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Watching My Wife Get Wild

My wife and I visit our local strip club a couple of times a year. She usually has a couple glasses of wine and gets a few table dances and we leave. Last Saturday however was different. After the first dance she went to the restroom, and came back without her panties. her pussy was soaking wet and swollen.

She had a couple more glasses of wine and arranged for a table dance from a busty brunette named Savannah. As Savannah started dancing my wife was letting her dress ride up her thighs exposing her dripping wet pussy to Savannah and a man at the table next to us. when the song was over Savannah sat with us for a drink the whole while my wife’s eyes were locked on this handsome stranger at the table next to us. She would scoot her chair so he could see right up he dress, while she worked her fingers in and out of her swollen lips.

Shocked as I was I was also very turned on, so i asked her what was up. She told me if it was alright with me she would like to suck his cock while I watched. We had talked about things like this before, but only in our bedroom. I never thought anything would really happen. I told her I was ok with it and that i would go to the restroom, and she could invite him over if she wanted.