Show Off

Charlene was aching to show her tattoo to some guys. She did not want to show off to anybody she knew because they were all married and she was afraid the wives would get mad if they found out. I was hesitant to give her too much encouragement because after the episode in the tattoo parlor, I was afraid she might lose control and do more than show her tattoo. She assured me that would not happen. Then one night she told me that she had displayed her tattoo to a sales clerk while she was trying on swimming suits. She tried on a thong and asked the guy how he thought she looked in it. He commented on her tattoo, asked her all about it and this seemed to satisfy her. Actually I knew this was just the beginning. I was still fantasizing about her doing somebody else while I watched and I decided to just wait. I was sure the opportunity would present itself before too long.

About a month later we were invited to a birthday party at a local bar. We arrived early and stayed late. We both had too much to drink. As it got late, the crowd in the bar changed and a lot of people I did not know filled the bar. Charlene was having a good time talking to people she hardly knew. I noticed that she seemed to be especially engrossed in a conversation with a group of guys at a table on the other side of the bar. Her back was to me and there was a small partition between her table and an empty table.

I thought it would be fun to listen in on her conversation so I took a fresh drink and moved into position behind her. The guys she was talking to did not know either one of us so they did not recognize me. Charlene was busy talking and was none the wiser. It was hard to hear, but I began to pick up bits and pieces of the conversation. They were trying to talk her into showing them her tattoo. She was wearing a pair of tights that zipped up the back. I loved her to wear those tights because it really showed off her ass.

She had a great ass. Despite being in her 40’s, her ass was still firm without any sag. Charlene explained to the guys that she was not wearing panties and would not drop her tights to show her tattoo. The guys were hooting at the mention of no panties, but Charlene stuck to her guns. I went back to the bar and Charlene joined me shortly after that. On the way home, she told me that she almost showed her tattoo to a group of guys but she was not wearing panties and was afraid if they got sight of her shaved pussy she might not get away from them. The thought of her fucking those guys made me so hard I almost came in my pants. Charlene was wetter than hell when we got home, so I figured the whole thing had turned her on as well. We fucked long and hard when we got home.

In the next couple of weeks, I was obsessed with the thought of Charlene fucking other guys. I decided that my patience had run out. I didn’t care any longer if she fucked friends or strangers. I just wanted to see her putting out. I approached my good friend, Larry, and over a couple of beers told him the whole story. I explained how Charlene had gang fucked the tattoo artist and his assistants and how Charlene was aching to show off her tattoo. I asked him if he would help me set it up so that Charlene got gang banged while I watched. But I told him that I did not want her to know I was watching because I was not sure she would go through with it in my presence.

Larry confided in me that he had always wanted to get in Charlene’s pants and would be very happy to set it up. How many guys did I want to fuck Charlene? I told him to keep it small, four or five this time. We decided that we might be able to pull it off at the annual Christmas party at a mutual friend’s house. He always invited a lot of strangers and had a big house. It would be easy to sneak away from his wife long enough to set it up and see what would happen. He asked me if I wanted it filmed. I did not tell Larry about the video of Charlene and the tattoo artist. I told him that would be a great idea.

The night of the party came. Charlene was dressed in thigh high black stockings, a tight red skirt, a cashmere sweater that really showed off her tits and high heels. Underneath she wore frilly sheer white panties. I was in love. I could not have chosen the outfit better if I had scripted the whole thing. I had a couple of drinks with Charlene when we arrived at the party to get loosened up. I excused myself to go to the restroom and found Larry. He told me that everything was set up in an upstairs bedroom which was away from the crowds. The door was locked. He gave me a key and told me to take up a position in one of the closets about an hour from now.

When I saw Charlene next, Larry and a few guys had her surrounded at the bar on the second floor deck. I moved in to hear the conversation. Charlene was a bit tipsy and I could detect a slight slur to her speech. I couldn’t believe it. She was telling them how she had learned to give head in a VW bus on the way to a rock concert. She told them that she must have given twenty blow jobs that weekend and by the time she was finished she could suck the chrome off a trailer hitch. Well that was an attention getter!

Larry told Charlene that he heard she had a tattoo. Charlene denied it at first. Then she told Larry that his wife was not supposed to tell anybody. As soon as she confirmed that she had a tattoo, everybody wanted to see it. She told them that it was on her butt and she did not think it would be a very good idea to show her butt right here in front of everybody.

Larry told her he knew of a special room where she could give them a private showing. I figured it would not be long before they would have her in the room so I quickly took my position. I barely got in the closet when I heard the key in the door. Larry and five other guys trailed her into the room. Larry told one of the guys to take up a position outside the door and be the lookout. He wanted to see the tattoo, but Larry insisted. He closed the door and I heard it lock. The room was plenty light and I had a great view. Charlene reached behind her and unzipped her skirt. I could see the fabric of her white panties come into view as the zipper went down.

Charlene started to get cold feet, but the guys encouraged her with a few chants of “take it off,” “take it off.” She dropped the skirt to the floor and stepped out of it. She then bent over a nearby chair giving everybody a view of her ass. She slid her panties to one side revealing the tattoo. Everybody cheered. One guy unzipped his pants. Charlene heard the sound of the zipper and popped to attention and turned around. She asked him what he thought he was doing, to which he responded that he was going to fuck her. She protested, but I did not think she was very convincing. The guy approached and started pulling her sweater over her head. Her tits popped into view and the nipples were sticking out like erasers.

When he tried to remove her panties, she asked him not to. He asked her if she wanted him to fuck her with her panties on. The room went silent as they waited for her response. The guy fingered her through her panties and remarked how wet she was. She did not respond, but instead removed her panties on her own. I saw the panties fall to the ground. I looked around the room and saw the camera with the red record light on so I knew this was being preserved for posterity. Charlene turned around and assumed the position over the chair with her ass in the air and the guy entered her from behind. She must have been wet because he had no trouble shoving all eight inches of it all the way to the hilt. One of the other guys moved to her face and slipped his dick to her lips. Her lips parted and he filled her mouth.

I suddenly felt a warm wet feeling in my pants and realized I had come without even touching myself. After the first two came, another two took their spots and soon were unloading inside Charlene. Charlene was clearly in another world. She was moaning with pleasure. I could see the cum oozing from her love tunnel where three guys had been. Larry switched places with the guard and he asked her to show him what it was like to get the chrome sucked off a trailer hitch. Charlene accommodated him and soon he was grunting and unloading down her throat. Five men had fucked my wife and the whole thing had not taken more than forty-five minutes.

The men were ultimate gentlemen when they finished. They helped Charlene back into her clothes, including her panties! They left the room one at a time so as not to draw attention to their departure. After Charlene left, I grabbed the video tape and left myself. I soon found Charlene and asked her where she had been. She told me she had been with some of her friends in the sewing room downstairs looking at some homemade Christmas presents the hostess had made. I asked her if she had shown her tattoo to anyone and she replied “Of course not, I wouldn’t show my ass to your friends.” I pulled out the video and asked her if that was her final answer. Charlene nearly fainted. We both laughed, had a night cap and headed home to watch her performance. The encore was for my eyes only.