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Fun With David

My story started when my wife, Bonnie, and I, began to bring our individual fantasies into our lovemaking. Our sex life had become routine, so this was a way to enhance, as well as vary, our sexual relationship. I, like so many other men, get very turned on with the idea of sharing Bonnie with someone else, male or female, so I was usually the instigator of these fantasy sessions.

Bonnie is about 5‘3“, has very sexy, though average sized tits, and has an ass to die for. Though having given birth to 2 kids, she still looks as hot as ever to be 40 years old. Being the conservative wife when it came to sex, she was usually a willing participant, but most of the time it took some coaxing on my part to get her into the fantasy games. It was almost humorous at times, how she’d deny being interested in actually going through with our fantasies, but while we acted them out, she became insatiable. She seemed to especially enjoy fantasizing about fucking a stranger while I joined in. During sex, Bonnie loves to use a vibrator or dildo while sucking my cock, so it’s a pretty good indication of what her true desires really are; though she refuses to admit it. Often, as we are making love, I ask Bonnie if she would fuck a stranger if he walked in the room right then. Most of the time, she would say “no“, that it was only a fantasy, but sometimes, when she was really turned on, she would say “yes“.

So, it was with this little tidbit of knowledge, that I set about hatching my plan. I knew it would be a huge risk, but regardless of the outcome, I knew our love for each other would remain steadfast. Our kids had made plans for the upcoming weekend, so I knew Friday night was wide open.

My plan was to blindfold Bonnie, tie her to the bed, and bring a “stranger“ into the bedroom. Bonnie usually enjoyed the helplessness of being tied up during sex, but the blindfold was certainly going to be an obstacle, as Bonnie is very claustrophobic. I would just have to figure out a way to make her give in.

We live in a fairly small community, so the means of finding a stranger, such as an escort service would provide, was out of the question, and I was hesitant to pick up just anyone to take part. The only solution was to bring a friend, and I knew just who it should be.