Heather Has a Virgin Ass

Over the past few weeks my secretary Christine has been telling me about a girl she met at a dress boutique. She stopped there one night to do some shopping and met this girl Heather who worked there. Ever since then, Christine has been talking about her. You see Christine has this fantasy. She constantly wonders what it would be like turning a sweet innocent girl into our little plaything. Now we really didn’t think that we’d ever meet anyone to make that fantasy come true, but it was nice dreaming about it.

After meeting Heather that night and few more visits to the boutique, Christine desperately wanted to ask her to join us for an evening. My nasty little secretary told me how much they talked about the many things we did at home and in the office. Heather apparently seemed interested and asked allot about me. I wasn’t surprised when, one evening, Christine told me that she had asked Heather to join us and she accepted. The arrangements were set for this Friday night. I have to say, I was really excited about it and Christine was too.

At about eight o’clock when the doorbell rang, Christine answered it. I couldn’t believe what I saw. This incredibly cute blonde walked in. She wore a simple summer dress that hugged her little schoolgirl curves so nicely. And that’s exactly how she looked, like a little schoolgirl. I couldn’t imagine that sweet young thing wanting to join in with Christine and I. I just stood there staring at her.

Christine properly introduced Heather to me explaining that she worked at the dress boutique. But I knew all that, it was just the formality and breaking the ice so to speak. Christine went on saying that she had just turned eighteen and worked there to help with her college expenses.

As Heather walked past us into the living room, my darling secretary Christine, made certain to whisper to me that Heather was an anal virgin. I could feel a surge right in my cock when she said that. The thought of that cute little blonde’s tight anal hole was already making me crazy. At least that’s what I suspected. Knowing my Christine I’m sure anal sex was the main topic of their discussions.

We spent quite awhile just talking and getting to know each other. Christine eventually went to get the three of us a glass of wine and as the conversation continued we wound up on the subject of sex. I could see Heather was very intrigued about Christine and what the two of us did together. It became apparent from the questions Heather asked that Christine had revealed allot about us. It was also obvious to me that Heather was quite the prim and proper girl. She really was an innocent little thing. I guess it was just the intrigue of letting herself go that was so appealing and made her accept Christine’s invitation to join us. In any case as the time passed, Heather was becoming quite comfortable with the conversation. That’s when Christine suggested changing into something of a more leisure attire. They headed to the bedroom and I sat there anxiously waiting for their return.

A few minutes later both strolled from the bedroom dressed in these beautiful sexy nighties. I have to say Heather looked incredible in her short sexy see-through lingerie. What a young innocent body, so soft and smooth. I could see her pert little nipples become hard in anticipation of what was about to happen. And my Christine is always a sight to behold. She wore a see-through sheer nightie that had lots of frilly lace. She always knows how to dress to get me aroused. And tonight was no different. Underneath she wore a tight red thong. I just love the thongs Christine wears. She’s got such a gorgeous ass and the thongs show off her body so nicely. My cock was already bulging inside my pants just looking at the two gorgeous girls.

Well, I didn’t have to wait for an invitation, so I stripped down to just my underwear. As I did, I still had the thought of Christine telling me that Heather’s ass was virgin.

The setting was perfect, the three of us on the sofa in front of the fireplace. Christine quickly went for more wine and as she handed the glasses to us, she bent over right in front of Heather and kissed me, long and hard. Again she confirmed the fact whispering in my ear. “She’s got a virgin asshole.”

Christine sat right next to Heather ready to begin her transformation into our little sextoy. “Now Heather, listen.” Christine began to explain as if Heather was a small little child. “This is the man I was telling you about. The one I like to call daddy. Actually I’m his secretary, but in bed I just love calling him that. He always makes me feel so good. I’m going to share him with you tonight and if you listen, he’ll make you feel real good too, just like we talked about. Understand?” Heather shook her head intently listening. Christine then gently caressed Heather’s cheek and leaned forward and kissed her softly on the lips. “You still want this right?” Christine asked confirming her willingness. A quiet little “yes” escaped Heather’s lips. “Okay good, but first we have to take care of that.” Christine pointed between Heather’s legs.

