Enjoyable Bachelorette Party

I have been married for almost 2 years now. But I have been unfaithful. I have only been with one other man but many many times. The worst part about it is my affair started on the night before my wedding. I am writing this because I am afraid to tell anyone but I can’t keep it inside of me. My marriage is a good one for the most part. My husband is fairly attractive, a little over weight and out of shape. He is very wealthy, very sweet and understanding. I myself am not so bad either. I was a lingerie model on my way to success before I got involved with my husband. He let me stop working when we decided to get married.

If I hadn’t left the agency I would have been the top model for a line of under wear designed for voluptuous yet slender Asian women just like me. I tried my luck with Victoria’s Secret but I was too short. I am 23 years old 5’2″, 87 lbs, my measurements are 35-21-35 and I don’t know a woman with silkier sexier legs than mine. I could never let my husband know. He would probably forgive me and would try to give what I get out of my affair with Tyrone. But if I had to choose between them, Tyrone would be my pick without any hesitation. I love Michael very much and I thought I would be with Tyrone one time and never see him again. But Tyrone gave me something Michael never could – a very very thick dick and hours of screaming orgasms. My first time with Tyrone, and what I planned on being the only time, I became hopelessly addicted to his huge cock.

I remember first seeing him in the restaurant at the hotel we were staying and having the wedding at. It was the rehearsal dinner, my rehearsal dinner and I did not recognize this man. When I asked Michael who he was Michael told me he was his very very wealthy father’s new body guard Tyrone. He was very muscular, tall, and very good looking, black man with dark I mean coffee bean dark skin. He looked powerful. He managed to avoid me the short time he was there, little did I know I would see him again later that night.

After the diner my husband was dragged to the strip bar by some of his buddies. At word of this my friends decided to put together a last minute bachelorette party. They new there was enough booze in my hotel room so all they needed now was a stripper. My bridesmaid Jill saw how I looked at Tyrone at the diner and figured he would be perfect. Between them they had more than enough cash to persuade him. Tyrone agreed to do it. At 11:45 alone in the honeymoon suite I was pleasantly surprised by my bridal party Jill, Kelly and Sarah, and my younger 19 year old cousin Kaiko cheerfully barging into the room. They had started drinking without me and were more than a little intoxicated. They tried to get me to drink but I refused and I never gave in.

About 15 minutes after they arrived there was a nock at the door, they answered it and I was surprised to see it was Tyrone. I was a little upset that the hadn’t warned me considering I was only wearing a silk pink thin strapped nity that came down to my mid thy and a very small pair of panties. Immediately I figured out what had happened. I of course protested although a small part of me was interested is seeing a bare chested 290 lb 6’7″ black hunk of pure muscle prance around for me.

For having no experience as an exotic dancer Tyrone had some nice moves. Although he stripped a little too quickly and he was down to his long silk boxers is minutes. Jill asked him to take them off but I told him I had a better Idea. I had some of my husband’s clothes in the honeymoon suite with me for when he came and slept here tomorrow night. included was a pair of tight white bikini under ware. My husband had a 40″ waist so I was sure the briefs would fit Tyrone. This way I thought we could slip dollars into the side of the briefs like they do in those strip bars like my husband was at, at the time. I gave them to Tyrone and he went into the bathroom to change into them.

I don’t quite remember exactly what happened but I think Jill spilled cranberry juice on Sarrah or the other way around but they hat quite a screaming match and of course ruined the party. In a matter of minutes everyone had left except for myself and Tyrone. I was a little upset but not furious. My bridal party was at war, my husband was ogling over strange women. The door cracked open to the bathroom. Tyrone stepped out with a towel around him. Before he could say anything I asked why he was wearing the towel. He asked where every one went. I told him what had happed. He asked if a little lap dance would cheer me up. I hesitated and thought about the fact that Michael had probably had several lap dances by now. I said yes to Tyrone’s offer.

