Fun With David

My story started when my wife, Bonnie, and I, began to bring our individual fantasies into our lovemaking. Our sex life had become routine, so this was a way to enhance, as well as vary, our sexual relationship. I, like so many other men, get very turned on with the idea of sharing Bonnie with someone else, male or female, so I was usually the instigator of these fantasy sessions.

Bonnie is about 5‘3“, has very sexy, though average sized tits, and has an ass to die for. Though having given birth to 2 kids, she still looks as hot as ever to be 40 years old. Being the conservative wife when it came to sex, she was usually a willing participant, but most of the time it took some coaxing on my part to get her into the fantasy games. It was almost humorous at times, how she’d deny being interested in actually going through with our fantasies, but while we acted them out, she became insatiable. She seemed to especially enjoy fantasizing about fucking a stranger while I joined in. During sex, Bonnie loves to use a vibrator or dildo while sucking my cock, so it’s a pretty good indication of what her true desires really are; though she refuses to admit it. Often, as we are making love, I ask Bonnie if she would fuck a stranger if he walked in the room right then. Most of the time, she would say “no“, that it was only a fantasy, but sometimes, when she was really turned on, she would say “yes“.

So, it was with this little tidbit of knowledge, that I set about hatching my plan. I knew it would be a huge risk, but regardless of the outcome, I knew our love for each other would remain steadfast. Our kids had made plans for the upcoming weekend, so I knew Friday night was wide open.

My plan was to blindfold Bonnie, tie her to the bed, and bring a “stranger“ into the bedroom. Bonnie usually enjoyed the helplessness of being tied up during sex, but the blindfold was certainly going to be an obstacle, as Bonnie is very claustrophobic. I would just have to figure out a way to make her give in.

We live in a fairly small community, so the means of finding a stranger, such as an escort service would provide, was out of the question, and I was hesitant to pick up just anyone to take part. The only solution was to bring a friend, and I knew just who it should be.

I guess since we’ve been married so long, Bonnie does not seem to think she is all that attractive to other men, though I am constantly telling her how good looking and sexy she it. I couldn’t seem to convince her that most guys would be lining up to have the chance to fuck that hot body of hers, and judging from the reaction from most of my friends when they‘re around Bonnie, some would be knocking down the door. The only friend I felt that I could approach, was David. David and I have been friends practically all our lives. We go to football games, coach baseball, play softball and often socialize together along with our wives. We’ve also swapped porno tapes on occasion, so it’s safe to say we are very comfortable around each other.

I figured David would be a good choice too, because Bonnie has used him as a subject of her bedroom fantasies on more than one occasion, and, coupled with the fact that he thinks she’s sexy as hell, it would work out to be a perfect match. When I talked to David early that week, it took some beating around the bush before I came out and told him what I really wanted him to do. Given the fact that his wife had gained a lot of weight, and his sex life had slowed to crawl, he was more than game, though nervous about his presence being a surprise to Bonnie. I guess desperation overcame any reservation he might have had, because his only question was “where and what time?”

That Friday night, after we had shipped the kids off, Bonnie and I started warming up for our evening at home. As soon as the house was empty, off came her bra, along with most of her inhibitions, and she suddenly became the sexual being I love so much.

After dinner, Bonnie went to the bathroom and enjoyed a nice long soak in the tub, and I called David, making sure that everything was just right. He was to sneak into the house through the side door, which I had left unlocked, at about 8:00, and wait in the room that we had added on to the house a few years ago.

About 30 minutes later, Bonnie came out of the bath wearing a very sheer bra and panty set, with a very light robe over it. She looked hot.

The only way I figured to get Bonnie to don the blindfold, would be to forego tying her up, so instead of the bedroom, I had prepared the den by spreading blankets, lighting several candles, and laying out her assortment of vibrators. I had also located a suitable blindfold, so it was included as well.

We began by putting a porno tape in the VCR to warm things up, as we often do. I, of course, had selected a tape that depicted threesomes involving two males and a female. Bonnie always seemed to like them anyway. I began by caressing and licking Bonnie’s tits, occasionally stroking her pussy with my free hand. As I increased my attention toward Bonnie’s pussy, she began to really heat up. It was now or never.

