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Truck Driving School

Hi, my name is Arvin, I’m 6’4 245lbs with blue eyes, brown hair and a good tan body. My story starts in May of 1997 I was in Indianapolis, Indiana at C1 truck driving school learning how to become a truck driver. The day I arrived at the school I meet my teacher he was a pretty nice guy and he informed me that I would be sharing a hotel room with two other students. I said ok and headed to the hotel to get checked in and it was a nice hotel it had a in door pool, bar, and a restaurant. I got checked in and went to my room once there I meet my roommates and they seemed to be ok guys so I got unpacked and settled in. Then I went down by the pool to hang out there were a few people down there and come to find out they were all students of the school. As we talked I looked up and saw her and my mouth dropped she was 5’4 100lbs she had blonde hair, blue eyes and a body that was completely perfect. When she came down she sat down next to me and introduced herself she said her name was Jenny and she was from Georgia.

I told her my name and we begin to talk then I decided to go for a swim so I went to my room and changed. When I got down to the pool Jenny was gone so I got in the pool and swam a few laps. I was swimming to one end when I heard a splash at the other end and when I turned around I seen Jenny coming up out of the water. She had a red and white bikini on and she looked amazing her tits were so perfect then Jenny swam down to me and grabbed me until she could grab the side of the pool. As we stood there talking I realized how easy she was to talk too and we both really enjoyed each others company. The next day we all went to class and at lunch time Jenny wanted to go with me to get something to eat so we walked to a dinner that was close to the school. After school had let out for the day I was going to walk back to the hotel when Jenny yelled for me so I stopped and she came running up to me and asked if she could walk with me I said sure and we headed for the hotel.