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Hot Tub Fun

Edwina could suck cock as good as any person I ever had blow me. First of all, she did it with an enthusiasm that made me know that she was aware of the feelings that were going through my body and she acted as if she were feeling the excitement in her own body right along with me. In fact, she came during one of my climaxes even though she had one hand on my shaft and the other under and around my balls.

She was sitting next to me with her knees together and as she told me later, she could come if she were excited enough and she squeezed her legs together rhythmically. Her method was to run her hot mouth firmly down my rod to the base and then slowly withdraw it with enough suction to make a pop when the head slipped out. Then she would slowly run her tongue over the shiny blue head curling the tip so that it moved around just under the edge of the cap, stopping at the seam on the bottom.

Flicking her tongue ever so rapidly, along the seam, she would find the hole where the clear fluid was coming out and it would feel like she was trying to get her tongue into that little sensitive hole. Then she would stop and wait, just long enough for the thrill to course through my body and once more down the shaft, each time bringing me closer to an explosion.

Finally, and she knew when the time was right, she would omit the tip licking and just concentrate on the up and down motion, holding my cock tightly in her mouth and moving at an ever faster rate as my orgasm progressed. Then, she never changed pace when the come spasms started, moving up and down just like a machine and she would keep that motion up at the same speed until I indicated that I was ready to rest.