Neighbors Wife

I just witnessed a very hot lady fuck a roomful of guys and had to tell about it. I am 45 years old and live in a medium size city located in the western United States. This is pretty conservative territory, so I have never had the opportunity to participate in any wife swapping parties or orgies. I have heard rumors of a few, but that is about it. I am happily married to a great woman, Jane, who loves sex as much as I do and as far as I know she is also satisfied with our marriage.

Our next door neighbors are not so lucky. Bill and Shelly are in their late-twenties and have had a pretty stormy relationship since moving in three years ago. This is the second marriage for both of them. They have been separated a couple of times that I know of, but always end up back together. Shelly is a hot number with nice tits and a full round ass. She looks like she is made for fucking but Bill always acts like his sex life is only average. Bill is a great guy who likes to hunt and fish and is gone most weekends enjoying his recreation. His being gone seems to contribute to the stress in his marriage.

It was a hot Saturday and I had committed to Jane that I would build a patio and rock fireplace in our back yard while she was out of town with one of our sons at a basketball camp. A few of my friends had volunteered to help. As the day wore on, it got hotter and hotter. About the time we were all ready for a break, one of the guys reported that my neighbor was laying in the sun in a very small bathing suit and encouraged us to take a look. I felt like a dumb shit spying on my neighbor, but I had seen Shelly’s ass before in a bathing suit and it was truly worth seeing. Well, we were too loud and Shelly saw what we were doing. She rolled over on her back and raised up. There were four or five of us staring at her through the fence and I am sure she could make us out.

She yelled “enjoying the view!” I was totally embarrassed and yelled out an apology. To my surprise, Shelly got up and walked over to the fence and told us it was perfectly alright. She said she enjoyed having men admire her body. She was wearing a white thong two piece suit which left little to the imagination. Her nipples were sticking out and I swear I could see the outline of her cunt through the bottoms. I apologized again and we retreated. For the rest of the afternoon, all the guys could talk about was Shelly.

Later that afternoon we finished the project. We started drinking beer and planned to do a little barbequing. A couple more guys showed up and we all razzed them about missing out on seeing the next door neighbor. While some of the guys were graphically supplying the details, I heard the doorbell. When I answered it, to my surprise there stood Shelly. She explained the Bill was out of town and one of her girlfriends had canceled on her leaving her with nowhere to go. She said she heard the “party” going on and decided to see what Jane was doing. I told her that Jane was out of town also, but invited her to join the party. She eagerly accepted. Shelly was wearing white flimsy shorts with a yellow crop top. It was obvious she had no bra and her big tits filled out the top. As I followed her to the back yard, I could see the outline of a frilly pair of white thong panties disappearing in the crack of her ass. My heart skipped a beat. Wait until the guys saw this!

When we entered the backyard, the guys went silent. I broke the silence by introducing Shelly, “The lady we all spied on earlier this afternoon.” Everybody laughed nervously and apologized again. Somebody asked Shelly if she wanted a beer. She accepted and then turned to me and said “There are no wives here!” I said “It is just a bunch of guys who helped me build the patio this afternoon, but I think some of their wives are going to show up later.” That seemed to satisfy her and she joined in the conversation with everyone. Four or five beers later, she was “the conversation.” Everybody was hanging on every word she uttered. I had positioned myself across from Shelly and had a good view up her legs. When she moved just right a couple of times, I got a look at her panties. Shelly seemed to be having a great time laughing and carrying on. When she got up to use the rest room, we all admired her ass as she made her way to the back door of the house.

As the afternoon sun disappeared, it started to get cool in the backyard and I suggested that we adjourn to the house. Shelly sat at the bar and I acted as the bartender. A couple of guys suggested doing some shots. I poured and they drank. Shelly did one shot and shortly after that I could see that she was very drunk. She started slurring her words slightly and her eyes got real dreamy looking. She was still laughing at all the jokes, but she was starting to get that “I want to get fucked” look on her face. One of the guys, Brad, moved up behind her and put his arms around her. She laid her head back on his chest and looked up into his eyes. “Holy shit” I thought. Maybe she does want to get fucked. I could see his hands rubbing her belly and she squirmed in her seat. He must have sensed that she wanted this to go further because his hands moved south.

I had a great view on the other side of the bar. When his hands slid past the waist band of her shorts, I thought it was all over. But she did not resist. His hands disappeared down the front of her shorts. Shelly moaned and her legs parted slightly. I could tell that he was in pay dirt. He started to kiss her, but suddenly her eyes opened wide and she stammered “Not here. Not in front of all these guys.”

Brad responded with “Why? These guys want to fuck you too.”

Shelly replied “But I should not being doing this. I am married.”

Brad told her “Your husband is out of town and will never know. We won’t tell him.” Brad continued “I thought you told me that you had done this before when you were in college.”

Shelly moaned “I did.” All the while Brad was finger banging Shelly for all he was worth. Shelly’s legs were spread wide now and she was not resisting any longer. I smelled the unmistakable scent of a woman ready to mate.

