The Bus

It was a hot afternoon that day at the end of summer as Sally returned home from her 20 year high school reunion. She decided to take a bus because she enjoys all the colors of the trees as they prepare for autumn and watching the animals scurry through the woods as they drive through the mountains.

As she approaches the bus to hand the bus driver her ticket, she notices how tall he stands and that his smile is pleasant and genuine. His name tag catches her eye, it simply read ‘Brian’. She was studying him so intently and her hands were full of souvenirs for her daughter, she almost didn’t notice when she accidentally dropped her ticket, as it fluttered to the ground, it landed right at his feet.

She and Brian bent over at the same time to retrieve the fumbled ticket, as they did their heads knocked together with a resounding THUD. As Sally caught her balance, Brian picked up the ticket and said “Sorry, Ma’am – Thanks for choosing Greyhound.” She smiled as she looked into his eyes, she wanted to say ‘Thank You’ but found herself breathless and just nodded with her face blushing from embarrassment.

After everyone had boarded the bus, Brian announced the destinations (with a voice that so deep it made Sally tingle) he pointed out some of the special stops he would be making during the journey. Sally didn’t hear a word he said because she was thinking of other scenery and special stops she’d like for Brian to make, starting with her seat at the very back of the bus.

An hour and a 1/2 into the trip, as the bus enters the greenery of the mountains a tire blows out causing the bus to shake tremendously which sent shivers of delight through Sally’s body. Brian was able to pull the bus to the side of the road and radio for another bus to pick up his passengers. He made another announcement, his voice making her nipples harden, he apologized for any inconvenience this delay might cause and that another bus would be there shortly to pick everyone up so they might continue to their final destination. Brian invited everyone outside to enjoy the fresh mountain air as the bus may become a little stuffy during their wait.

Brian stepped out of the bus to begin changing the flat tire. Sally was the only one left in the rear of the bus and she was sitting at the window watching Brian. Seeing him work so hard began to turn Sally on, she felt her nipples harden again as she ran her hand down her neck and over her tit. The thin sundress she was wearing did nothing to hide her excitement, as both nipples peaked, yearning to be touched.

With little regard for anyone who might still be on the bus, she slid the thin strap of her dress off of her shoulder and exposed her left breast to the cool breeze coming through a nearby window. She squeezed her nipple between the thumb and forefinger of her right hand, twisting slightly sending a tingling sensation down between her thighs. Sally slid down in her seat and raised her knees, spreading her legs and bracing them against the seat in front of her. Even with the cool breeze, her body glistened with sweat. With her left hand she brushed the inside of her thigh with a light stroking motion, moving slowly towards the growing tingle centered between her thighs.

In her mind she imagined Brian touching her, kissing her lips, her neck and licking the tips of her fully erect nipples. She imagined what it would be like to touch him, to feel his body pressed hard against hers. As she thought of his cock hard against her body, she slipped her hand into her lace panties and found her clit as it swelled with anticipation. Sally massaged it in a circular motion, thinking of Brian licking it, sucking hard on it and sticking his tongue into her warm pussy.

As she rubbed her clit harder and faster, she came quickly with a firm squeeze of her nipple, just dampening her panties. Startled by the sound of the other bus pulling up and luggage being removed from the overhead racks, she quickly righted her clothing and sat up looking around to see if anyone had noticed her. An older gentleman sitting 3 rows in front of her smiled gingerly as he grabbed his small bag and proceeded off the bus.

Sally grabbed her purse, looked out the window to see Brian still working on the tire and she made her way to the restroom near her seat at the rear of the bus. Once in the restroom she removed her soiled panties and splashed cold water on her neck. Reaching inside her purse, she fumbled around until pulling out a small oval shaped vibrator. She leaned back against the door, lifted her foot to rest it on the toilet seat and gently slid the vibrator into her warm wet pussy. She turned it on to low and slid her finger in behind it to push it up even further, pulling her finger out she used it to rub her clit hard and fast. Her body rocked with the waves of excitement.

She continued to rub her clit and finger herself, slowing down just before climaxing and then starting over again to sustain the ecstasy until she reached a full climax and she could hardly catch her breath. She slid the vibrator out and washed it off, placed it back into the safety pouch she often carried with her on trips away from home. Using a towel, she wiped herself off, still tingling, and as she was leaving the restroom she glanced into the mirror and noticed that she was leaving it steamed up. She looked around and noticed that everyone else was gone, she ran off the bus to find Brian just about to finish up changing the tire.

It had started to rain and thinking that no one else was around, Brian had removed his shirt. Sally could not resist coming to Brian’s rescue with her umbrella and though caught off guard, Brian wasn’t bothered at all. He looked at Sally and saw that her dress was rain soaked. It clung to her and made the full roundness of her tits stand out, her nipples hardened as he stared. Brian rose to his feet and felt himself become aroused by just the pleasure of looking at her.

