand and held it for a few moments, whispering into my ear that everything would be O.K. and not to be afraid. He then pressed my hand against the wall allow- ing it to rest against the cold surface. After a couple minutes though he guided it lower to the floor and then “shock”, I couldn’t believe it, I felt something hard and warm, peering through the darkness, I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. A hole had been cut out of the wall and sticking through it was a man’s cock. This cock was about standing at attention, 7″ long and very thick, again telling me that everything was O.K. my husband guided my hand to this cock, as he encouraged me to feel it. With some hesitation I started to play with this “second” cock, running my fingers up and down the length. Soon afterwards my husband guided my head to this “second” cock, I could sense that he was getting excited at the idea of seeing me suck this cock that was sticking through the hole in the wall. Not wanting to disappoint him, I slowly started to lick and fondle the shaft, feeling the veins and licking his hairy balls.

To my surprise I started to get excited and slowly started to suck this cock, at first I could hardly swallow him, the head was almost as large as my fist and eventually could only take about 3 inches of him. But than I had a better idea, getting up, I pressed my ass against the wall feeling the cock slide between my legs. letting the head brush up against my pussy but not letting it enter me. Not wanting to be left out of the action, my mate had me bend forward so that I could start sucking on his cock once again. I’d never felt his cock so hard and started to give him my best blow job, slurping up and down his cock the best way I know how. At that point my mate surprised me once again by saying that he didn’t want to be the only one to cum in me.

Taking the hint, I reached behind me and slowly guided this “strange cock” towards the slit of my pussy. Al- though my pussy was wet and slippery, at first I could take only a couple inches. As I slowly started to thrust back and forth though he gradually filled me completely. He soon started to pump me fast and furious. Squeezing my nipples tightly my mate came in my mouth and as I tried to swallow all of his cum, I felt this “strange cock” pump his cum into my pussy. After a couple of minutes he slowly slipped out of my pussy and we quickly dressed. Not yet having cum myself I thought that we were leaving for home but to my surprise we had other “movies” to see.

As we left the booth, I noticed that there were several men hanging in the aisle. Walking past the booth where the strange cock had been, I noticed that the door was open and apparently the guy had left. As we came to the end of the fourth aisle, there were some stairs leading downstairs.

Climbing down the stairs, once again we came upon some more movie “booths” along with the bulletin boards, describing the type of movies, etc. Pausing for a moment to choose a couple movies we walked down a couple aisles to look for them.

Near the end of one of the aisles, we entered a booth. This booth was much larger than the first two and in fact had a chair in it that I could sit in. As we in- serted quarters into the movie, I quickly glanced at the walls and noticed that this one also had holes cut into the sides of the booth.

After a couple of minutes I took the initiative and approached the wall, and peering through the hole I could see that someone was looking at me. Feeling excitement I pressed my nipple into the opening and quickly felt a tongue licking and sucking my tit. Pulling gently he managed to squeeze a little of my breast through the hole and continued to suck on it. Not yet ready for another go round my mate just gave his approval and watched for a few minutes. Feeling my legs starting to get tired I stood up and sat in the chair. The guy in the next booth whispered through the hole that he wanted to join us. After asking me if it would be O.K. my mate whispered back that it would be O.K. Hearing him unlock our door my heart started to beat madly, but I anxiously awaited.

When this guy entered the room, he did not say a word but quickly knelt before me and slowly lifted my dress and started to suck on my pussy. Seeing another man on my pussy, my husband pulled his cock out and brought it to my mouth. Feeling the pleasure of the tongue on my clit I started to suck on him in earnest. Suddenly my mate pulled out and unlocked the door, fearing that he was leaving I started to get up when I realized that he was letting in another person. Once again reassuring me that everything was O.K. and that I could quit when- ever I wanted to, I sat down in the chair. Once again the first guy started to suck my pussy, moving his tongue inside my pussy. I lifted my legs on top of his shoulders and leaned back to enjoy. At that moment the 2nd guy brought his cock towards my lips and I started to suck him. After a couple minutes I switched posi- tions and got on my knees in the chair. The first guy started to fuck me, slowly at first and than faster. He soon came and the 2nd guy switched positions and soon started to eat my pussy, inserting his fingers into my moist cum filled pussy he then started to rub his fingers into the wet cum filled area around my ass hole.

After a few minutes he then started to play with my ass and inserted his fingers into my ass. My new lover then stood up and slowly started to fuck my cunt. Pulling out he brought the head of his cock towards my ass and feeling me push backwards toward him he started to in- sert his cock into my ass. Being slippery he entered my ass easily and as he started to squeeze my ass cheeks he started to fuck me. Not remembering too much, I do remember how good and filling it felt. My mate, not wanting to be left out inserted his cock into my mouth and as I sucked and slurped on his cock he soon came.

The first guy, wanting more, took my mate’s place and I soon brought him back to life. With one cock up my ass and another in my mouth, I was feeling ecstasy. After the guy fucking me in my ass came, the one that I was giving head to, came around and he too started to fuck me in my now lubricated ass. He started fucking me fast and furious from the start and after 4-5 minutes came once again. The strangers dressed and left the booth.

Getting dressed myself, my mate and I soon left the booth. As we left the booth and started to leave the store I couldn’t help but notice all of the men watch- ing me, or I should say my ass, and wanting their own chance to share my body.