The School Reunion

Scott Ruden drummed his fingers on the leather covered steering wheel, keeping time with the beat coming from car radio. His thoughts, however, were not on the music, but his twentieth high school reunion being held that weekend in his home town. He had been pretty lucky over the years and had done quite well with his computer soft ware company, so at least he wasn’t going to have to make up a lot of stories about how his life has been going. It had been at least fifteen years since he had been to Maplewood, the last time being to bury his mother, so he really had had given no thought of coming back until he received his invitation in the mail. It was a five hundred mile drive, and it felt good to escape the big city tension for the pastoral calm of the green country side. About an hour later, Scott could make out the water tower that had maple leaves painted all over it. “Still looks just as hokey as ever,” he thought, as he turned down main street, marveling at how little change had taken place in all those years. Patterson’s Men’s Clothing was still on the corner, and Jenkins’ Drug Store still had the same old pink neon sign that had been there since he was a boy growing up. The memories flooded back with each old store, house, or park that came into view. He took a right on Elm Street, and two blocks later he slowed down and drove by the old homestead. Shutters had been added to the front windows, and the once white paint job was now an earth tone tan, but to Scott it still was home. He glanced at his watch and realized that the reception was already started, so he gunned the motor and headed off to the high school.

The squat red brick structure that was Maplewood Central High School used to sit on the east edge of town at the end of Bluff Street, now however, a new subdivision had been built up around the school, making it seem more a part of the neighborhood. There was a big sign hanging over the front door welcoming everyone to the reunion. Once inside the building, another sign directed the guests to gymnasium, where they found a crepe paper jungle of decorations hanging from the walls and ceiling. A table with name tags was manned by two smiling women that Scott didn’t recognize, but who greeted him like a long lost friend. He picked up his name tag, went over to the punch bowl and poured himself a drink, and then began circulating around the room trying to find someone he might remember from the old days. It was a voice that came shooting out of the past that made him turn around. “Scott Ruden, I haven’t seen you in twenty years, how have you been,” asked the masculine feminine voice? “Hello, Miss Foley,” answered Scott, “yes, I guess it has been twenty years, the last time I was home was fifteen years ago to attend mom’s funeral.” “Well,” she replied, “you certainly look like things have been treating you fine.” “Can’t complain,” Scott went on, “I’m married, with two kids, and have a nice business in Chicago.” “Is you wife here, I’d like to meet her,” asked Miss Foley? Scott went on to explain that his wife was a nurse and had duty that weekend, and couldn’t get away, so taking Scott by the arm, she gently lead him through the mass of people and through the doorway into the quiet dark halls of Central High and exclaimed, That’s better, you can barely hear yourself think in there.” Both of them sipped their punch as they walked through the deserted halls, commenting about old times as they passed by the different rooms. Scott hadn’t admitted it, even to himself, but the real reason he had come back for his reunion was not to see old high school chums, but in the hope that he would run into Miss Foley. Back in his high school days, Miss Foley was what was known as quite a looker, and more than one student had fantasized about seeing what was hidden under those loose tight fitting dresses. Not to go into the whole story now, but Scott had somehow not only gotten to see what was under those dresses, he had gotten to sample the many delights found there. It was a story he had kept to himself all these years, never even letting on to his buddies twenty years ago when he was getting so lucky. So here he was, walking through the halls with the woman who at one time had taken him to sexual heights he had only dreamed of and at that very moment wondering if she was thinking the same thing he was?.?

