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Keiko Has An Adventure

Hello, my name is Keiko, I am from Tokyo and have only been in the USA since last August. I will soon be 19 years of age, I have long black hair and am approximately 5 feet tall. I am enjoying living in Honolulu very much.

I have found American men to be very nice and polite …. unlike Japanese men in Japan who are very rude. Yes, I enjoy to have American men to look at me. I have discovered it to be much excitement for me. When I first arrived in Hawaii I live in an apartment in Waikiki across from the beach. I see many other Japanese girls in daring bikinis and revealing clothing. I became very jealous of this. I had wanted to wear similar bikini and to have men to look at me also. But, I had never worn anything as daring before in Hawaii or Japan.

I soon found my present apartment and planned to move in. During my last week in Waikiki I decide to look for a sexy bikini to wear on the beach. I visit many bikini shops in Waikiki and I wanted a very daring style that would cause many men to look at me and make me feel sexy. I was not able to find to my taste. Then one day I was in the negligee department of a boutique and saw a beautiful white lace bra and panties set. It was very sexy and very much resembled a bikini with ties on both sides. It was very sheer negligee type and meant to be worn under clothing.