The Hot Spot

I am a 26 year old marketing consultant who works in New York City and lives in the suburbs. I have always done very well for myself with women, I am “boyishly” good looking, very well built, and what some call a smooth talker . I have charmed many a woman into bed, but, The experience that I had a few weeks ago was by far the best of my life.

I have just gotten out of a relationship with a 22 year old woman, she was unbelievably good looking and was great in the bedroom. Unfortunately we didn’t see eye to eye on relationship issues and we parted ways. Now, I was a bit upset I cant lie, we had spent a lot of time with each other’s families and had really grown fond of the set-up. My friends trying to cheer me up convinced me one night to meet them at a club in the City they have been frequenting.

I hopped the train after work and hit the Club. It was an old theater and it was really nice from the inside, the techno music was so loud that you felt every beat in your chest. I had been to a few Raves before, but, this one was the livest so far. I bellied up to the bar and began to notice all the hot young women around. Dressed in hardly anything they were grinding to the music and doing shots all around me.

I guess this is what I have been missing not going out and all I said to myself as I ordered a drink. Just then I spotted my friends and went over to them. My one friend handed me a little tablet and smiled as he popped one in his mouth as well. I tried to ask him what it was but the music was way to loud. I mouthed the word Ecstasy to him and he smiled and nodded. I popped the pill and swigged my beer to wash it down and we high-fived and laughed. We had quite a few drinks at the bar when finally I had to go to the bathroom . It was so jammed packed with people I could hardly move. I was definitely feeling the effects as I made my way through the crowd. The girls in the club were absolutely beautiful. when I brushed up against a girl as we tried to pass each other in the club I felt waves go through me. The bass was sending waves through me as well. I watched as a girl belly danced to the beat, the dance floor was a sea of people grinding and that’s when I saw her. My ex-girlfriends sister was grinding on the dance floor!!!

She looked amazing. She was blonde and very very petite. Green eyes and pouty lips. She wore a metallic silver half shirt which not only showed off her pierced belly button, but, her hard nipples and her small perky tits as well. She wore tight leather pants and swayed her hips rhythmically to the droning Techno beat.

I always fantasized about making love to her. We would exchange a kiss hello and goodbye at family functions, but, I always thought there was something more to the hugs and kisses and looks we exchanged.

I started to notice how sexually she was grinding to the music and decided I was gonna go for it. I danced my way over and “accidentally ” bumped into her. She turned around and when she saw me her face lit up.

“Oh my god what the fuck are you doing here?” she said

“I was gonna ask you the same, I work in the city, but you ….?”

“Sometimes I take the train to the city and let my hair down” she said

The song switched to a club favorite and everybody started to grind their partners again. I put my hands around her waist and we started to grind slowly to the music. We continued to small talk as we danced and she started to tease up the fact that now that her sister and me parted ways I was single and on the prowl again. I laughed and said I was just looking for someone like her. She was the younger of the sisters and even though we aren’t far apart in age, your older sisters boyfriend flirting with you does turn you on a bit. I knew this and continued to flirt.

As we moved to the music I couldn’t help but start to explore her body with my hands…I started on her hips but as we grinded faster to the music I was cupping her ass and pulling her into me. She smiled and started to press her hard nipples into me. Our lips were inches apart. We were sizing each other up and it was such a turn on. She was making the most seductive faces imaginable, licking her lips and biting on them, throwing her hair back and digging her nails into me. I wanted to fuck her so bad it was killing me. My cock was rock hard and as soon as she felt it brush against her she spun herself around to rub her ass on it. I thrusted harder kind of going for broke with her. She grabbed the railing of the balcony and threw her ass even harder back at me. The message was clear on both ends. It was like fucking with our clothes on. The music reached a fever pitch and we grinded faster and harder. The club was so packed and everyone was doing the same thing all around us, I felt like I was in the middle of a 2 thousand person orgy. The combination of the ecstasy, the alcohol, the strobe lights, and this hot 19 year old girl were maddening.

I spun her around and planted my lips on her hard. She stuck her tongue in my mouth and we started a hard make out session. I pinched her bullet like nipples under her half shirt as she massaged my cock through my pants.

“Come On” I said to her as I grabbed her hand.

We went to a remote corner, we had to squeeze into, behind the stairs. She immediately dropped to her knees and pulled my cock from my pants and began to suck it. She worked the head in swirls around it and then took it in, all 8 inches, at once. She jerked it off as she mouthed it. The mixture of spit and pre-cum all over her mouth and chin. She worked me for a good 5 minutes and then took it out of her mouth and began to rub my cock on her face.

“You always wanted this huh?” she asked

“Oh God yes” I said

I noticed that she had taken her pants and panties off while sucking my cock, unbelievable!

“You’re gonna eat my pussy and then fuck me or I am gonna tell my sister and you’ll never get back together.” She said

I grabbed her thighs and lifted her in one swift motion off the ground and onto my face. As I said I am in great shape so this wasn’t hard to do with this petite girl.

She was absolutely shaved and had the smallest pussy I have ever seen. Face to face with it I saw just how wet sucking my cock had made her and I gladly licked it all up. Her pussy tasted unreal, I have in all honesty never tasted sweeter. I tongued her as she grind her face into me. I licked her in time with the bass of the music and she got off hard on my face.

I placed her down and still rock hard entered her from behind. She had the tightest pussy going. My cock felt like it was ripping her apart, but, she took every single inch and rode it hard. I grabbed her hair and pumped away as her juices ran down my balls and legs, My God was she wet!! Her pussy was so tight it was unbelievable. I could feel my cock stretching her out.

She turned around over her shoulder and I could see that sweat and tears had run her makeup. She looked like the most beautiful young whore you have ever seen.

“Fuck me like you did my sister ” she said

Even though i was obviously too big for her she was up for the task. I turned her around and picked her up so she was facing me. I placed her back against the underside of the stairwell and entered her again. She wrapped her legs around me and i got a sense of just how petite and fragile she was as I buried the rest of my cock into her.

She started to shake as I slid my hand down and stuck my finger in her ass. As my cock entered her, my finger exited her ass, as my finger left her ass, My cock rammed her cunt.

“Ohhhhhhh my Gooood” she said ” It feels like 2 guys”

“mmmmm you like that Lisa?” I said

I rammed her hard for a few more minutes until I felt her cum hard in my arms.

She then unwrapped her legs from around me and dropped back down to her knees.

She took my cock in her mouth and began her mastery again

“Ugggghhhh I am gonna Cum”

“Do it ….I want to drink you up” She said

My whole body jerked as I shot what seemed like ounces upon ounces of cum from my cock. I looked down to see her struggling to keep up as cum dripped down the sides of her mouth.

“There…” she looked up and said ” Now we have ourselves a little secret don’t we?”

“You bet we do ” I said

She rose to her feet as she wiped the cum from her mouth and kissed me.

“Call my Mom’s house Monday…I will get you back with my sister” she said as she pulled he pants up.

“Umm Ok” I said rather reluctantly

“Don’t worry…this was just the beginning of us… I want you around,” She said with a smile.

“Great,” I said. “Talk to ya Monday”

I sat and thought about what just happened, my mind blown. Then with a smile i thought of the possibilities to come. I straightened myself up and pulled my clothes back on.

As I made my way out of the hidden stairwell and back to the bar I saw her back on the dance floor with her friends. She smiled and gave a little wave.

I bellied back up to the bar when the guy next to me bumps me. As I turn it is my friend.

“Where ya been man….we just met up with these girls…….Jimmy …..this is Rita and Tina and Domonique…….


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