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Enjoyable Bachelorette Party

I have been married for almost 2 years now. But I have been unfaithful. I have only been with one other man but many many times. The worst part about it is my affair started on the night before my wedding. I am writing this because I am afraid to tell anyone but I can’t keep it inside of me. My marriage is a good one for the most part. My husband is fairly attractive, a little over weight and out of shape. He is very wealthy, very sweet and understanding. I myself am not so bad either. I was a lingerie model on my way to success before I got involved with my husband. He let me stop working when we decided to get married.

If I hadn’t left the agency I would have been the top model for a line of under wear designed for voluptuous yet slender Asian women just like me. I tried my luck with Victoria’s Secret but I was too short. I am 23 years old 5’2″, 87 lbs, my measurements are 35-21-35 and I don’t know a woman with silkier sexier legs than mine. I could never let my husband know. He would probably forgive me and would try to give what I get out of my affair with Tyrone. But if I had to choose between them, Tyrone would be my pick without any hesitation. I love Michael very much and I thought I would be with Tyrone one time and never see him again. But Tyrone gave me something Michael never could – a very very thick dick and hours of screaming orgasms. My first time with Tyrone, and what I planned on being the only time, I became hopelessly addicted to his huge cock.