He looked her in the eyes and said what she had wanted to say earlier, “Thank You”, she just smiled. That was enough of an invitation for Brian, he wrapped his arm around her waist and pulled her body to his. He leaned back against the bus. Brian had both arms around her waist, as he slid his hands to her ass and squeezed her cheeks softly, Sally dropped her umbrella. He kissed her tenderly on the forehead, then the tip of her nose and finally their lips met. As they kissed, exploring each others mouths with their tongues, Sally’s body pressed close against Brian’s, he could feel her inviting tits and she could feel the throbbing between his legs.

Sally’s hand came down from around his neck and eagerly unbuckled his belt, unzipped his pants and slid her hand in to feel his cock which beckoned for her touch. Brian’s hands tightened, squeezing the cheeks of her ass. Sliding his hand down her raised her dress to find that she wasn’t wearing any panties. She raised her leg to wrap it around him, he slid his hand across her pussy and found that she was already wet, Brian smiled at her as he spun her around, placing her back to the bus. He kissed her again and with one hand he stroked her neck running it down to her shoulder and easily sliding the small strap of her dress off he exposed her bare breast, he caressed it tenderly, teasing the nipple with his thumb.

Brian’s lips left hers, kissed her ear, her neck and then her shoulder, he bent over placing small kisses around her nipple but never allowing his lips to touch it. Sally was running her hands through his hair as her body quivered with excitement. He slid down to his knees, ran his hand down her stomach into the hair surrounding her warm, wet pussy. He stroked her clit softly, nearly causing her knees to buckle. Brian gently spread her legs as she stood leaning against the bus, he guided one leg over his shoulder and as he put his finger into her ever inviting pussy he stroked her clit with his tongue.

Her body shook as a deep moan escaped her lips, she grabbed for the ledge of the window to hold herself up. Brian continued to lick her clit, sucking on it and sliding his finger in and out of her pussy. As he pulled his finger out, he lifted her enough to place her other leg over his other shoulder and buried his face full into her pussy. Brian licked her and sucked her clit, she tasted like heaven. He pushed his tongue into her as far as he could, over and over tasting her cumm and sucking it in hard. She filled his mouth with her sweet honey, as a loud gasp came from her.

The rain continued to pour down, but neither one of them noticed. Sally was still holding onto the window ledge trying to keep her balance. Brian licked her clit again and stroked it slowly with his tongue, she tasted so good, he knew that he could wait no longer. Sally pulled herself upright, slowly pulling her legs off of his shoulders. Brian stood up, Sally reached for him, she put her hands in his pants and pulled out the long hard and very erect gift he had for her, she wanted to feel it inside of her.

As Brian pressed her against the bus, he raised her dress, lifted her legs to straddle him and gently entered her pussy. Sally’s moan excited Brian, he pushed hard inside her, they kissed as he lifted her body again and again. With her arms wrapped around his neck, their bodies rocked together, both of them moaning with pleasure. Brian slid her up and down on his dick, slow and then fast, pushing hard and deep inside her, she felt so good, her pussy was tight and warm and wet. He wanted to cum, but not yet, he needed to hear her ask for more and feel her quiver as she climaxed once more. He looked into her face, reached his hand around her butt and slowly slid his finger into her ass. She arched her back and screamed, not out of pain but pure pleasure.

As he drove his cock hard and deep into her pussy, his finger slid in and out of her ass, she came, juices flowing all over him, he let go and came too. Sally wanted this moment to never end, she wanted Brian to stay inside her forever, pleasuring her body while she pleasured his. A breeze of cold air blew past them as Sally groaned as she completed her climax. They stood there motionless for what seemed like an eternity.

Suddenly Sally heard a loud noise and felt herself being shaken. She shook her head and struggled to open her eyes, not wanting to leave that moment of pure and complete ecstasy. As she opened her eyes, Brian was standing over her with his hand on her shoulder, telling her to wake up. He said “Excuse me Ma’am, but we are at our final destination and you’ll have to leave the bus now.” She had fallen asleep, the whole thing was a dream and all she could do was look at Brian and blush. As Brian walked away from her, she gathered her things up, straightened her dress and stood up to leave the bus. He was standing at the bus door to help her down the steps. She finally found herself able to say ‘Thank You’.

When she reached the bottom step, just before stepping onto the sidewalk, she turned to Brian and said “Are you available for dinner?”

With a surprised but happy look on his face, Brian said, “Yes I am. Could I take you out?”

Sally replied with an eager “YES”. They made arrangements to meet later and then it started to rain. All she could wonder was, Could reality be as good as fantasy?


  1. Ah yes, a dream that leads to dinner and after you know there’s always room for something less filling but more feeling. There’s nothing like sex in the rain, in the shower is close, but a soft warm summer rain drizzling down on you while rolling around in the soft grass. That’s what dreams are made from. 🙂

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