Then I repeated my question about the towel. He said the underwear I gave him did not fit. I gave him a look expressing that I clearly did not believe him. He again said that they just did not fit. I asked if he had tried them on at all. He told me he had them on. I demanded he gave me a lap dance in those bikini briefs. He walked over to me and began to dance close to me as a sat in the chair he still had the towel on and I still was wearing the pink silk nighty and those tiny panties and the kind of panties you save for a night of incredible sex.. Tyrone continued to dance he had amazing rhythm but I felt like he was trying to avoid taking off the towel. So the first chance I got I yanked it off of him. He grabbed it out of my hand and threw it on the floor and then I got a good look at him…at it.

I went to college at a modeling academy for Asian girls and just a few blocks from the campus was a store for adult toys and books. One of the toys was realistic looking red dildo that had to be 8″ long and as thick as my ankle. All the girls would frequent the store just to see it and every time I saw it I had to masturbate soon. If you think Caucasian women are hung up on dick size, it is a little known fact that Asian women, though difficult to satisfy in bed by an average man and imposable to satisfy by a man with a small penis, a thick dick is guaranteed to make any Asian woman cum over and over again. Asian women can not resist a strong man with a thick dick. But most of us don’t know they exist. Like all the girls at the modeling academy. But when I removed the towel from Tyrone’s waist I was proven wrong. The under ware did not fit. him. The same bikini briefs that loosely concealed my husband’s tiny dick even when fully erect could not even come close to containing Tyrone’s thick cock. His dick was almost identical to the dildo in thickness (at least 5 times thicker than my husband) and length and it wasn’t even hard yet. Tyrone watched me squirm in my chair and let about a gasp of unmistakable sexual desire at the sight of his massive wife corrupting cock. I could see he was quite flattered, but I don’t think he caught the desperate sincerity in my desire.

He knew I was enjoying the show, however Tyrone had been with many women in his life but I was the first Asian woman and he had no idea the power he had over me now. I had only been with white and Asian men intimately and I heard that black guys were slightly larger than white men and Asian men but I thought only horses were endowed the way Tyrone was. I could feel the moisture soaking through my panties. I had to cross my legs tightly to subside the burning in my crotch. Tyrone danced around me still playing with me. My eyes took every opportunity to sneak a glance at his cock. He crouched behind the chair and whispered in my ear.

He asked me if I had ever seen a cock as big as his. I just shook my head. He asked me if I like big dicks. I answered yes in my panting voice. Walked back around to the front of me. My eyes were no longer taking glances, I stared seductively at the thick shaft of flesh that far too large for the briefs that tried to contain it. He continued his little game and asked me how big Michael’s penis was. The though of Michael should have brought me back to the world of fidelity but I can not emphasize what a turn on thick dick is to Asian women. I tried to show him with my hands but then I noticed Tyrone’s huge hands and noticed his thumb was a little larger around and almost as long as Michael’s dick. I asked Tyrone for his hand, held his thumb and told him it was almost as thick as it was. He asked me if I was kidding. He told me that was quite small. Then I could tell he could smell my vagina. He knew I was very aroused.

Tyrone’s mood changed and he told me he was going to leave. I felt a kind of relief as he started to gather his clothes. But as he searched for his sox I noticed him looking at me. I am not going to lie… I know I am a very good looking woman and I could tell he was be ginning to notice it. This was getting me further aroused. He was still in the bikini underwear and I once again stared looking horny as hell at his big black dick. He stared at me. His dick began to stiffen. My sexual desire was boiling over as I watched his dick grow even thicker and longer. My hand found its way between my legs and I ground my palm against my crotch. He saw this and dropped the clothing he had gathered up. The crotch of the bikini briefs could no longer withstand his incredible size and the force of his growing cock ripped right through the fabric and stuck strait out. I gasped and let out a soft moan.