I pulled out the blindfold, explaining to her that I wanted her to put it on, lay back, and fantasize that she was being made love to by two men. Though hesitating at first, she finally agreed, succumbing to the heat of the moment. As she lay back, I slowly removed her bra and panties, as I worked my way down her body, licking and sucking whatever was close. Bonnie began to writhe about, and I knew her pussy was getting wetter and wetter. I reached for her 10” dildo, and, positioning my cock over her mouth, slowly slid the dildo into her cunt. As she sucked my cock hungrily, I began to slide the big dildo in and out, going deeper each time. “Ooooh, fuck me!“, she said, almost choking on my cock as I rammed it in and out of her mouth, “fuck me with that big cock!”. Bonnie was so horny and worked up, she must have had at least two orgasms in just a very few minutes. When she finally started to come down, I pulled out the dildo, and was surprised at the amount of cum that was dribbling out of her pussy.

As Bonnie lay there, basking in the afterglow, I made up some excuse, and went to the other room to get David. I had him come into the next room to quietly wait for my signal. I went back into the den and lay down beside Bonnie, and began to stroke and caress her body again. I could just imagine the hard on David must have already, just seeing Bonnie in this vulnerable, yet sexy position.

I rechecked the blindfold, and, just as before, began by kissing Bonnie lustily, working my way down to her cunt. As I moved back up her body, I motioned for David to quietly enter the room. I inserted the dildo into Bonnie’s cunt, and asked her who she would be fucking while she sucked my cock. To both mine and David’s surprise, she said that she would like to have David’s cock in her pussy. If she only knew!

As she suck my cock and fucked the dildo, I grabbed her legs and pulled them to me, caressing and licking her feet and toes, and allowing room for David to get into position for the change. Bonnie was starting to really get worked up, thrusting her pussy toward the dildo as much as she could manage, with her legs pulled back. She loves to get fuck in this position, as it allows her take my cock deeper into her pussy. On signal, I removed the dildo, and David moved up and inserted his cock into her sweet, sopping wet pussy. I was all he could do to keep from moaning out loud. Bonnie stopped her thrusting for a split second, long enough to realize that this was a real cock in place of the fake one. Apparently, her lust overcame her inhibitions, because she began to fuck David and suck me with a renewed vigor.

As soon as I released her legs, David leaned forward, and Bonnie wrapped her legs around him, pulling him deeper into her pussy. She began to meet his every thrust with an intensity that I had never witnessed before. Seeing her fuck David like this was more that I could handle, so I began to fill her waiting mouth with jets of cum. After she licked my cock clean, I pulled away so I could watch.

She immediately pulled the blindfold away, and didn’t seem a bit surprised that it was David that she was fucking. The visual aspect of their lovemaking was apparently more that she could take, as she began to cum. “Fuck me deep and hard” she said, as she pounded her hips upward. “Ooooooh, fuck my pussy hard, David!”, she screamed. I could hear the smacking sound they made, as his cock pistoned in and out of her soaking wet cunt.

Following Bonnie’s orgasm, David groaned loudly, as he filled her cunt with his cum. He seemed to go on forever. David rolled off Bonnie and lay down beside her to gather his senses, but she was not yet through.

“Come here”, she said, with a devilish grin on her face. As I came to her, she pushed me down to the blanket and crawled up on me, straddling my face. “This is what this little trick is going to cost you”, she said. She slid forward and plopped her dripping pussy right on my mouth, and said “suck his cum out of my pussy, I want you to lick it clean”. I must admit, I was hesitant at first, but if this would turn her on, I was more than willing. His cum tasted salty, yet kind of sweet as well, so I did as I as told, licking and sucking every part of her pussy that my tongue would reach.

She then motioned for David to stand before her so she could suck his cock. As Bonnie engulfed his cock in her sweet mouth, she began to grind her pussy on my mouth and chin. As she slid her lips down his shaft and began to lick his balls, David began to moan quietly.

No sooner than 5 minutes later, she was cumming once again, covering my mouth and face with her pussy juice. Her increased ministrations to David’s cock soon had him cumming as well, filling her mouth up with his seed. Bonnie, who is not being a bit shy about swallowing , lick and slurped greedily as his cock erupted, savoring every drop.

We made love several more times that night, trying various positions in order to satisfy Bonnie. David finally left around midnight, so Bonnie and I retired to our bed, cuddling and kissing until fatigue took it’s toll and we fell asleep.

We didn’t discuss the night’s events very much the next day, other that to confirm my belief that it had been an enjoyable experience for Bonnie. As for next time, we’ll take it slow and see what comes up.