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Strangers In the Night

It’s another cold night in the Windy City as Sharon leaves her job as a dancer at the Titty Lounge. Tonight was a better than average night for the young ebony teen (having just turned nineteen the month before). In her backpack-like purse she has well over $300 dollars in profits.

“Not bad for an eight hour shift,”she thinks as she waits in the plastic chairs of the Greyhound bus terminal for the bus that will take her to Gary, Indiana, a 30 to 45 minute trip.

Though winter is firmly gripping the area (No ice or snow, though. Thankfully.), Sharon is only wearing a light microskirt and a yellow halter-top that shows off her double D’s to maximum advantage. Normally she would change before heading for the terminal, but tonight some bitch had poured champagne in her duffel bag.

Thinking of this, Sharon can only smile. It’s not her fault that she regularly gets the high paying customers or the most ardent regulars. At only 5′ 2″, 115 pounds, with a coffee complexion and light green (not contacts) eyes, she is the most exotic woman in the club. It also doesn’t hurt that she has a 48” bubble ass that is often clad in only a g-string. On one firm cheek is the tattoo of her stage name, Cherish.

“The bus for Gary…”