He marched over to me and pulled my hand away from my crotch. Then he reached under my nighty, grabbed my panties and slowly slid them down my legs past my curling toes. With my hands free of my own genitals I reached for his. My hand seemed so small as I grasped the fully erect cock. It was too thick for one hand to close around the incredible girth. The extreme firmness of it was amazing. It was like grabbing a wooden railing. I tried to kneed and play with it but it was unbendable and so fucking hard. Everything about Tyrone is hard and masculine. He’s such a stud. The fact that he can kill a man with his bare hands makes me want to fuck him even more. He makes my husband seem so soft and almost feminine.

He put one hand under my ass and the other behind my back and lifted me off the chair. He pressed me against his chest and wrapped one arm around my waist while my legs wrapped around his torso. With his other hand he grabbed his thick manhood and gently placed the swollen head at the opening to my hemorrhaging pussy. I began to breathe heavy and wrapped my whole body around his as his cock made contact with my vaginal lips. I felt his palm on the back or my head. He Pressed his lips firmly to mine with an incredible kiss and began to force his thick pussy pleaser inside of me. With my lips against his I screamed and moaned primal cries of lust into his mouth as he penetrated deeper and deeper inside of me.

I don’t no how deep he was when he stopped but he was further in than any one else had never been. He pulled his lips away when my screaming subsided. I looked him in the eye and commanded him to fuck me. I saw how excited he became and then his powerful dick twitched inside of my tiny sensitive pussy. My toes curled, my hair flailed, my hips began bucking out of control with my back arched so sharply my tits were pointing strait at the ceiling, and I screamed and screamed and screamed as my pussy exploded into a wife corrupting orgasm, just from Tyrone twitching his dick. In my screaming cries of sexual ecstasy I used some choice language and requested or more accurately, begged for Tyrone to fuck me as hard as he could. Before he administered his amazing stud service I caught a look at my self in the mirror.

There I was. My pale silky skinned body looked so tiny wrapped around Tyrone’s huge dark physique. I also noticed his cock was less than half way inside of me. Then, forcefully he gabbed my head and pressed his lips to mine again. He new what he was about to do was going to really make me scream. He started forcing it deeper inside of me. As it penetrated deeper I felt myself approaching another incredible climax. He went all the way in and held it while another screaming orgasm plowed over me. Forcefully he yanked it out and just as forcefully he rammed it right back in—another climax. He began bobbing me up and down, thrusting forcefully up into me as each time I came down. My tight pussy was clenching for life on the kind of cock all Asian girls have wet dreams about. Hours before I was mild tempered wife to be, so pure and faithful.

Now I was seduced and corrupted by Tyrone and his thick black dick, pistoning up and down on my new toy in a shameless raging frenzy of screaming orgasms, one on top of the next… and I loved every second of it. He must have fucked me standing up for almost 2 hours, then from behind, then I got to ride it. I love to ride cock. What I hated about Michael and all the other guys I’ve been with is when I ride there cock If I go wild, like women love to when there on top, they always cum too early. But Tyrone’s cock I named it “The Scream Machine” could withstand anything I did to bring myself pleasure. By contrast, my pussy cannot take anything his cock does. When I’m riding The Scream Machine every time that pussy paralyzing shaft of 1000% man shifts inside of my spasming pussy I’m I can’t help but just start cumming like crazy.

Tyrone pleasured me until the early morning. We had to go to breakfast with the families. Around noon I said I wanted to go shopping in town alone. I asked Michael’s father if Tyrone would accompany me to make me feel safer. Michael’s father obliged, and I spent most of that afternoon in the fitting rooms of a lingerie store with Tyrone’s hand over my mouth to silence my screams of feminine sexual gratification.

I didn’t get to see Tyrone again until I came back from my honeymoon. Now a week does not go by without me paying him a visit.

On one of our meetings I told him about the modeling academy and the dildo. Tyrone paid a visit to the academy. Now those gorgeous 18 and 19 year old girls are regularly paying for a ride on The Scream Machine.