“Take care of what Christine,” Heather asked?

“All that hair. My daddy likes a nice smooth cunt to fuck.” This was exactly what Christine wanted. She wanted to take an innocent young girl and turn her into a nasty little sex toy for us to play with.

Christine grabbed Heather’s hand and led her off to the bedroom. I followed to watch this. Heather was a bit shocked at the suggestion, as this was already moving pretty fast for her. But she let Christine drag her off to the next room. As I watched, Heather’s nightie came off and she wound up on the bed with her legs spread. Christine had her lathered up in no time.

“Do I have to do this Christine?”

“Yes, Heather, you do.” If you want daddy to make you into a slut, then your cunt needs to be real smooth.” With that said, Christine began shaving between Heather’s legs until every speck of hair was gone. Afterwards, Heather sat there a moment feeling herself. I leaned to Heather, kissed her and commented, “You look great. Are you ready to become a dirty slut like my Christine?” She responded shaking her head and with a little quiver in her voice. Then the three of us returned to the living room to continue our fun.

Back at the sofa Christine said out loud, “Tell us what to do, daddy.”

I immediately began directing them. I was wondering how this was going to progress with Christine being so sexually experienced and willing to do about anything and Heather a relatively shy innocent young girl.

“Kiss her Christine.” I watched as she open mouth french kissed Heather. I could see their tongues licking and tasting each other. Watching them was getting me so hot and aroused.

I could see Heather becoming a little more apprehensive. She looked like she was trying to cover herself being somewhat embarrassed totally naked and kissing another girl in front of me. Afterall, I was a strange man to her. With her inexperience she surely felt a bit uneasy especially knowing that she was going to be fucked by me very soon.

Christine began stroking her beautiful blonde hair. “So pretty, baby. So sweet, young and innocent.” She reached to Heather and pinched her nipple while saying, “first I have to get you ready for daddy’s big cock.” Heather stared at Christine looking a little scared with her frightened green eyes. I guessed that Heather might be having second thoughts, but Christine continued. She caressed Heather’s chin and commanded her. “Get on your knees and show daddy your ass.”

She hesitated and just sat there. Christine glared at her sternly. “Baby, don’t make me spank you. Now get on your knees.” Heather slowly slipped down to the floor. The fright was building in her. She looked up watching me drop my underwear to floor and saw my hard cock spring free. Tears started welling up in her eyes as she realized this was it. She was about to get all those things that sounded so erotic and nasty. And now she wasn’t so sure.

“Lick her Christine.” My nasty little secretary quickly got down on the floor with Heather and spread her legs apart. As Heather looked over her shoulder, Christine looked into her eyes and then mine saying, “Lick her where daddy?”

“Her cunt, darling. Lick her hot young cunt first. Get her all wet for me. Then do her ass.” Get her asshole ready for me.”

I can only imagine what was going through Heather’s eighteen-year-old mind hearing Christine and I talking about getting her asshole ready for me. Heather was looking at me and watching me stroke my rock hard cock. I could see the tears rolling down her cheeks. Her body was shaking. She was so scared.

As Christine licked her pussy Heather tried pulling away. So I smacked her ass really hard. Her hands moved to shield her rear end. Then I grabbed Heather’s gorgeous blonde hair and pulled her head back to whisper in her ear…”Baby, don’t make me spank you again, or you’ll really get punished. You’re a big girl now. You can do this.” I could tell she was ready to burst out crying, but she held it in.

After about a few minutes, she slowly began responding to Christine’s oral attention on her cunt. A few little whimpers escaped her mouth and you could see her pussy was dripping wet. Christine stopped her licking and remarked, “you know she’s acting like she doesn’t want it but she really does.”

