Alone At The Movies

I’ve got to tell you about a most incredible experience I had last week. Ok, ya, sure, you’re thinking I made all this up. Well, read it and believe!

There it was, a crappy Thursday night. I was feeling anxious and itchy and decided to go to the movies. I wanted to be alone; what better place than in a theatre? The wife was in her usual “I couldn’t care less” mode, so I decided, “frig her”, I’ll go by myself. I always wondered what it would feel like to go to the movies alone; wondered what people would think.

As I entered the darkened theatre, popcorn and soda in hand, I slunk down into a seat in the middle of the last isle. A stupid preview was playing so, naturally, I started fantasizing about wild sex (I seem to be doing that a lot lately).

Suddenly, I was awakened out of my reverie.

“Excuse me,” she said as she slid past me, rubbing her beautiful ass on my legs as she squeezed by. And of course I knew it was a beautiful ass, after all I was right in the middle of one of my fantasy moments. If she wasn’t with her male friend (husband?), I would have thought she did it on purpose. (*heavy sigh*) My sexual imagination getting the best of me again.

Why did she have to sit down right next to me? After all the theatre was half full and the entire back row was empty except for me. Well, why not? After all I AM good looking AND can keep it hard for a very long time. And I’m sure she could tell all that, especially in the darkened theatre, simply by the way I was holding my popcorn. Yeah right! Dream on idiot face.

Oh well, on with the movie. Some typical, poorly written script, filled with some T & A and, of course, bullets and car chase scenes. Ho hum! And then it happened. I felt a hand slowly start to rub my leg, ever so gently, ever so softly. I didn’t jump, but I did freeze. My quick mind narrowed it down to… ya, you stupid idiot, it’s the chick “next door”! Soon she was rubbing me on the best place to be rubbed. Zoot Alors! I could not believe it! But then, I was in the back row and, if I recall my younger days, anything goes in the back row of the movie theatre (why did I conveniently forget that when I chose my seat? Ya right 😉 I casually peeked over her way. She was totally focused on the movie. Her husband, friend, idiot, whatever, unaware, or at least it seemed he was unaware, of what was going on. And then, before I realized what was happening, she was on her knees. She had flipped her seat up and was facing me. She put her index finger up to her mouth as if to say “be quiet.” Who was I to argue? I mean, if she must…

She slowly, quietly unzipped my pants and started stroked my now totally erect cock. She slowly rubbed her lips up one side, around the top, and down the other side, her tongue dancing along the way. My eyes wanted to roll back, but I wouldn’t let them. I wanted to watch and enjoy her every move. And man, she had some great moves. She knew enough to keep her warm saliva all over my shaft, the heat turning me on more and more. She slowly lifted up her tight tank top to expose her perky breasts and beautiful quarter-sized nipples. As she continued to move around my cock, I felt her warm breasts and hard nipples rubbing along my legs. I was in heaven and didn’t want to leave. Her hands, wow, what hands. Up and around the shaft, down and around my balls, then softly stroking my inner thighs. I was about to explode. And when I finally couldn’t hold it any longer, I quietly moaned and exploded into her warm, sweet mouth. She took all of my cum and allowed some to slowly slip out of the corner of her mouth. She wiped some onto her erect nipples and smiled a wicked smile at me. She slowly pulled down her tank top, slid back into her seat and focused on the movie again, as if nothing happened.

I sat in a daze. Movie? What movie? I was in a content fog, just enjoying the feeling of having a tremendously satisfying, erotic orgasm. Maybe minutes, maybe seconds, maybe days went by, when I felt that hand again. This time, it stayed on my hand and arm. It was as if someone was trying to get my attention. I looked over and at that moment, my hand was placed on another lap. Hers. She moved my hand to her crotch. Apparently, she was not wearing any underwear under that short skirt. Luckily, my arms are long and the seats were close. She placed her hand right on her naked, exposed pussy and Mr. Left Hand took over.

Oh, she had a nice pussy! I could feel it was shaved smooth below with a little neatly trimmed bush above. I slid my fingers lower and I could feel how wet she was. I mean WET! I guess she enjoyed sucking my cock. Well, I was thinking I’d better get to returning the favor. I slid my middle finger in. As I did, she slid down a bit and I could see she rolled her head back. I guess there was nothing for her to watch, so she just sat back and enjoyed. Her pussy lips were huge, like the wings of a butterfly. A very wet, slimy butterfly. I could actually smell the sweet musk of her (or maybe I just imagined I could). Her clit was swollen and erect. As my middle finger gently explored her inside, my thumb wetly circled her clit. She moaned softly. Alarmed, I looked over at her date (escort?) but he was oblivious. What an idiot! I refocused on my task (ahem) at hand. I added another finger to the one already bathing. She was so wet, her juices were running down her ass. I was thinking I’d have to come back to this seat another time and see if I can still smell her… Ok, that thought came and went as she began to make desperate, squirming motions.

Focus, focus, I told myself. And I did. I sensed her pleasure and began to work more furiously. I noticed she had her hands up her tank top and I could tell she was massaging her own tits, squeezing and pinching her nipples as I worked her pussy. Suddenly, I could feel one hell of a contraction (I thought my fingers were going to get sucked in there, lost for all time). She tensed and, jeepers, the Flood came! Man, did she cum all over my hand. I knew enough to keep the stimulation exactly the same and when she was done, her pussy muscles released my hand like an oyster releasing a pearl.

I took my hand back and brought it to my face. Oh, she smelled delicious. I could see out of the corner of my eye she was looking my way. I turned to her and made a show of bringing a soaked finger under my nose for a deep inhale. She grinned wickedly at me as she watched me slowly clean off my hand. Just before I finished the last lick, she grabbed my hand and licked off the last bit. Shit, making this mystery woman with the gorgeous pussy cum in the erotic environment of the darkened movie theatre had made me hard again. Her licking my finger almost made me shoot another load right in my pants.

Just then, the movie ended. I couldn’t move. It was as if I had been flash frozen. She got up, husband(?) in hand, said “Excuse me”, brushed by me again and left. By the time the credits ended, I was able to stand up. I grabbed my empty soda and popcorn containers, discarded them into the trash bin on my way out, and went home.

I’m thinking going to the movies alone is not such a bad thing… What do you think?