My Slutty Wife Lori

I met Lori in college. We met through a mutual friend and we hit it off right away. We both loved to fuck and we couldn’t get enough of each other. We married after a couple years and continued to have great sex. Knowing how Lori loved to fuck, I figured she had a lot of guys before me. She is good looking and loves to flirt. I would ask Lori about her previous guys during sex and she told me about some wild times she had. She said a friend told her once that she would never be married because she can not be satisfied by just one guy. The stories made me very hot and I told her how I would love to watch her sometime with another guy. She seemed turned on by the idea so I pushed her to tell me what guys turned her on. She finally told me that she is very turned on by bikers and my buddy Chuck made her wet.

One night when I knew we would be alone for the night, I called Chuck and invited him over for dinner. I told him that Lori liked bikes and that maybe he could give her a ride after dinner since I do not own a motorcycle. He gladly accepted and I went to tell Lori. I was worried that Lori would be nervous and back out, but she seemed very excited when I told her. She made a nice dinner before Chuck got here and then ran in to change when she heard his bike pull up.

I invited Chuck in and got us a couple beers. I was shocked when Lori came out in a little black skirt and a low cut top. Chuck liked her also as he got up and hugged her. She sat on the couch between us and I was getting very excited. Lori told me to get her a drink and I could hear her flirting and laughing with him as I moved slowly to get her drink.We ate dinner and had a couple more drinks. After dinner Lori said “Come with me Chuck,he can clean the kitchen”. I watched them walk in the living room as I started to wash the dishes. I could hear them laughing and I peeked in and saw them on the couch, sitting pretty close. Her feet were up on th coffee table and I got a peek off her sexy green thong.

As i am cleaning the kitchen, Lori pokes her head in and says “Chuck wants to take me for a ride on his motorcycle, I am going to change”. I saw Chuck walk down past the bedroom to the bathroom. Lori told me later that she let Chuck get a “peek” of her thong, by “forgetting” to close the door and waiting to pull up her pants until she heard him come out of the bathroom. Lori came out in a pair of jeans and a sweatshirt because it was cool out that evening.

I was very excited and did not know what to say. Lori came in the kitchen and kissed me on the cheek and said she wouldn’t be to long. I said ok and then watched at the window as she mounted the bike and put her arms around Chuck. They rode off and I could see her getting closer after they started. I finished the kitchen and popped in a porno. I figured she would be hot to fuck when they got back and i hoped to watch her fuck my buddy. I waited a couple hours and was not sure what to think. Where did they go? A long ride or what?

The phone rang about 3 hours after they had left, it was Lori. She told me she was at Chuck’s and that the headlight on the bike went out so they had to go to his place because it was closer.She told me to come over there and pick her up. She ran out to the car as I pulled up, got in and said “Lets go, I have a new story to tell you when we get home”. Now i was very excited.She said his headlight went out and they were close to his house so they went there. (I later found out that she was rubbing his cock on the ride so he took her to his place)As I drove, she told me he was showing her his other motorcycles in the garage when she told him how I liked hearing stories about her fooling around. Chuck said “well let’s give him a good story then”. My cock grew as I hurried home. Lori said “Does it excite you that I just had sex with your buddy?

“Oh yes” I replied.

“Good” she said “and can I do it whenever I please.

When we were home, she was laying in bed in her thong telling me how Chuck had fucked her. She got bent over the bike first and then taken up to his bedroom. They fucked and sucked for a couple hours. Lori spread her legs and her pussy lips and said ” see Chuck’s load in me”. I nodded. She said ok your turn. With that I got on top of her and plunged my cock in the hottest juiciest pussy I ever experienced. Lori was so hot and I came in her almost immediately. She asked me if I liked her gooey pussy. i said I did very much. She said “Good, because Chuck has a big cock and I will be seeing it again. That was just the beginning of the wild times ahead for my slutty wife.

Lori would get a call from Chuck, sometimes late at night, and she would go out to his place to “play”. She came home with a hot gooey pussy and a nasty story to tell me. He liked fucking outdoors and often took her on his porch and had her suck his cock, Then he would bend her over and fuck her over the railing and blow a big wad in her.I loved fucking that hot nasty pussy as she told me what she had done.

The first time I saw Lori fucking is something I will never forget. Late one night I heard a tapping at our bedroom window. It was Chuck and I hear Lori whisper through the widow for him to go to the front door. I said where are you going and she just told me to stay in bed and pretend I was asleep. My cock grew instantly hard as I watched her get up. She was wearing a short nighty that barely covered her ass She ran out to the front door and let him in. Next,I heard some muffled moans so I got up and sneaked done the hallway. I peaked in the living room and Lori was on her knees in front of Chuck with his massive cock hanging out of his pants and in her mouth. I heard him ask where I was ans she told him I was asleep and that they could go downstairs to the extra bedroom. He reached down and pulled her nighty over her head and off. He grabbed the back of her head and steered her mouth back on his cock. I stroked my cock as I watched her sucking him off naked in front of the front door.

I heard him say lets go so I hurried back into my bed. I could just catch a glimpse of her naked ass as they walked to the steps to go downstairs. I waited a few minutes and then went to the top of the stairs to watch and listen. They were in the bedroom already so I went down a couple stairs to peek. I could see her undressing him. She was rubbing her nipples on his hairy chest which she had told me excited her a lot. she pulled his pant down and remained on her knees to suck him some more. I was naked now and stoking my cock as I watched my wife sucking a huge cock. He laid her on the bed and spread her legs. I could see him bury his face into her hot pussy as I heard her moan. He licked her and sucked on her clit as she ground her pussy in his face. He licked her for what seemed like forever and I took the opportunity to get all the way down the stairs and next to the bedroom door.I heard her start to whimper “Fuck me Chuck, Please fuck me” I thought I was going to spew on the wall as I heard my wife begging to be fucked by this big biker.
He said “What do you want bitch?”

She cried out “I want your big cock in me, please give it to me”

He said “Who’s whore are you”

Lori said “I’m your whore Chuck, whenever you want it, where ever you want it”

With that he plunged his cock in her pussy and started pumping her hard. She had her hand on her clit as he pumped her and I knew she was going to cum. She let out a series of loud moans and Chuck pumped her even harder. He started moaning loudly as he blew a load of cum in my wife.

I snuck back upstairs and waited. About an hour later she came up and got into bed with me. She said ” I saw you peeking naughty boy, Did you like the show?”
“Oh yes Lori, it made my cock very hard” I replied.

She told me to put my finger in her pussy and then lick it and then to suck my finger. “You like tasting our cum together dont you”

“Yes Lori”

“Then lick me” she said spreading her legs.

I could see his cum running out of her freshly fucked pussy. She told me as I licked her that Chuck was asleep downstairs and that she was going back down to be with him when he woke up. I was very turned on and started to beg her to let me fuck her, She said “OK, but hurry up I have to get back down stairs”

I mounted her and came almost immediately. Chuck had stretched her out so much , all I felt was her gooey juices.

As I rolled off of her, she got up and kind of laughed something like “I did not know you were in me” and said to me “Stay in the bedroom this time or else I won’t let you watch again. I am going back downstairs”.

She left and shut the bedroom door. I fell asleep and awoke to moaning in the basement in the morning. I wanted to go look but I did not want to get caught. I beat off listening and waited till I heard Chuck leave. When Lori came back up she told me to wait until that night to hear her story because she was to tired to fuck again.
I have watched Lori fuck a few guys now but the first time is my most memorable.