I released Heather’s hair and she kind of fell forward. She slowly turned around looking over her shoulder to see what we were going to do next. With her back arched she looked like such a little slut showing off her ass. Christine began spreading her cheeks. Heather whimpered knowing it was soon going to happen. She was going to have a hard cock in her pretty little bottom.

“Daddy look at your baby’s sweet asshole. Should I get it ready for you?”

When she heard Christine make that remark, Heather really started to cry. She couldn’t hold it in anymore. “Please Christine, please. I’ve never had a cock in my ass before. Please don’t let daddy fuck me there.”

I tried reassuring her. “Now just listen to Christine, Heather. You’re going to like this. You’ll like daddy sliding his cock in your ass.”

“Oh, please…I’m scared. It’s so big.”

Christine began spreading her asscheeks and slowly licked every inch of her asscrack. “Mmmmmm baby, you taste so good. You’ve got such a sweet asshole.”

Heather began crying louder.

Christine began a wet exploration of Heather’s tight puckered asshole while I watched. She licked and probed her tongue against Heather’s anus testing how tight she was. After a few minutes of rimming her, my nasty little secretary leaned back a little so I could see Heather’s cute asshole glisten.

“Are you ready baby?” Christine asked now that the moment had arrived.

First I knelt to Heather’s ass. Christine moved around to the front cradling Heather’s face in her hands. She gave one last reassurance. “You’re gonna love it in the ass, baby. Daddy’s so good at it.”

I spit on Heather’s puckered little hole and teased her tight anus with my tongue. She began squirming and tried to pull away, so I grabbed her hair once again to hold her fast. Then I stood and squatted over her ass. I squirted a good amount of lube in her crack and then positioned my hard cock right on her delicate virgin asshole. A loud cry came from Heather. “No!..Please!!…” She was begging. Christine held Heather’s face to her chest. I pushed forward. I pushed harder.

Heather’s tight anal hole began stretching. She was so incredibly tight and her fighting it didn’t help. I pushed harder…and harder…she cried begging me to stop. “Please NO!!…I can’t…” I bore down on her tender anal flesh wanting so badly to get inside her sweet young ass. And her resistance just made it much more exciting.

As I pushed even harder the tightness of her tiny puckered hole began to give way. I could feel her anus stretching around the head of my cock. Then, in an instant, my cockhead suddenly became engulfed by her anal ring, gripping me tighter than I thought possible. I was in Heather’s ass. This cute eighteen year old’s virgin anal hole had my hard cock inching its way in. Heather screamed out, “No…Please!!!…Stop!!!… It’s so big.”

I started pushing deeper. Heather kept crying and whimpering while Christine kept holding her clutched to her breasts waiting for me to fully enter her ass. I slowly worked my cock back and forth trying to get her ass used to me. “Oh Heather, you’re so tight honey. You’re so fuckin’ tight.”

After a short time working my cock in and out, I sensed her loosening. Her cries were less frequent and eventually stopped. She was calming down.

“There Heather..see?” Christine kissed those words on Heather’s lips. “You did it. Daddy’s in you. His cock is in your ass.”

I began fucking Heather while Christine continued kissing her. Heather had become relaxed and was now beginning to enjoy the sensation of my cock in her ass. In fact, they were both getting aroused, Heather from my fucking and Christine from watching. I knew I wouldn’t last too long buried in this beautiful virgin ass.

Christine moved back next to me to watch my cock entering Heather. I knew what she wanted. Christine’s such a nasty girl. I pulled my cock out. Heather looked back and watched Christine take my dirty cock in her mouth. “See that Heather, Christine’s cleaning my cock after being in your ass. Isn’t she a dirty little slut? Just like you want to be, right?” Then with my hands entangled in my hot little secretary’s hair and Heather still watching, I pulled Christine to me forcing my cock, coated with the taste of Heather’s ass, all the way down her throat. “Oh fuck, Christine. You’re such a dirty slutty girl.” I always have that kind of reaction when she’s so nasty like that.