“Scotty,” she began, “I haven’t ever mentioned our little, ah, affair to any one, and since you’re married, I wouldn’t dream of imposing on you……” “I was thinking about the same thing,” he interjected, “I mean, about what happened between us, I mean.” She visibly relaxed, and continued to speak, “Well, back then you were so skinny and helpless looking, I don’t know what came over me, but I just had the most incredible urge to mother you, and one thing led to another.” Scott nodded, and replied, “And you were, and are, so incredibly beautiful, that feeling and seeing your huge chest was about more than a young man could take.” “That’s so nice of you to say,” she said, turning a a little red in her cheeks from embarrassment while continuing, “You were so cute sucking on my nipples, but what really surprised me was when I removed your shorts and found such a large penis on such a thin little boy.” Now it was Scott’s turn to get red, remembering how Miss Foley had reacted when his stiff penis jumped out full and erect in front of her. Now they were walking down a side hall that contained among other things the teacher’s lounge. Miss Foley pulled out a key, unlocked the door, and pulled Scott inside, while turning on the light and locking the door behind them. “I took the liberty of taking a chance that you would be attending the reunion and prepared myself for you,” she offered, and then in one motion took her dress by the hem and lifted it up above her waist. All the air whistled out of Scott, as he was now looking at Miss Foley’s pantiless vagina that was still the hairiest cunt he had every seen, thick and curly, in the shape of a perfect vee. She sat down on the couch with her legs spread, and said, “I think if I remember correctly, that this is what you enjoyed eating.?.” In a heartbeat Scott was on his knees, drinking in the aroma of fresh hot pussy, his nostrils flaring like a wild animal at the arousing scent. “Do me Scottie, do me like you used to do me,” she implored, spreading herself wider in an even more enticing manner. Scott didn’t need another invitation and he buried his mouth on the dripping slit weeping before him, and just like it was yesterday, the hairy bush, the sopping wet slit, and the huge clit all combined to make it the most arousing pussy he had ever eaten. Scott ate like there was no tomorrow, burrowing his nose deep into the thick lipped crack while occasionally looking up to see Miss Foley’s face, and what he saw was the look of pure contentment and lust all rolled together. She had opened the front of her dress, unhooked the clasp on her huge lace bra, and then twisted her dark red nipples until they stood out like twin thimbles on her heaving chest. Scott could tell she was close to the edge, and as speeded up the tempo of his lapping, a low guttural growl came from deep inside her throat, indicating that her orgasm was filling her belly. The growl quickly turned into a roar when her climax tore through her vagina like an express freight train, leaving her body a quivering mass of jello. If things were to go like they used to, Miss Foley would now be dying to give his cock some personalized oral attention, and he wasn’t disappointed, because in a matter of seconds she had switched places with him and pulled his pants and shorts down to his ankles. His already hard cock bobbed up and down in front of her hungry mouth, a mouth that had waited twenty years to satisfy its oral fixation. “Oh, Scottie,” she cooed softly, “I’ve been waiting for this moment for so long, and now your beautiful erection is mine to suck all over again.” Her mouth, eager and alive, engulfed his manhood and sucked it like it was to be the last time she ever would have a cock in her mouth. It was more than an ordinary blowjob, it was more like an act of personal love making to his penis, and Miss Foley, probably about fifty five years old now, still sucked cock better than any woman he had ever had, including his wife Cindy, who could learn a few tricks from this seasoned cocksucker. Now it was Scott’s turn to moan, as his nuts tightened up in anticipation of the ejaculation that was forthcoming. When Miss Foley sensed his approaching orgasm, she became a varitable human vacuum cleaner, making sure that every drop of his spurting cum was not wasted, but swallowing it down like it was nectar from the gods.

Even after he had shot his load, she continued to lick and nibble at his semi hard pecker, seemingly like she wanted to stay near it as long as she could. “Scottie,” she asked, “can you fuck me once before we have to go, I really feel the need to be filled up by your beautiful erection.?.” How could he refuse her??? “Okay,” he replied, “turn around and sit on it.” She scrambled to her feet and carefully lined up her twat over his now rigid member, taking time to run the big head up and down along her wet slit. When the head would pass over her clitoris, she would gasp and jerk her whole body in an involuntary spasm until finally easing the head into her hole, letting out a low satisfying moan as his thickness filled her to the brim. Rocking to and fro, Scott could see the wide expanse of her big fat ass, spread apart to accommodate his wide shaft. All at once she started bouncing up and down, almost letting him slip out, only to stop just in the nick of time, and then settling back down hard, driving his prick deep inside her on each plunge until both of them exploded together, their loins locked in a mutual orgasmic vice, straining with each other to achieve the ultimate sexual high. When it was over, neither one of them moved, except for Scott’s shrinking dick, which finally slipped out of her now well fucked quim.

Later that evening back in his motel room Scott made a long distance call to his wife, Cindy. After a bit of talk about the kids and how her day went, she asked, “Well did you see anybody you remembered?” “Yeah, I did,” he replied, “just and old teacher, but she barely recognized me.”


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