Truck Driving School

Hi, my name is Arvin, I’m 6’4 245lbs with blue eyes, brown hair and a good tan body. My story starts in May of 1997 I was in Indianapolis, Indiana at C1 truck driving school learning how to become a truck driver. The day I arrived at the school I meet my teacher he was a pretty nice guy and he informed me that I would be sharing a hotel room with two other students. I said ok and headed to the hotel to get checked in and it was a nice hotel it had a in door pool, bar, and a restaurant. I got checked in and went to my room once there I meet my roommates and they seemed to be ok guys so I got unpacked and settled in. Then I went down by the pool to hang out there were a few people down there and come to find out they were all students of the school. As we talked I looked up and saw her and my mouth dropped she was 5’4 100lbs she had blonde hair, blue eyes and a body that was completely perfect. When she came down she sat down next to me and introduced herself she said her name was Jenny and she was from Georgia.

I told her my name and we begin to talk then I decided to go for a swim so I went to my room and changed. When I got down to the pool Jenny was gone so I got in the pool and swam a few laps. I was swimming to one end when I heard a splash at the other end and when I turned around I seen Jenny coming up out of the water. She had a red and white bikini on and she looked amazing her tits were so perfect then Jenny swam down to me and grabbed me until she could grab the side of the pool. As we stood there talking I realized how easy she was to talk too and we both really enjoyed each others company. The next day we all went to class and at lunch time Jenny wanted to go with me to get something to eat so we walked to a dinner that was close to the school. After school had let out for the day I was going to walk back to the hotel when Jenny yelled for me so I stopped and she came running up to me and asked if she could walk with me I said sure and we headed for the hotel.

Once we were back at the hotel she ask if I was going to go for a swim I told her yes and went to my room to change. I went down to the pool and there were a few guys already in the pool so I stepped in and swam a few laps. As I swam I could hear the guys talking about Jenny and then I found out the only reason they were in the pool was so they could see Jenny in her bikini. After about five minutes Jenny came down and got in the pool and as soon as she did the guys started toward her but Jenny got away from them and swam to me. When she got to me she grabbed me and wrapped her legs around my waist and her arms were around my neck and after the guys saw this it was not long before they all got out of the pool. We stayed where we were for a couple of hours just talking and laughing then Jenny looked at me and said she could stay like this and talk to me forever and I told her I felt the same way. Over the next few day’s we talked a lot and really got to know each other and I can say with out a doubt I was falling for her. Then on Friday a couple of the guys ask me to go with them to a strip club at first I didn’t want to but I went anyway. When we got to the strip club I started drinking and I was drinking a lot and I had just finished my drink when one of the club’s girl came and sat by me. Her name was Cindy and she was 21 years old she was 5’3 105lbs she had green eyes and long brown hair and a very fit and tan body.

Cindy asked me if I wanted another drink on her I said sure and after I finished it I was very much drunk. As I looked at her I couldn’t help but think of Jenny and how I wanted her but I did not want to mess up our friendship. Then I made a bad decision I asked Cindy for a private dance so she grabbed my hand and took me to a back room. Once we were in the room she shut the door and locked it then she turned on some music and started dancing for me. First she took off her top and her tits weren’t big but they were just the right size then she took off her panties and my mouth dropped. Her pussy was shaven except a patch of hair at the top and it was in the shape of the letter C at that point I was rock hard. Cindy danced her way to me and sat on my lap as she sat there I knew not to touch her because of the rules of the club. As I sat there she reached down and put my hand on her tit I pulled away but she put it back so I started massaging her tits. Then Cindy lend down and kissed me I pulled back and asked her what she was doing and she told me that as soon as she seen me she wanted me. So we started kissing letting our tongues dance in each others mouth then she took my hand and put it between her legs.

As I rubbed the outside of her pussy she begin to moan then I slipped my middle finger inside her pussy and she came so I kept finger fucking her until she came again. Then I looked at Cindy and asked her what time she got off work and to my shock she told me she had got off two hours ago. I asked her if she wanted to come back to the hotel with me and she said yes so we headed to the hotel. When we got back to the hotel I got us a room and we went to the room and as soon as I shut the door she got naked. I got undressed and walked over to her and as she sat on the bed I stood in front of her then she told me that my dick was huge and at 12 inches I guess it is. As I stood there she begin to stroke my dick then she placed the head of my dick in her hot and wet mouth then she begin to lick and suck it. I grabbed her hair and started fucking her mouth hard and fast and after ten minutes I felt my balls tighten and I shot my load down her throat and she swallowed all of it. Cindy got up and I had her lay on the bed with her legs spread I started kissing up and down her legs. Cindy moaned as I made my way up her legs to her pussy as I parted her pussy lips I licked her clit then I sucked it and in a few minutes she begin to shake all over as she came.

I licked down her pussy lips and then I stuck my tongue in her sweet pink vagina. She gasp and came again I fucked her with my tongue for forty minutes and she came time and time again. She started begging me to fuck her so I stood up and pushed my dick inside her hard and fast she screamed with pleasure as I went in and out of her pussy each time going faster and harder. After a couple of hours we both had came several times when I flipped her over and started fucking her in the ass. After a hour we both were tired so we took a shower and got dressed as Cindy got ready to leave she gave me a kiss and hug and headed for the door. As Cindy walked out the door Jenny walked by and saw us she started crying and ran off. I ran after her and finally got her to stop as she cried I asked what I had done wrong at first she said I had done nothing wrong but the more I pushed the more she said. Finally she looked at me and said she could not believe that I would fuck someone else after the time we had spent together.

Now I was confused since I thought we were just friends even though I wanted her I thought she just looked at me as a friend. Then Jenny looked at me with tears flowing down her face and said that she was falling in love with me. As I stood there Jenny ask me what I was thinking about and without saying a word I grabbed her and kissed her. As we kissed our hands ran over each others body then I took Jenny by the hand and lead her to the room I had gotten. Once inside the room I undressed then I undressed Jenny then I laded her on the bed and I started eating her pussy like a wild man. I licked, sucked and tongued her pussy until she came then she beg me to stop. I got up and pulled her up and kissed her and told her that I loved her very much and I was sorry. Jenny told me it was fine and we kissed then she whispered in my ear “please fuck me” so I picked her up and with her arms around my neck and her legs around my waist I fucked her hard and fast.

Just as we really got going the door opened and Cindy came in. Cindy yelled that she had forgotten her purse and as she stood there watching I continued fucking Jenny hard and fast. Then Jenny asked me to put her down so I did then Jenny walked over to Cindy and by now I just knew there was going to be a fight but to my surprise Jenny grabbed Cindy and kissed her then Jenny asked Cindy do you like to share. Cindy said yes then they both looked at me and smiled. The next thing I know is I’m fucking Jenny and she is eating Cindy pussy. Well for the next two weeks I kept the room and we three shared it and I fucked and ate more pussy in those two weeks than I will the rest of my life. When school was out I went home to my wife and Jenny went home to her husband and Cindy kept stripping but man what a time we had and I will never forget it and still to this day I still think about it and it makes my dick hard every time