I returned back to Heather and shoved my cock back in her ass. I began fucking her really hard and deep reaming her virgin bunghole. She was loving it now and crying out, “Oh…Oh, fuck…Yes…fuck me.” I kept going, driving my cock deep in her cute little ass.

Christine was ready to push the limit with Heather even farther. “Daddy, let Heather taste your dirty cock. Make her a slut like me.” I’m not sure if Heather heard Christine say that or was just too overwhelmed to care because she was totally enjoying my cock in her ass. She was even sounding like a dirty little girl. “Oh yes fuck me…fuck my ass.”

I pulled out again and this time moved to Heather’s face sticking my cock to her lips. “Suck it. Clean it like a filthy whore.” I wasn’t sure what she would do with my dirty cock right in her face. It glistened with a coating of lube and a musky residue from being fresh out of her ass. She looked up at me with this glazed stare in her eyes. Slowly Heather’s mouth opened. My anal scum covered cock slid between her sweet young lips. She began licking it. Seeing that cute blonde face sucking my dirty cock sent me right over the edge. “Oh Heather, that’s it, you fuckin’ little bitch. Clean it. Suck it you nasty anal fuckwhore.” Then she sucked it deeper and even gagged trying to take as much as she could. I held her head like I did Christine’s pushing my cock in deeper. When I forced myself into her throat she gagged and choked making her eyes tear up. I was turning this sweet little girl into a filthy cocksucking whore.

Christine was even overwhelmed at Heather’s instant change into a dirty little slut. She began spanking Heather’s ass and encouraging her. “That’s it Heather, suck daddy’s dirty cock. Deeper” Then I heard the, “Smackk!… Smackk!…” as Christine’s hand repeatedly connected with Heather’s asscheeks. “Taste your ass on his cock. Suck it clean, you little cunt. You’re a dirty whore now.” Christine was loving the way Heather was acting so incredibly filthy.

I backed away and Heather coughed up a whole lot of spit that dribbled and hung in strands from her mouth and lips. She gasp for a breath. I wiped my wet slimy cock across her face. That eighteen-year-old blonde was so hot and nasty looking right at that moment I had to hold back from cumming right then in her face. “Oh that’s it Heather. You’re such a dirty little bitch. Suck my cock. Choke on it like a nasty little cock eating whore.”

Then I went back to her ass. Christine had Heather’s cheeks spread open licking her anal hole, ready and waiting for me to enter her once again. This time I didn’t stop. I keep fucking her hard, ramming her tiny hole, burying my cock all the way up her tight anal chute countless times. Christine managed to crawl underneath and was sucking on her young tender clit. A few times I slowly extracted my hard slimy cock from the depths of Heather’s ass and Christine hungrily sucked it clean. I just love the way my Christine can be so damn dirty. And Heather was screaming at this point.

“Oh, fuck me… Fuck my asshole… Deeper. Fuck me deeper.”

That shy innocent girl was gone. This once teary eyed little blonde changed into an anal loving slut asking for more. She was ready to orgasm and I was on the verge of cumming myself. In one last entry, I literally forced my engorged cock to the hilt deep inside her ass. I started throbbing. My cock was exploding deep in her cute little rectum. I was filling her virgin ass with cum for the first time. At the same moment Heather’s body began convulsing, shaking from an intense orgasm. All I wanted to do was just stay inside her and enjoy it, as I knew she did too.

Then a few moments later, I pulled out, my cock glistening with a coating of cum. I leaned back against the sofa to rest. Christine of course was the first to playfully lick at my cock, but Heather followed her lead. I guess she really did want to be a nasty little girl afterall. Or did we make her that way? I was already thinking of what we could do with her next. And I know Christine was thinking the same thing. I wonder what Heather was thinking at this moment? Did she want more too?