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Heather Has a Virgin Ass

Over the past few weeks my secretary Christine has been telling me about a girl she met at a dress boutique. She stopped there one night to do some shopping and met this girl Heather who worked there. Ever since then, Christine has been talking about her. You see Christine has this fantasy. She constantly wonders what it would be like turning a sweet innocent girl into our little plaything. Now we really didn’t think that we’d ever meet anyone to make that fantasy come true, but it was nice dreaming about it.

After meeting Heather that night and few more visits to the boutique, Christine desperately wanted to ask her to join us for an evening. My nasty little secretary told me how much they talked about the many things we did at home and in the office. Heather apparently seemed interested and asked allot about me. I wasn’t surprised when, one evening, Christine told me that she had asked Heather to join us and she accepted. The arrangements were set for this Friday night. I have to say, I was really excited about it and Christine was too.

At about eight o’clock when the doorbell rang, Christine answered it. I couldn’t believe what I saw. This incredibly cute blonde walked in. She wore a simple summer dress that hugged her little schoolgirl curves so nicely. And that’s exactly how she looked, like a little schoolgirl. I couldn’t imagine that sweet young thing wanting to join in with Christine and I. I just stood there staring at her.

Christine properly introduced Heather to me explaining that she worked at the dress boutique. But I knew all that, it was just the formality and breaking the ice so to speak. Christine went on saying that she had just turned eighteen and worked there to help with her college expenses.