Strangers In the Night

It’s another cold night in the Windy City as Sharon leaves her job as a dancer at the Titty Lounge. Tonight was a better than average night for the young ebony teen (having just turned nineteen the month before). In her backpack-like purse she has well over $300 dollars in profits.

“Not bad for an eight hour shift,”she thinks as she waits in the plastic chairs of the Greyhound bus terminal for the bus that will take her to Gary, Indiana, a 30 to 45 minute trip.

Though winter is firmly gripping the area (No ice or snow, though. Thankfully.), Sharon is only wearing a light microskirt and a yellow halter-top that shows off her double D’s to maximum advantage. Normally she would change before heading for the terminal, but tonight some bitch had poured champagne in her duffel bag.

Thinking of this, Sharon can only smile. It’s not her fault that she regularly gets the high paying customers or the most ardent regulars. At only 5′ 2″, 115 pounds, with a coffee complexion and light green (not contacts) eyes, she is the most exotic woman in the club. It also doesn’t hurt that she has a 48” bubble ass that is often clad in only a g-string. On one firm cheek is the tattoo of her stage name, Cherish.

“The bus for Gary…”

The announcement snaps Sharon out of her daydream. She hugs the purse to her overflowing bosom and walks through the door. Her nipples instantly firm up as the wind coldly caresses them and pushes her skirt up, giving the few people there a glimpse of her thong string disappearing between the twin globes of her ass. The bus driver, checking tickets as people board the bus, gives her a grin and cocks his head towards the bus.

“Have a good night, Shar?” he asks as the dancer hands him the ticket.

“Very good,”she purrs, lightly scratching his hand as she receives her ticket back.

Sharon makes her way to the last seat next to the bathroom. Unfortunately someone is already there. Fortunately, he’s not bad looking at all. Obviously of Native American ancestry, the man has long straight hair, sharp facial features, and a body that says outdoors, even under the winter wardrobe.

As Sharon stands next to the seat, deciding whether to sit there or not, the man looks her up and down with deep brown eyes. Apparently he approves, as he lifts his bag to the overhead bin and motions for the young ebony to sit next to him.

Sharon slips into the seat just as the engine tone changes and the bus lurches backwards, easing out of its parking spot. Soon, the interior lights are cut off and the occasional street light illuminates the bus.

Sharon watches the window as late-night Chicago flashes by.

Suddenly, she feels a strong arm drape across her shoulders. She doesn’t move, as secretly she is digging the attention of this silent guy. His hand begins to knead her neck with light-to-firm pressure. She looks into his face, trying to see his eyes, but it’s too dark. The hand now begins to trace down her spine with a feathery touch that sends electric arcs to both her nipples and her “kitten”. Unconsciously she turns her back to him, giving his hand easier access. He responds by bringing up his other hand and massaging her sides, teasingly close to her breasts.

Sharon is shocked as tension she never realized she had begins to ease away. She leans back into his chest, feeling his warmth through the light windbreaker she is wearing.

The man now begins to stroke her chest above the now heaving breasts. His fingers trace the edge of the halter-top and begin to hook themselves in the fabric and slowly bring the top down over her large jugs.

Sharon is barely clinging to sanity as this is happening. Her mind is wondering how this is happening; yet the feeling of the stretchy fabric sliding over her rock-hard chocolate nipples has disconnected her from the logic center of her mind. When her nipples finally pop out the top of the halter she has a small orgasm that instantly wets her waxed pussy lips with nectar. She feel his fingers slide over her breasts, lightly squeezing, closer and closer to her now exposed nipples. When he begins rolling them she reaches out and places her hand on his crotch, feeling his hard-on straining the sweatpants obscenely. Without thinking twice, she slips her hand into the waistband of the pants and comes in contact with his hot member. His hot long member. It has been a while since Sharon has been with anyone, since her old boyfriend knocked up his ex two years ago, and she is more than willing to give up the fast.

“But here!” her mind scream. “On a bus?! With people just…”

The thought is interrupted by first one, then two fingers stroking her wet lips through her dripping panties. She leans back, mouth open, as her slides the panties to one side and gently strokes her engorged lips directly. He skillfully teases her, coming close to penetrating her tightness, yet at the last second backing off to flick her clit. Sharon has to clench her teeth to keep from moaning aloud.

Meanwhile, he hand has begun to stroke the stiff cock in her hand slowly, pausing now and then to slide a fingertip around the velvet head. Sticky pre-cum has begun to drip from the slit-hole.

Suddenly and with surprising quickness, the stranger kneels down and literally french kisses Sharon’s leaking pussy. The surprised gasp is barely drowned out by the rumbling diesel as the dancer goes through a series of orgasms from the talented tongue of the Indian. Uncontrolled, she grabs his smooth hair and smashes his face into her sex.

Another quick motion and her wet pussy suddenly begin to stretch as he slowly eases into her. Her stomach and pussy clench like a pair of steel traps as an overpowering orgasm rips through her.

The man can’t believe how tight this pussy is, and yet so wet. Her juices are running down his thighs and he is squeezing, almost brutally, her high and firm breasts as he slides more and more into her wet sucking hole.

Suddenly, the pitch of the engine changes and the bus lurches as the transmission upshifts. They both quickly disengage and straighten up as the bus comes to a well-lit tollbooth. Within minutes, the bus is accelerating and becoming darker again.

This time, Sharon takes the lead. She rips his pants down and slowly slides her lips down his steel shaft until his pubic hairs tickle her cheeks, then comes back up, leaving a coat of spit on his tool. She straddles his lap and impales herself all the way down. The head kisses her cervix, setting off another orgasm.

As the woman has another cum, the Indian squeezes the thick ass cheeks, marveling at the size and firmness of the pair. He keeps his hands there as she begins to ride his cock, her pussy squeezing his thick tool and coating the shaft and balls with a flood of womanly juices. Knowing that he can’t last long, he begins to pull her off when she suddenly resists.

“On the pill,” she breathlessly whispers into his ear.

“Cum in me…please…cum baby…cuuummm…cu-(gasp!)…”

Her next orgasm sets him off. Holding her down fully on his spurting cock, he bathes her cervix with his thick sauce. For the next five minutes they stay this way, him buried to the hilt in her clasping pussy, she lost in his flowing, citrus smelling hair, until he slips out of her. She then slides back into her seat just as the bus reaches the Gary terminal. When the lights pop on, she looks deeply into the eyes of the stranger and smiles.

When she steps from the bus and goes over to the left side to her car, she glances back at the bus in time to see the stranger, her stranger, place his hand on the window and watch her until the lights flicker off and the bus rumbles away.


  1. Daammmn that was hot! I soooo need to get laid! guessI just have to imagine a long, thick, hard, delicious cock being buried inside me while on a long bus ride….mmmmm…nice dream fodder….

  2. I had to hump my couch arm!!! So fricken intense, if youre a girl you can lile rub up and down on a couch arm, it feels fantastic. This story made me cum! It is soo sexy!!!! I needa get laid soon …. by an indian who knows what hes doing!!!

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