Joe and Me

My husband and I had been fantasizing about me having sex with a client of his. It was brought up basically in jest, but we talked more and more about it as time went on, and it eventually became a favorite fantasy of ours. Well, one day my husband had a prospective client in his office, and the client (whose name is Joe) looked at a picture of me my husband has on his desk and remarked on how lucky he was to have such a beautiful wife (as the author of this story, I can refer to myself however I want!).

My husband agreed with him, and asked him if he wanted to see a better picture. Naturally Joe said yes, and my husband showed him a more revealing picture that he has of me. I’m coming up out of a pool, wearing a white one-piece swimming suit. Thanks to the water, the suit left very little to the imagination. When Joe expressed his appreciation, my husband took the bold step of asking him if he’d like to have sex with me!

So that’s basically the background. I’m sitting at home when my husband calls and asks me if I’d like to join him and Joe for dinner. He asks me if I remember what our favorite fantasy has been, and if I’d really be willing to go through with it. I remember being shocked that HE was willing to go through with it, but I was basically aroused by the whole idea of it. So he told me to put on something sexy and meet them at the restaurant.

I quickly jumped in the shower to get ready. Yes, my hands did wander as I got all soaped up and thought about what I was about to do, but I didn’t really masturbate all the way to a climax. I was just sort of moving around in a heightened state of arousal. I put on a pair of thong panties, a very revealing bra (to accentuate my firm, 36C breasts), stockings, garters, a tight black skirt, 3″ heels, and a very tight gold top. The top was high cut, but so tight that it just molded around my breasts. And I was so aroused that it was very easy to see my nipples through the shirt. I knew I would be turning some heads. Finishing with some make-up, I was out the door to meet the boys.

As I drove, I was wondering what the client would look like. In our fantasies, he had naturally been an incredibly studly guy. When I found the two of them at the bar, it was quite the opposite. Joe was about 45, balding, and really quite overweight. But I was committed at this point, and as I walked up to meet them I could feel his eyes surveying my body, which did have the effect of increasing my arousal despite the way he looked. I had a drink with them at the bar (okay, I had about 3 drinks actually, figuring I’d need to be a little drunk to really go through with this – but who’s counting?). It was actually sort of fun flirting with him and making my husband squirm, and I made sure to do a lot of touching him, both with my hands and brush-ups against my chest. My horniness was increasing.

When we got up to go to our table, Joe excused himself for the men’s room. My husband asked me if I was enjoying myself, and I told him I was. And that I’d be okay on my own if he wanted to head for home. He gave me a big kiss goodbye, told me that he loved me, asked me one more time if I really wanted to do it, and left. When Joe came back, I told him I had sent my husband home, and asked him if he would be willing to escort me to dinner.

At dinner, we had a chance to get to know each other a little bit. I told him a bit about my past, and also about how this had been a fantasy of ours for quite awhile. As we talked, I often caught him sneaking furtive glances at my breasts. Finally, I put my arms at my sides, pushed them forward, and asked him if he liked the view. He took a long look and told me that they looked spectacular. As he stared, I felt myself getting even more aroused, enjoying being on display for this man. I could feel my nipples stiffening under his gaze, and I knew he was thoroughly enjoying it. I told him if he was good he would be getting a much better view later on.

After dinner was finished, we went back to the bar for another drink. In there, he lit up a big cigar after asking me if it was okay. I told him it was fine with me, and that I had even smoked them myself in the past. He said he thought women smoking cigars was very sexual, and asked me if I wanted one myself. I said no, but asked him if I could share his. He offered it to me, and I remember looking at how wet the end was as I brought it up to my mouth. In a way I felt as though I was already kissing him, knowing that his saliva was all over the end of the cigar as I took it between my lips and inhaled. I guess maybe I think women smoking cigars is pretty sexy too, because as the nicotine hit me I became even more aroused. All of this flirting and foreplay had me really ready to fuck this guy. And having him stare at me as I smoked it as sexily as I could was getting me even hotter.

Now that I was really drunk and horny, I suggested to him that we go back to his hotel. A suggestion to which he readily agreed. We hopped into a cab, and in the back seat he put a hand on my leg, leaned over, and kissed me. I had been waiting for this, and eagerly kissed him back, sucking his tongue into my mouth as I lifted his hand up off of my leg and onto my breast. He immediately took my nipple in between his fingers and gave it a cruel pinch. It hurt, but it also sent a shock of pleasure through me. Despite his lack of physical attractiveness, I found myself genuinely aroused by him, and knew that I would shortly be doing whatever he asked.

When we got into his suite, what he immediately asked for was a blowjob. As he sat on the edge of the bed, I reached out to undo his belt buckle and free his cock. His cock wasn’t huge (I would say about 5″), but he did have an enormous set of balls. I don’t know if it was because he was so overweight, or if he just had big balls, but at any rate I found myself kneeling in front of him as he lay back on the bed, licking and sucking his balls as he moaned. If you want a little insight into power and control, this was a good moment. Here I was, fully clothed, sucking the dick of some fat prospective customer of my husband’s. And loving it.

