Watching My Wife Get Wild

My wife and I visit our local strip club a couple of times a year. She usually has a couple glasses of wine and gets a few table dances and we leave. Last Saturday however was different. After the first dance she went to the restroom, and came back without her panties. her pussy was soaking wet and swollen.

She had a couple more glasses of wine and arranged for a table dance from a busty brunette named Savannah. As Savannah started dancing my wife was letting her dress ride up her thighs exposing her dripping wet pussy to Savannah and a man at the table next to us. when the song was over Savannah sat with us for a drink the whole while my wife’s eyes were locked on this handsome stranger at the table next to us. She would scoot her chair so he could see right up he dress, while she worked her fingers in and out of her swollen lips.

Shocked as I was I was also very turned on, so i asked her what was up. She told me if it was alright with me she would like to suck his cock while I watched. We had talked about things like this before, but only in our bedroom. I never thought anything would really happen. I told her I was ok with it and that i would go to the restroom, and she could invite him over if she wanted.

When I returned he was sitting across the table from my wife. I had an instant hard on when I saw them together, so I grabbed a table behind them and sat down. It didn’t take long and this handsome stranger was in my chair with his hands all over my beautiful wife. She was loving it flirting and letting this man she just met do whatever he wanted. His hands slid under the table, and by the look on my wife’s face I could tell he was playing with her pussy. She had such a look of pleasure on her face that a little twinge of jealousy crept in my mind. Then I remembered I was getting exactly what i had asked for. I watched as this stranger fingered my wife to orgasm in a dark corner of a strip club, and I was loving it.

When she had gathered herself she came my table and whispered in my ear silver Lexus in the parking lot. that sent another range of emotions running through me, with lust leading the way. I finished my drink paid the tab and went in search of the silver Lexus. When I found the silver Lexus I saw my wife and the stranger embraced in the front seat. She already had her shirt off and he had one of her 36DD big tits in his mouth. I positioned myself right by the car and pulled my cock out and started stroking while watching my wife. They kissed for a minute or two more then she went right for his cock.

When it sprang out i was really shocked at how big it was 9 or 10 inches at least. She went after it like a women on a mission sucking, slurping, and jacking him. His head was back against the head rest in total ecstasy as she tried her best to get it all in her mouth. I was beside my self by now feverishly jacking my own cock as my wife blew this stranger in his car. I could tell by her pace that he was getting ready to cum, as was I. Her head never came up as i saw his body tense up, and my slut wife swallowed every drop of his cum. I shot my load in the parking lot and went to our car to wait on her. I watched as she straightened herself up kissed him good bye and walked over to our car as if nothing had happened. She got in and we drove home without saying a word. The minute we walked in the door she was all over me with the same passion she had with the stranger. We fucked like newlyweds right in the foyer. things have been great since that night, and I’m looking forward to our next date night.