Shelly closed her eyes and Brad kissed her. Actually, they started swapping tongues like animals in heat. I do not know how many fingers Brad had in Shelly’s snatch, but she now had her legs in the air and was humping his hand for all she was worth. Arrrrrrrgggggghhhhhh. Hmmmmmmmmm. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. I am cummmmmmmmmmming she grunted as Brad fingered her to her first orgams. When she relaxed, Brad started working her shorts off. She was cooperating now. She lifted her buttocks off the stool so he could pull her shorts down and then she lifted her legs so he could pull them off. I checked the crotch of the discarded shorts and it was soaked. Her top was next and her tits were fabulous. The nipples were sticking out at attention.

A couple of guys carried her over to the pool table and laid her out. She still had her panties, but they were soaked and not hiding anything. She was shaved smooth. Two guys grabbed her legs and spread them. Her snatch was pink, wet and wide-open. She scooted her ass to the edge of the table and another guy dove between her legs. He pulled her panties to the side and began tonguing her. Shelly was writhing around on the table while this guy slurped up her juices. She got noisier and noisier. She arched her back and moaned UHHHHHHHHHH, UHHHHHHHHHHHH, UHHHHHHHHHHH at the top of her lungs. She yelled “Somebody fuck me. I need fucking.”

My friend Bob needed no further encouragement. He had already shed his clothes and his cock was rock hard. He pushed aside the guy who was eating her and entered her gaping hole. Shelly sighed loudly, wrapped her legs around his back and began to meet his every thrust. They literally fucked like that for twenty minutes. She had two orgasms and when Bob came, he unloaded a massive load of cum. He grunted time after time as he deposited his load. When he pulled out, the cum streamed out of her pink snatch. Shelly still had her panties which were unceremoniously removed at this point while somebody rolled her over onto her stomach and entered her from behind. While we watched the action, I asked Brad what she meant when she said she had done this before.

Brad laughed. He said that after she had a couple of beers earlier that afternoon, she started hinting at her sexual adventures in college. When he had her alone he probed the subject and she admitted that she had been gang banged while in college. Apparently, some of the girls started talking about how big some of the football players were and she was intrigued by the idea of getting fucked by a big guy. All of her boyfriends had been just average. Then she got set up by her friends who told some guys that she wanted to party with some “big” guys. She ended up fucking not just one, but several of these guys with big cocks. She said she said it was such a turn on to be the center of attention like that. Brad said he told her she might get the chance tonight if she wanted.

After a few guys fucked Shelly, they decided she should do two at a time. They moved her to the couch and pushed her face down over the back. While one guy enjoyed sloppy seconds from behind another guy fed her his tube steak. The guy fucking her face was not gentle. He was banging his dick against her tonsils while holding her back by the hair so she couldn’t move. I almost stepped in to stop it, but from the sounds she was making, it seemed that she was enjoying it. By now her cunt was getting so sloppy with all the cum that one of the guys, Dale, decided it was time to go anal. He rubbed some cum around her rose bud and inserted a finger. When he did, Shelly arched her back. Even with a mouthful of cock, I heard her say “NO! NO! Not up my ass. I don’t do anal!!” Dale said “Honey, just relax. You are going to love this.”

Dale had her pinned against the couch and there was no escaping what he had in mind for her. I had never fucked anybody up the ass and I had never seen anybody get fucked up the ass. I wanted to see this. Dale spread her cheeks, positioned his cock at the center of her anus and tried to enter her. He pushed again, but she was locked up tight and did not intend to let him in the back door. All of a sudden, he backed up and slapped her hard on the ass. Again he slapped her and again. He was not being gentle and it must have hurt.

Shelly expelled the cock from her mouth and yelled “No. Please don’t fuck my ass.” Dale pulled her to her feet, sat down and bent her over his knees. He proceeded to spank her unmercifully. Her bottom was very tan, but I could see the red marks from the spanking. First she wriggled and writhed under the barrage. Then she relaxed. As she relaxed her buttocks became softer and fuller. She said “OK, OK you can fuck me up the ass, but don’t let anybody else.” Dale pushed her over the couch. This time she spread her legs wide and her ass was visible to all. Everybody was watching. Somebody offered some Vaseline. Dale took a big glob and applied it to her ass. He rubbed it around. Then he inserted a finger. Shelly moaned. Then he inserted a second finger. Shelly moaned louder. Then he worked his fingers in and out. When he inserted his cock, Shelly was eager to accept it. He drove it in to the hilt time after time. Shelly grunted and groaned as he probed and prodded her chocolate hole. Finally he came.

Shelly was finished. She had fucked at least ten guys, most of them more than once. She had taken it up the ass, down the throat and her cunt was stretched wide open. I wondered if she would tighten up before Bill returned. I walked her home. Some of the guys had taken photos and Shelly asked me to make sure Bill did not see them. She was completely naked. I do not know what happened to her clothes. When I got her inside the door, she turned around and dropped to her knees. She said “You didn’t fuck me tonight. Why not?” Before I could answer, she was polishing my cock with her tongue. She gave me a sloppy wet blow job right there in the doorway. I pulled out as I was about to come and shot my load all over her face. What a fuck this girl was!


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