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Alone At The Movies

I’ve got to tell you about a most incredible experience I had last week. Ok, ya, sure, you’re thinking I made all this up. Well, read it and believe!

There it was, a crappy Thursday night. I was feeling anxious and itchy and decided to go to the movies. I wanted to be alone; what better place than in a theatre? The wife was in her usual “I couldn’t care less” mode, so I decided, “frig her”, I’ll go by myself. I always wondered what it would feel like to go to the movies alone; wondered what people would think.

As I entered the darkened theatre, popcorn and soda in hand, I slunk down into a seat in the middle of the last isle. A stupid preview was playing so, naturally, I started fantasizing about wild sex (I seem to be doing that a lot lately).

Suddenly, I was awakened out of my reverie.

“Excuse me,” she said as she slid past me, rubbing her beautiful ass on my legs as she squeezed by. And of course I knew it was a beautiful ass, after all I was right in the middle of one of my fantasy moments. If she wasn’t with her male friend (husband?), I would have thought she did it on purpose. (*heavy sigh*) My sexual imagination getting the best of me again.