Surprise For Kim

Justin took me there because he wanted to buy me something sexy for my birthday. I expected Victoria’s Secret or someplace like that, not the adult book store. But there we were, he had picked out a black crotchless teddy he said he would like on me, and so I went into the fitting room to try it on. I had, and it fit well. I thought to myself that I would have to get some stockings that go with it. I was just finishing getting dressed in my normal clothes again when I heard the door to the fitting room next to me close. Could hear someone moving around, then a hard cock poked through a hole in the wall that I hadn’t noticed till just then. Justin must really want to be naughty, and I felt a little naughty myself right then.

I reached out and wrapped my hand around his hard cock, it really was a beautiful piece of meat. About 7 inches long, which is perfect for me, veiny with a mushroom head. I was squeezing and slowly stroking it, Justin loved when I teased him like that. He pushed against the wall harder, trying to get it all through to me. Thinking about how easy it would be for someone to catch us was getting me wet. From the way he felt in my hand it was having the same effect on him.

I bent toward him, holding it in my hand so just the head was poking out. I squeezed tight, and licked the tip. I opened my hand and licked all the way from the base to the tip, which made him twitch. I reached down to play with his balls, wiggling all the fingers of my left hand against them as I put my mouth around the head of his lovely cock. I stayed there, tickling his balls while I sucked on the head for a few seconds, then I slowly slid down his pole. He pushed a little more, trying to get inside my mouth. I took him as deep as I could with the wall there, my nose up against it. I sucked on him like that for a minute, feeling him throb and twitch in my wet mouth. My other hand was now pinching and playing with my right nipple, and I could feel that my panties were getting wet.

As I tweaked my nipple harder, I began to move up and down his cock, pausing for just a second at the top every time. I was speeding up, and I reached down under my skirt and started to rub myself through my panties. I was moving pretty fast on him, when I felt him start to cum. I held back, with just the head in my mouth, sucking hard, but some still came out of my mouth, it was a larger load than I was used to. I could feel it dribbling down my chin as I tried my best to swallow all Justin had to give me. Then he pulled back, slowly pulling himself from my mouth.

Not having cum myself, I was thinking we would have to finish this at home. I got a tissue from my purse and wiped my face clean. I looked in the mirror to straighten my hair and my clothes. My nipples were hard enough to show through my shirt, but there’s not much I could do about that. When I thought I looked all right, if a little flushed, I walked out of the fitting room. Justin was on the other side of the store, so I walked over to him. He was looking at the novelty toys.

“What do you think of this,” he asked, holding up a dildo bigger than my forearm.

“I’m not sure you could handle that babe, maybe you should put it back” I said laughing.

Justin looked at me and asked, “how was the teddy?”

I just smiled thinking about what we had just done and said “I like it, lets get it.”

We paid for it at the counter, and went out to the car. We were sitting there, just about to leave, when Justin looked over at me and asked, “what’s that on your shirt?”

I looked down and saw a little spot of cum just above my breasts. I looked over at him and smiled a seductive smile. “I guess you made a little bit of a mess Hun. It was more than normal, you must have really been excited.”

He gave me a strange look, like he didn’t know what I was talking about. “In the fitting room,” I said, “you snuck into the one next to me.”

“No, I didn’t go near the fitting rooms Kim.”

“Stop playing around Justin, you went in and poked your dick through the hole. I was shocked that you would do something like that. But it was fun,” I said to him, leaning forward to kiss him.

He put his hand against my chest to keep me from getting close enough. “It wasn’t me Kim, are you saying that you played with some guy’s cock through a hole in the dressing room?”

“You know I did more than play, I sucked you off,” I said, thinking he was taking the joke a little far.

“It wasn’t me Kim, I swear.”

“You mean I went down on some stranger?”

I sat back as it hit me, Justin wasn’t messing with me, he really hadn’t been the one in the other room. I was mortified that I had just done that to someone, I don’t even know who it was.

“I though it was you Justin, I swear,” I said, trying to apologize for what I did.

“You swallowed it too didn’t you?” he asked, knowing that I always do.

All I could do was look sheepishly at him, ashamed. Then he got this look in his eye, and leaned forward to kiss me deeply. I couldn’t believe he was doing it. He should be upset, but he was very turned on. His hand was up under my skirt.

“Seems like it excited you a lot being in there” he said, knowing already that my panties were as wet as could be. He slipped a finger into me as he kept kissing me, and he whispered in my ear, “next time I want to watch you do it.”