Poker Night For Heather

Let me tell you about my sexxxxxy wife Heather. Everyone calls her RM now and she Loves it, ever since the new change in her (it stands for rear motion). Heather was a very conservative girl missionary style, straight dresser, conservative clothes, you know a goody-goody girl. Well now she is an even “BETTER” girl.

I have always wanted to see her expose her body to other guys and to watch them get horny and want her I also wanted to see her let them feel her up. I tried to get her to dress sexy when we went out but sometimes was lucky to get a short skirt or occasionally no Bra. RM is 26 5’6″ 36-26-37 her beautiful legs and magnificent breasts are a pleasure and turn many a head even covered. But most of all I wanted to see her let several guys FUCK the hell out of her at the same time while I watched.

I talked to her during sex and she always seemed more turned on when I brought this topic up. She agreed to pretend with me and role play that she was the server at a poker game with other men there and wear a see thru blouse no bra and short skirt with sheer pink panties. Several weeks went by and I watched my pretty wife pretend I was a stranger and how she would seduce me, bending over real low with her tits in plain view her skirt hiked up over her ass. OH how I longed for other guys to see her and touch her.

One night I figured out how to do it, I had been invited to play cards at Sam’s house so I called Sam and suggested he bring the game to my house on Friday night (our pretend night).Sam asked if my pretty wife would be there and I said she intends to be our server, that was all it took.

When Heather got home I fixed her a couple drinks to loosen her up (standard procedure on pretend night) but made them stronger then normal. Soon she was feeling no pain and Horny, READY to begin our game. She went to take a bath and dress up (or down) for me. While I set up the card table.

Ten minutes later the guys arrived and I welcomed them in telling them that the wife was in the shower and sometimes came out with little on and if they were quiet that perhaps they might get a little show. Of course no argument there.

We went into the living room and I fixed drinks for all, after three drinks I made another and took it to RM. She grinned and drank it down and told me she was especially horny tonight and this could be my lucky night as she was gonna ravish me. She said she would hurry as she was impatient to start too. Soon we heard the bathroom door open and we waited with baited breath for RM to walk in. I hoped naked as I was not sure if I’d get another chance once she caught on.

Well in walks RM with only a see thru robe on but underneath a LOW cut bra and lacy panties. When she saw the guys she started to turn and leave but I yelled PLEASE STAY for me. Well she stopped and with her back still to me asked if this was what I really wanted and hard as a rock I said YES.

As she slowly turned around a sigh escaped from the others as they gazed at her tits and beautiful slender body barely covered. Come let us enjoy a better look my dear I said. The guys want to see your beauty up close, I watched as she slowly approached the table and took turns standing in front of all the guys. Her shyness seemed to vanish walked over to Sam and sat on his lap and opened her robe. I finally watched another man caress her tits damn I was hard. Heather stood up and announced that her Bra hooked in the front which she said was for easy access as she winked.

When she sat on Sam’s lap this time I saw another man open my wife’s bra and caress and suck her nipples. Then heather surprised me by putting on music and grinding her hips seductively before she removed her panties, she needed them off for easy access she said.

This was all that the guys could take I watched as they cleared the table and lifted RM up on it I watched Sam fuck her mouth as his friends enjoyed her tits. She had a cock in her mouth and one in her pussy plus one in each hand as I ran for the video camera. I taped them all fucking her at least twice that night and when I finally fucked her she told me how much she loved me and wanted to try my other ideas.

We have tried many other scenarios since then with various results but she always gets fucked and I get to watch. Damn I love her. I’ll tell you about them in another chapter. One didn’t turn out as planned but we will get to that later.


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