I mean really, truly, loving it. I was rubbing his cock all over my face, licking the shaft, and sucking his balls. Finally, I concentrated on the head of his cock with my mouth, and jacked the shaft with my fist, and he blew an enormous load into my mouth. It was more than I could handle, and I ended up gagging a little bit as some! of it came spilling back out onto my hand and his balls. I remember he laughed a little bit when I gagged. It was somewhat humiliating, but to be honest it turned me on even more. Powercontrolsubmissionhumiliation. I think they all went hand in hand at that moment.

Well, I was really, really hot by now. And I wanted this guy to fuck me. So I started licking up the cum that I had spilled, looking him directly in the eye as I cleaned it off of my fingers. My main goal was to keep him hard, and in that goal I succeeded. When he was ready, I stepped back and unzipped my skirt, letting it fall around my ankles before stepping out of it. Next the panties came down, which required me to unbutton the garters. With that, I crawled back up on top of him, and slowly sank down on his shaft. I was so wet now that he slid in easily, and I had my first orgasm almost immediately, as his hands grabbed my breasts and again pinched my nipples.

As he had just come, we were able to keep fucking for quite a long time in all sorts of different positions. Slowly, quickly, and even with long periods of just talking while his dick nestled inside my pussy. Finally, he asked me to roll over on my stomach so that he could take me from behind. I did, and then felt the head of his cock prodding against my asshole. I sort of jumped at this and looked back at him, but he just told me to relax and hold still. I’ve had anal sex before, but it had been quite a few years. To my surprise, he slipped in rather easily and with only a little initial pain. After that, it felt genuinely good to feel his cock buried in my ass, and I found myself squirming deliciously against him in hopes of putting both of us over the edge. Soon enough, I could feel a large orgasm building in me, and when I felt his cock start to pulse in my ass my orgasm came crashing all around me. Exhausted, we both fell asleep.

When I woke up in the morning, it took me a second to realize where I was. My head was pounding from the booze, and I rolled over to see a fat guy snoring blissfully away. I got up and peed, and then crawled back into bed. Lying there and reflecting on the wild night I had had, I came to the realization that I was still horny. So I did what any good slut would do, and crawled down to take his now soft penis into my mouth. It was a little weird, realizing that the cock in between my lips had been buried in my ass a few hours before, but in a way that just added to the eroticism. By the time he woke up, I had a nice hard-on in between my lips. As I sucked him, I let one hand wander down to my pussy to play with myself. Within a couple of more minutes, he was groaning in ecstasy as his cock once again exploded into my mouth. As I swallowed his load, I had another orgasm myself.

We fell asleep again for awhile, and then I suggested we get up and take a shower together. I soaped him up, and then he soaped me up, enjoying running his soapy hands over my firm breasts. After 3 orgasms from him over the course of the night and morning, I didn’t think he would be ready to go again. But to my surprise he started pushing me down to my knees. I grabbed his cock and was moving to take him into my mouth, when all of a sudden he let loose with a stream of piss all over me. This had come very unexpectedly to me, but I found myself steering the hot stream all over my breasts, and rubbing it in with my other hand. It was very disgusting.

But I got thoroughly aroused as his piss continued to splash all over me. I really can’t describe the feeling. Disgusted. But fascinated and unable to stop. And when I looked up at him he was smiling, and I knew that he knew exactly what I was thinking. It was humiliating to be kneeling in front of him like this, but I r! eally couldn’t help myself, and to my surprise, I suddenly found myself in the throes of yet another orgasm as I held his penis in my hand, bathing myself in his urine.

As we rinsed off, Joe was once again rising to the occasion. He told me he wanted to fuck me one last time before I left. As horny as I was, and after all we had just been through, I think I probably wanted it more than he did. We went back to the bed naked, and he climbed on top of me and slipped immediately inside of me. As I ground my hips against his bulk, he slowly pumped up and down and in and out of me. As I told him how good it felt to feel him fucking me like that, I could feel his orgasm beginning and timed it with my own as he let loose a load of cum deep inside of me. Exhausted, he rolled off and fell back into sleep.

Still horny, but too tired to start getting ready to go home, I laid back and just enjoyed the erotic hum in my body. I couldn’t believe that I had just fucked a guy to benefit my husband’s business. And that I had totally fucking LOVED doing it. As I thought back on the night’s activities, my hands began to wander. One hand was idly stroking my nipples, while the other found its way between my legs. Feeling my orgasm beginning to mount, and knowing that he was sleeping anyhow so no one would know, I slipped a finger inside of myself, coated it with a glob of his cum, and brought it up to my lips to savor.

Suddenly Joe’s voice was in my ear, telling me that watching me masturbate like this and eat his cum was one of the most erotic things he had ever seen. I hadn’t noticed him wake up, and he had been watching me. Once again, I was humiliated, but once again I was way too horny to care. And knowing that he was watching me behave like a dog in heat just put me over the! edge again, and my orgasm rolled over me like a wave.

Needless to say, my husband did end up getting Joe’s account. And of course Joe ended up wanting to see me again. But I’m afraid I’m all typed out for right now, so you’ll have to be patient for Part II, where Joe flies me down to Las Vegas.


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